Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So the Being Human season 3 premiere was a real disappointment

The cast of the US version of "Being Human" from left
to right: Sally, Aiden, and Josh the werewolf. SyFy
shows new episodes on Monday night.
So the "Being Human" season 3 premiere (U.S. Version) THAT I HAD WAITED A YEAR to see was a real disappointment. For those of you who are fans of the show, you probably know what I'm talking about. For those of you who aren't, the season 2 finale ended with 1) a gunshot in the dark and the question: is Josh dead or did Josh kill his werewolf master 2) Aiden the vampire got buried in the ground by the Mother of vampires (a great villain) after she killed Aiden's true love (the Mother of the vampire's own daughter) in front of him and 3) Sally the ghost stuck in Limbo trying to save her ghost friends with only her voice coming over the kitchen radio asking for Josh and Aiden to help her.

How could they possibly leave me hanging like this? Season 3 has got to be amazing. I had all of these things dreamt up in my head as to where the writers could go with these great characters. Well here's what they did (SPOILER ALERT):

1) Aiden just got dug up by some person I've never seen before. The vampires all have a sickness, and it's 15 months later and they think Aiden is the cure. One vampire tells Aiden "Mother is dead." Really? This great villain is just "dead". That's like getting to the Empire Strikes Back and someone saying, "Oh that Darth guy died of a heart attack." WTF?

2) Josh shot his werewolf master (no big surprise there). The lameness started with Josh taking 15 months to even begin questioning where the hell Aiden is. Really? We're just to assume that Josh couldn't get any information on Aiden's whereabouts during this whole "disappearance" even though Josh knew Aiden was trying to leave the vampires with Saorin.

3) Sally gets resurrected by an evil witch. It's the evil witch thing that really pisses me off. It's copying the season 4 True Blood plot from two years ago where the evil witch and her coven became the big badass of the season (because True Blood ran out of villains when they got rid of Russell Edgington). Being Human had so much invested in these wonderful characters that they really didn't need to go to this whole "witch" thing. They already had a villain in Mother and they could have done that instead of just saying "she died" off screen. So now the whole Season 3 thing is going to be fixing the vampire plague and fighting the witch who is doing something with Josh's dead werewolf master that she found in the woods.

4) Oh and in order to resurrect Sally, the witch needed Josh to bring her the heart of a person he killed. Conveniently, that person was his werewolf master. Inconveniently, this deed was done 15 months ago and the dude's body was buried in the woods. Josh went out there and was able to retrieve the heart? Seriously? Over a year has passed and it hadn't decomposed to the point of just being soil and some bones. Maybe I don't know decomposition all that well, but it seems to me that a person buried in shallow earth will rot in 15 months unless the ground is frozen. Seeing as this takes place in Boston, that wasn't happening.

Both Josh and Aiden did a chat on io9 yesterday, but I was so mad at the season premiere that I didn't read it. I'm still going to watch the rest of the season, but I think the writers really dropped the ball.
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Sex in a sci-fi novel? Yes, please. George R.R. Martin shouldn't have all the fun. Review of #Oculus #Yaoi PLS RT

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  1. I watched some of the first season of the UK Being Human and couldn't deal with it. Never tried the US version and, now, I'm pretty sure I never will.

  2. Good review Michael. I've tweeted it.

  3. I just recently got all caught up on TB and now this? First time I've even heard of the series...sounds like it can wait though. And thanks for the shout out. (:

  4. There's an important reason why I pointed out the sex = more people will buy it.

    But also..people who have a problem with it won't buy it and then you won't end up getting bad reviews.

    See how logical that is? :)

  5. I can tell you were very disappointed. I hate it when a show does that. At least the characters didn't wake up from one long dream...

  6. Never watched the show.
    Signed up for the blogfest.

  7. Sounds like the writers have run out of ideas. Of course the UK show only has to do 8 episodes a season.


  8. It wouldn't surprise me if there was some logistical reason like the person playing this Mother couldn't do the show anymore for whatever reason. Though they could have just recast her in that case. That would be better than, "Oh yeah, she's dead."

  9. I haven't watched it. I hate it that there are so many crime scene, lawyer, and doctor shows on TV. And yet that's what I watch.

  10. I really liked season 1, but haven't been able to find season 2--where can I watch it? (I saw 1 on Hulu). Maybe I just need to be more persistent checking for it. I like what I've seen, though too bad season 3 seems to have started poorly.

  11. I watched a few episodes of the UK version which was fun but I had to cancel netflix when I lost my job so...
    And I HATE when shows do something stupid like that which makes NO sense whatsoever. Now, why aren't WE writing for shows like that?

  12. "Both Josh and Aiden did a chat on io9 yesterday, but I was so mad at the season premiere that I didn't read it." Ha! I love hearing about these cool (or formerly cool in this case I suppose) shows, even if I don't get to see them :)

  13. I haven't gotten into this program. The new season does sound disappointing.

  14. Tweeted. I'm mad at syfy for having no real sci-fi, so haven't gotten into any of the fantasy stuff. I don't want to encourage them to ditch aliens altogether. Tweeted you. :)

  15. @Andrew: LOL not a surprise. I didn't mean to "pan" the show. It's first two seasons are awesome.

    @Francene: Thank you so much!

    @Elise: Of course I would shout out one of my favorite friends blog hop!

    @Cindy: You are more logical than a Vulcan.

    @Brinda: I was disappointed, but I'm not giving up on the series.

    @Alex: Don't you sign up for every blog fest?

    @Moody: The US version has short seasons too.

    @P.T.: That's a good point. Thanks for a non smart ass comment.

    @Tonja: LOL

    @Hart: I don't know where you could get season 2, but it's worth watching. I liked it a lot. There are some heart wrenching scenes (one made me cry).

    @mshatch: I haven't watched the UK version. I'm loathe to do so because of all the cast shakeups they've had. I get used to characters!

    @Jess: It's not like they would have answered my questions anyway. io9 was inundated with fans.

    @Stephen: The first two were great.

    @Mary: Thank you for tweeing :)

  16. I've seen a handful of the UK iteration and maybe the whole first season of the US version. I think I liked the UK one better but the missus liked the US one. But neither of us really fell in love with it enough to commit to the show.

    Sorry it wasn't awesome.

  17. I've never watched the show, but you did a nice job on the review.

    BTW - What do you mean my button is creepy? LOL Seriously?

  18. Gah. Another show I need to watch so I can be in the cool crowd!!! (Though I'm sad it was a disappointment)

  19. Tweeted you!
    This is why I quit watching TV shows. If I really liked them, they either cancelled or destroyed it.

  20. I don't watch Being Human, but if I were invested in the show, those things would have made me angry, too.

  21. I haven't watched Being Human, and now I'm glad about it. Right now I'm waiting for Grimm to start again.

  22. Perhaps the Mother character isn't dead but is just in hiding for the moment, to pop back out at a bad time?

    I started watching Being Human but I stopped for some reason. I don't remember why. I think I saw all of season 1, but now I don't remember.

    It's strange, because I usually stick with shows until their finale. But when I stop, I remember why (the show has to really piss me off before I do that).

  23. When I saw the ads for "Being Human" I thought it was going to be really something. Then I watched it. I had the same problem with "American Horror Story." But as a Horror writer, maybe I'm prejudiced -- I want plots that actually hang together and twists that make me go "OMG!" not "WTF?!" I like "Teen Wolf" so far though. It's amusing. :-)

  24. Thank you for posting this! The worst of it was that they just killed off Mother. It reminds me of how the writers in the UK version killed Nina off in season 4. It almost seemed like a cop out.

    I completely expected Mother to be alive and Josh or Nora (or even Henry) would eventually find out that Aidan had been buried underground and one of those characters would find him halfway into the second or maybe third episode. Then Aidan would go on some sort of quest for revenge, then there would be this epic battle and all would be right with the word. So disappointing. But I digress...

    I'm thinking that the other episodes will be better. Bringing Sally back seemed easy but there's got to be a catch.

    I will have to check out the blogfest...

    Awesome post!

  25. I refuse to watch BEING HUMAN ever since my adorkable Russell Tovey isn't in it anymore :( He was the essence and the heart of the show. And with Aidan gone too, what is the point?

  26. I enjoyed the premiere, though I do agree that the resolutions of some story threads were too speedily handled.

    Did you catch the new show, Continuum? I didn't want another show to get hooked on, but now I am. Damn it.
    Some Dark Romantic

  27. I watched the first season of Being Human but never got around to watching season 2 for some reason. Hopefully this season gets better for you. :/

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