Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can Supernatural reinvent itself?

I thought the first five seasons of the television show, Supernatural, were pretty spectacular. And then in the sixth and seventh season, the good story kind of got lost in a whole population war thing where all the souls in purgatory were at stake and could tip the balance of power in favor of heaven or hell. I didn't really like how that whole thing got executed as the villains ended up being mostly "meh." Plus they killed off Bobby. I rather liked Bobby, and thought he brought a certain direction to the show.

In last night's episode of Supernatural, I thought this is just going to be more of the same: either a monster of the week or some lame episode where the prophet translates some gobbledygook, and it ends up having some catastrophic consequence that really isn't all that catastrophic since it can be solved in a single episode.
Alfie the angel works at Wiener Hut
But I was wrong. They opened up a whole new storyline that really has me intrigued. Crowley (who's the king in hell now and has been since Lucifer got locked up with Michael at the end of the fifth season), was torturing Samadriel, an angel that looks like a kid in a "Wiener Hut" uniform (fast food equivalent of Weinerschnitzel). They were corkscrewing his brain and uncovered some basic "angel programming" that eluded to an "angel tablet." So far in the series, we know of a demon tablet that if used, can lock all the demons up in hell (a good thing). Well the angel tablet can supposedly do the exact same thing (keeping all the angels locked up in heaven) which is bad if you consider that demons will run amok on the world unchecked.

I like where this plotline is going, and it seems odd that they are introducing it so late in the 8th season. I mean how long can the CW keep milking this series along? I guess it's one of their more popular shows so perhaps ten seasons just like Smallville? I bet Jensen Ackles had no idea that Supernatural would occupy such a huge portion of his acting career.

I love analyzing the writing of this show. I think that most of us that write in the paranormal genre start with characters just like Sam and Dean and then struggle to figure out what Sam and Dean should do. We create bad guys and then create maybe an object or a person or a thing that everyone wants. If the wrong group gets it, then all hell breaks loose (and thus a source of tension for the story). And despite being used over and over again, it is still intriguing if done right. The question that tugs at my mind is this: Can Supernatural reinvent itself using this technique? My initial reaction is yes. I guess I'll have to keep watching to see.

I have to admit that I am attached to Sam and Dean, so it's what keeps bringing me back to the show.
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Have a great Thursday. I hope you don't catch a cold, because I caught one and my head is so stuffed that my eyes water.


  1. I'm going "la la la" about the latest episodes, as I've only seen to the end of s7 and won't be likely to see more for a while ;) (i.e. till they release it on DVD over here in Aus, so...a year from now?) But I know what you mean about the last two seasons. For me they were slightly "meh", even though I still loved them...and it's possibly my fave show of the moment. I judge that on the fact that it's the only one I will buy the DVD set of a season for immediately upon its release - even if it costs me $60. I do draw the line at paying $85 for one season though, which they've tried to charge us here before. :P

  2. I've liked the few episode of Supernatural I've seen. Ya know, I have troubles concentrating on TV, the blogs and such absorb my attention.

    This blogfest sounds alright. My fiction doesn't fit this, but I may be able to tweak something, or write something new. I'm more likely to crawl in a hole than write anything new lately :O

    Ech; hope the cold doesn't get you down too much.


  3. Sorry to hear about your head cold. Get plenty of rest if you can and hope you feel better soon. (-:

  4. Hi, Mike,

    Hope you get rid of that bug soon-soon as we say here. Again, another serial that's too scary for me.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  5. Hope you get over your cold soon. And I just have to check out Supernatural on Netflix. The storyline seems similar to one of my stories.

  6. It's probably not that hard to stay on the CW. I mean the ratings expectations aren't nearly as intense as a mainstream network, more like a low basic cable channel.

  7. Not reading it all. I watch these long after they air, so I don't want to spoil it...but I'm glad to hear it's exciting!

  8. Hmm. I keep glancing at the description of this show on Netflix and now I think I may have to give it a try! Thanks! :)

  9. I have not watch this series. But then I'm not really into that genre.

  10. Glad you got a much needed surprise...

    Sorry to hear about your cold. Everyone here in Chicago is hacking away. Morg told me it's running rampant in Utah...

    I had my 24 -48 hour bug the day before NYE and NYE. But at least my entry into 2013 was a healthier one.


    I hope to have time to create something fun for Joy's blogfest...

  11. I haven't gotten around to watching Supernatural yet.

  12. I enjoyed watching Supernatural, but I've only seen the first season. Then, I moved back to TV-suck land where we didn't have CW for a while. We do have it now, but I never caught up with what was going on.

  13. I haven't watched that show either.
    Just hope it doesn't get so bad (the cold) that mucus comes out your eyes.

  14. Never seen it. But I do like analyzing shows and movies like that.

    Feel better.

  15. Is this a hint I should get back to it? I petered out in the middle of season six, in spite of the man-candy. It just seemed to lose its coherence and I got bored. But if it's coming back..

    And Samadriel? I have a group of friends who refers to me as Tamadriel (it began in a LotR parody.. long story) so I love this idea! teehee

  16. I think you're right about the ten season limit, seems to be a CW thing.


  17. @Trisha: Ouch, that's a lot of money.

    @Donna: Thanks for the review you did of my book!

    @Elise: It's kind of hard to get rest having to be at work because otherwise I'm behind a week. I may try to take half a sick day.

    @Em: Thank you. I love angel stories so if yours is like Supernatural, you've got yourself a reader here.

    @P.T.: I suppose you are right on that.

    @Matthew: You should try it (at least the first five seasons). Easily one of the best runs I've ever watched. Right up there with the first two seasons of BSG.

    @Elizabeth: I appreciate that! Hope you enjoy them.

    @Margo: I think you will enjoy the first five seasons. They knock em out of the ballpark.

    @Bish: Ah. I get that.

    @Michael: Yeah, Morgan is right. Lots of sick ppl in Utah.

    @Stephen: It may not be right for you. Just sayin'...

    @Cherie: It gets way better so stick it out.

    @Andrew: You might like it.

    @L.G.: Thank you dearie!

    @Hart: Well I'm enjoying season 8 thus far. Is that a hint? Mmm I don't know lol.

    @Moody: It does at that.

  18. I read someplace that the original plan was to do 5 seasons, so the story arc was planned with the season 5 finale wrapping up the show. But since the ratings were good, they kept it going.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  19. I only catch Supernatural once in a great while, and if it's not a gory episode I end up really liking the paranormal aspects and Sam and Dean. But the long-term storyline is lost on me.

    I'll check out Joy Campbell and her blogfest. And I hope you feel better very quickly, Michael.

  20. I've never seen an episode, but I'm glad you're still hanging in there. Aside for TNG, I'm not sure I've ever stuck with a show for 7 seasons (in its initial run). Wait... I did watch the Simpsons for longer that that.

    Okay, TNG and The Simpsons. Wait, I how many seasons was Seinfeld? I was pretty faithful to that show when it was on.

  21. I haven't watched Supernatural. You are now starting to realize how little television I do watch. Last month I did watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from my complete DVD collection. :)

  22. I meant to add that I hope you feel better soon.

  23. I hope you feel better soon! So many people seem to be getting sick these days. :(

    I've never watched Supernatural.

  24. I'm pretty sure my addiction to the show might mean that I have a serious problem. I've been watching since season 1 and haven't missed a single episode. Honestly, I do think it's one of the best shows the CW has going for it right now.

    I 100 percent agree with your post. I was sad that they killed off Bobby but I do like where season 7 is going. The writing, characters, fight scenes and dark humor is what keeps me watching each week.

    Felicia Day is guest starring again in next week's episode and I can't wait!

    Feel better!

  25. Whoops, in my earlier comment I think I wrote season 7. I meant season 8...

  26. I used to watch Lost in Space on some weeknight with my parents and brother, holding some tinfoil to get the picture in OK.

  27. Supernatural is one of my favorite shows, but I agree it has been lacking the past few seasons. The angel tablet thing might be interesting. Yet I thought the whole leviathan could've been good if done another way.

  28. When my kid still enjoyed doing stuff with me, we watched Supernatural, but since his senior year of high school (last year), he spent time out w/friends and it sorta hurt to watch it by myself...weird, huh? I'm pretty far behind on the series, now. :-(
    Some Dark Romantic