Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm ashamed to say that I love #YOLO because I know someone it describes

This is just awesome proof that Adam Levine can take anything to the top of the charts. But is it a surprise that "You Only Live Once" (featured on Saturday Night Live this weekend) really resonates with an educated America today? Nope. If you have not seen this video, take the time to watch it. It's frickin' awesome.
But what is "You Only Live Once" really describing? Irrational fear in America? Not hard to believe when 1 in 5 American adults share the following 8 crazy things:
  1. They are unaware who the U.S. declared independence from in 1776. When asked by Gallup, 1 in 5 adults provided answers like Russia, China, and Mexico.
  2. A Northwestern University poll says that 20% of Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. I guess the orbits of the celestial bodies is still up for debate in some parts.
  3. A fifth of our country still does not use the internet (Pew research center).
  4. 1 in 5 believe the Apocalypse will happen within their lifetime (Time Magazine poll).
  5. Believe Marijuana is more harmful than alcohol. This simply isn't true.
  6. According to the Consumer Federation of American and Financial Planning, 1 in 5 Americans believe the Lottery is a sound financial investment.
  7. Do you believe in alien abductions? 20% of America fears those aliens and their anal probes.
  8. Cannot find the United States on a map. Have you seen this pageant video? Let this lovely contestant for Miss Teen USA give you faith in how she feels America could solve this dilemma.
I'm ashamed to say that I love "#YOLO" because I know someone it describes. And I think if you look around, so do you.
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  1. Congratulations to the brilliant David Powers King on sending Woven to a publisher (Finally)! I've been reading about this story for over a year now, and I just want to read it. I'm gonna get the chance soon, and I'm so excited. You can read about his publishing deal HERE.
  2. Elise Fallson is the cutest writer I have ever seen make a video. You've got to watch how she does it on her website HERE. And she's got another blogfest coming up where she flexes some artistic muscle. There's only 22 entries and there needs to be more because all you have to do is caption two comic strips that she'll post on her blog on February 18th. Go sign up now at this LINK.
  3. Author Joy Campbell is doing a Celebrate Love Renewed blogfest on February 14th. Read about it HERE.
  4. Author Andrew Leon is running a Great Chocolate Contest in which you write a story that takes place in the imagination room of his book, House on the Corner. For those of you who haven't read it, I'll summarize (because he doesn't do it on his blog): The imagination room is like the ultimate holodeck on Star Trek. If you L.A.R.P., you would get dressed up with your buddies, go to the imagination room, and boom be transported to whatever fantasy you wanted, whether it's fighting AT-AT's on Hoth or hanging out with the Cullens from Twilight. The thing is, you don't gain any additional powers. It's you and your costume. So you could make this fantasy as dangerous or as fun as you want. Andrew just wants you to take a character that discovers the imagination room above the garage that sits out back of this creepy old house and go to town. Read about his fun prizes HERE. The deadline is February 6th but author Briane Pagel claims he has it all sewn up. I guess we shall see
  5. Author E.J. Wesley is going on a huge book tour starting February 4th for the latest Moonsong book. I'm almost done with it (it's short) and will post a review for you soon. But E.J. is giving away cash and books and gift certificates to a book depository for international people. It's like Christmas in February. Go check it out HERE.
Have a great Tuesday.
No thanks needed for showering your life with more Adam Levine.


  1. The facts you offer about what Americans believe are astounding. The Sun revolves around the Earth? Did these people go to school? The other one that amazes me is how few people use the internet. However, now I consider it, in our family I surf the web and my husband doesn't.

  2. I couldn't watch more than a few seconds of the pageant video. Beauty really is only skin deep.


  3. "We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States. For more information on Hulu's *crappy* international availability, click here...." bla, bla. I wish it had been the Miss Teen video that was unavailable, sheesh...maybe she was just really, really nervous?

    Congrats to David and EJ! Excited for the both of them and thanks for the shout out. You're making these cheeks of mine flush red. (; I've signed up for Joy's bloghop and will check out Andrew's. (=

  4. Not going to have time for a chocolate fest entry, even though it would be fun to torture the character of Ruth. Barely managed to come up with a written piece for Nick's blogfest next week for his son with cerebral palsy.

  5. Aww...got the same "our video library can only be streamed within the United States" message. SO wanted to see that video clip. Unfortunately, I could see the Miss Teen one. And hmm? Guess if I did believe in alien abductions, it would be they'd use probes to the brain, not the other end.

  6. USA! USA! USA!

    Poor people, they don't know that we gained independence from the SUN in 1776. And we aren't on any maps, America is in your heart. Which aliens try to remove via the anus... this is all first grade stuff here, I'm surprised the number of folks who don't know about it. So sad.

  7. I saw that pageant video before and she obviously paniced. However, I can't help but think about that question. I don't think you can blame the educational system for everything. If a person wants to learn, they will even if they come from the poorest place.

  8. The YOLO video is hilarious. The kind of satire I love from SNL.

  9. Ew, I don't ever want to think about Adam Levine and shower in the same sentence.


  10. I remember my children shared with me the video (with Miss South Carolina). While they were laughing I was wondering whose fault is it really that we don't know the rest of the world.I used to know the whole world map but I guess I should be excused for not remembering each and every country in every continent, because of my age and my inability to retain what I read.
    About # 5 ----- I think if alcohol industry did not have the lobby that it does, things would have been different from what they are now about it being safer than marijuana. Same goes for tobacco.

    I am not ashamed about listening to and even liking some of today's music. It helps me understand my children's generation and may be my grand children as well as they begin to grow up.
    Very nice post. Level headed author indeed:)

  11. Wow, that list is pretty awesome. People don't know who we declared independence from??? The rest made me smile as well. And thanks for the round-up of news from around the blogosphere! I feel like I'm constantly missing stuff lately, so it's nice to have those links (especially because I follow most of the people you mentioned).

  12. Wow! Thanks for the plug!

    My neighbor says that YOLO thing every time they're going to spend money on something they can't afford. And, then, they complain about how Obama is going to take their house away because of "Obamacare."

    @Rusty: LOL

  13. with the 1 in 5 internet thing, though, how much of that is related to poverty and people knowing and wanting the internet, but not having the resources?

  14. I never thought the sun revolved around the Earth. I've always assumed it revolved around ME!

  15. The lottery and a sound financial investment in the same sentence made me laugh out waaaaaay too loud in the office.

  16. that girl was from my state. They don't pick them for brains.

  17. Well, I finally know what YOLO means. That's one more thing I can check off my list. Ooh, and sun does NOT revolve around earth. That makes two!!

  18. Yolo -- unless you believe in reincarnation.

    As for belief in the Apocalypse (as in the Book of Revelation), you know I've linked all those crazy visions to opium use (common in the ancient Middle East). But from what I've read, the number of Americans who believe in it coming true very soon is well over 50 percent. Scary dumb people.

  19. If only stupidity were more painful...

    (Of course, I say that and then realize that it would hit me just as hard, so perhaps it's a good thing stupidity isn't painful.)

  20. Well, I'm in the US but that first video was a big black box for me. :(
    The pageant video would have been funny if it wasn't so horrifying.

  21. Oh, I remember that pageant video. *shakes head*

    And I see nothing wrong with alien abductions, but I'm sure those aliens have better things to do than what people say about them. LOL!

    I can attest a lot of people still don't know how to use the internet. We get those all the time at work, and it drives me crazy.

  22. I was so happy to hear about David :)

  23. As a Canadian, I can name more states than some Americans can (shameful!) AND I can do it in alphabetical order. :)

  24. I'm not sure what Miss South Carolina said or if she even knows what a map is, but I do know that I got a new book in my mailbox today. Thanks so much!


  25. good shit, mike... yahoos here are only marginally better! :(

  26. You really surprised be with some of those crazy things relating to certain Americans. I would of thought those Americans questioned, would have reckoned that the sun revolves around America.....

    And very good of you to provide all those links, Michael. And YOLO from a dude who got reincarnated from a used toilet brush.

    Gary :)

  27. I laughed outloud Saturday night when I watched this...I was not only impressed, I was entertained. And Adam Levine is freaking hillarious.

    I used to teach high school English...it amazed me how ignorant so many young people are about the world. Those kids are now adults. Scary thought.

    Just watch Jay Leno's Jay Walking...holy CARP, people can be dumb.

  28. i was wondering what you were talking about...byob right? :D elise is a cutie right?? congrats to david!!

  29. Miss Teen USA 2007. Damn girl...you are so pretty. The Adam video won't play because I am outside the U.S.A. so yeah. This reminds of the Timmy on FOP cartoon when he complained about not finding the United States of America on the globe and that all he found was USA. Boy times have changed. Being smart is just not valued like it used to be. If the sun revolved around the earth wouldn't we all burn to death....you know what forget it. I'm gone. Cool post Mike and let's pray for humanity.