Stories I Reviewed

I sometimes review books, but I don't always post them on my blog for whatever reason.  However, you can find a full copy of them on Goodreads under my name. The ones that I do post on this blog will appear below.  The reason that I don't always post book reviews on my blog is because I'm not a book blogger.  However, I do enjoy reading.  I'm also very honest in my reviews.

"A Dance With Dragons" by author George R.R. Martin

"A Dead God's Wrath" by author Rusty Webb

"American Gods" by author Neil Gaiman

"CassaStar" by author Alex J. Cavanaugh

"City of Light and Stone" by Laura Diamond

"Distraction" by J.L. Campbell

"Eclipse" by author Briane Pagel

"Mermaid" by author Kate O'Connor

"Nightfire" by author Alyson Burdette

"Practice Cake" by author Dalya Moon

"Provex City" by author Michael Pierce

"Ready Player One" by author Ernest Cline

"The After" by author Briane Pagel

"The Big Smoke" by author Cally Jackson

"The Compass Master" by author Helena Soister

"The Crystal Bridge" by author Charles M. Pulsipher

"The Curse of Gremdon" by author Ciara Knight

"The House on the Corner" by author Andrew Leon

"The Sholes Key" by Clarissa Draper

"The Waiting Booth" by author Brinda Berry

"TransShifter" by author Cindy Borgne

"Vallar" by author Cindy Borgne (Vallar has been renamed "Seer of Mars")

"Visionary of Peace" by author Cindy Borgne

"Where You Belong" by author Patrick Dilloway

"Witch Song" by author Amber Argyle

"Woven" by David Powers King and Michael Jensen

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