Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wheaton Paradigm As Applied To Twitter--Sheldon Would Be So Proud


I hope you watched the premiere of George R.R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" last night on HBO. It was really good but if you missed it, you can probably catch it again sometime soon. That being said, comment if you really liked the series :).

Hee hee Happy Monday my friends. This is gonna be an amazing week :) Spring is finally here, flowers are growing, and warm air and sunshine have decided to appear.


  1. Cool - no idea what this program is but I can definitely agree with the happiness for Spring.

    So it's not snowing anymore in Utah? I always complained about London weather, but I won't anymore :)

    Happy Monday back at ya!

  2. I watched AND loved it! Big fan of the books, now a huge fan of the show. I can't wait to see what they show us next.

    Favorite part: Seeing the dire wolf pups! Was really glad they didn't CG them or use tons of effects for that shot.

    Glad I've got another fan to talk about the show with!


  3. Can I still comment if I don't have HBO? Warm and sun? It's freaking SNOWING here! GAAAAAH!!!

  4. I don't have HBO and I'm kind of hating everyone right now who is lucky enough to have HBO. Well, all right, more just madly jealous of them. I'm waiting for the DVDs.

    And we had snow here this morning. Forget "winter is coming." I'm beginning to think winter is never leaving.

  5. D.U.: It snows off and on because that's just the weather here. However, at the time that I penned my blog entry, the weather was gorgeous. It's kind of raining now :(

    E.J.: I'm definitely enjoying the Game of Thrones television show. So epic.

    Mutt: Why no HBO? What you got against television. Haters gonna hate.

  6. Haven't got HBO and wish I did because I wanted to watch the Borgias! It's lovely here too! and we normally do get more snow this time of year so I am all happy! Cheers!!

  7. HBO costs extra. I'm cheap. So there.

  8. I'm thinking about making a budget swap - landline for HBO.

  9. Does anyone have HBO? I pay them my money by purchasing their DVDs. So it'll be a while before I watch the Game of Thrones. But I can finally start reading the fourth book since the fifth book is set to be published. Finally.

  10. I saw the first episode and really liked it. My only issue is it felt a bit disjointed as they introduced about 20 characters in a very short time frame. I don't envy the writers on this one as it is always difficult to adapt a complex book to television. Than again how can anything with Sean Bean in it be bad?

  11. <3 Sheldon. Can we clone him? Everyone needs a Sheldon.

  12. I don't have HBO. :/ Do I still get to comment?

  13. Alyson: Rhetorical much? lol

    Steph: "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, Go!"

    Yrmama: Totally do the swap.

    Kevin: Sean Bean is awesome. Then again so is vanilla bean.

    Mutt: Stop being so cheap. You only live once.

  14. *giggles* totally makes me want to work harder to win Twits. erm.

    I don't HAVE HBO... you don't suppose it's on Hulu, you you? Probably not for quite some time anyway...

  15. OK will keep a look out for it. Not sure we have HBO over this side of the Atlantic - but Sex and The City was a HBO show which aired on Satelite over here on the Comedy Channel. This may be on one of the Satelite Sci-Fi channels.

  16. I love Sheldon! He's awesome.

    Love the cartoon too. Dang, I want a million twitter followers!

    I haven't seen the series, but I've heard about it and it looks good. I wish I had HBO--bummer.


  17. snow again when we woke up this morning... :( My flowers covered in snow makes me kinda sad. I liked the weather better in Orlando. *sigh*
    Oh, by the way, I am going to be heading to Orlando again later this year, possibly mid-October. We didn't use our Disney tickets because we were really time limited as a result of Rebecca's illness. Thought you'd want to know we'll be going back since you were saying you wanted so much to go. Didn't get you something from Animal Kingdom since we haven't made it there yet, will pick something up for you when we do go. *hug*