Friday, October 26, 2012

Emetophilia and Abasiophilia


From Wikipedia--Emetophilia is a paraphilia in which an individual is sexually aroused by vomiting or observing others vomit. Also referred to as a Vomit Fetish. Emetophiles put emetophilia into practice by actually vomiting, especially on a partner. This practice is sometimes called a Roman shower, after the commonly-supposed (but mistaken) belief in the frequent induction of vomiting at Roman feasts.

Some emetophiles find the act of vomiting arousing; for them, the sequence of "spasm, ejaculation, relief" in vomiting is erotically charged. Other emetophiles are aroused by seeing and/or hearing others vomit. Some desire a partner who will vomit on them, while others wish to induce vomiting in a partner, or even force them to vomit (wanting to be vomited on may be related to a desire to be dominated, while wanting to make someone else vomit may stem from a desire to dominate the partner - see erotic humiliation). Emetophiles may have any combination of these desires at a time.


From Wikipedia--Abasiophilia is a psychosexual attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those who use orthopaedic appliances such as leg braces, orthopedic casts, or wheelchairs.

While some of these fetishists just like to look at people trying to get around in their orthopaedic appliances, some of them like to see a disabled person struggle without these devices. In videos produced by these fetishists, one might find a quadriplegic person trying to wriggle up the stairs, never quite making it to the top.

Interesting eh?

If you have the time, I was wondering if you could help me try to get Amazon to price my short story "The Insanity of Zero" for free (right now it's listed at 99 cents). My story takes 15-20 minutes to read, so given that there's little time investment involved, I'm hoping people will actually "read" it especially if it becomes free (I know from reading blogs that a lot of people "collect" free books but don't actually read them).

To do this is simple. Follow these steps:
Image and instructions courtesy of Callie Leuck.

1.  Go to the Amazon page located HERE.
2.  Go to Product Description section as pictured above.
3.  Click on "tell us about a lower price?"
4.  Select "website (online)".
5.  Drop the URL for the Barnes and Noble price match (Amazon may price match B&N more readily than other retailers)
6.  Insert "0.00" in the other two fields.

Thanks in advance for anyone that is willing to take the time to do this. :)

Have a great weekend.


  1. I've heard of abasiophilia before - there are a couple of movies based on this fetish too... for the life of me, I can't recall them...

  2. That vomiting one brings back unpleasant memories of a Jerry Springer episode I saw once. hahaha

  3. Eww. What more can I say!

    I've completed your Amazon request.

  4. It's weird that the mess and stench wouldn't be a huge turn off. Yuck....

  5. Yuchy for today's offerings. Will get over to Amazon this weekend.

  6. Amazon still hasn't done that? Man they're slow on the uptake.

  7. Did the price check thing but had to do it on UK Amazon, not sure if that makes a difference.

    Moody Writing

  8. gross. No thanks on the vomit fetish.
    And done on the pricing bit!

  9. Okay, the fetishes are kind of gross!! But funny, in a sick, twisted way.

    I will pop back by later and do the pricing thingy for you. I'm headed out the door for my drab day job.

  10. I hate throwing up and everything about it.
    I'm not actually sure why I'm still reading these, no offense, but gah!

    Good luck with the Amazon thing. Let me know if it works. I had a lengthy discussion with them when I first started releasing Tib, and they seemed to indicate that getting it marked permanently as free is just something they won't do. They are much more likely to make it free for the individual making the request rather than just making the story free.

  11. Vomatoriums weren't real? Why does that seem sad?

    And done re: Amazon.

  12. Vomiting is disgusting. I think these are getting weirder, Michael.

  13. never heard of these! Interesting and also slightly disturbing. haha.

  14. This one I DEFINITELY don't get... ugh!

    And I will do the step thingie right now! :)

  15. Everything needs a name I guess.

    I did you price matching request, I hope it goes through. Good luck. I did pick up your short story for NOOK. I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks.
    Von L Cid

  16. @T.F.: I think there are movies based on most of these.

    @Trisha: Yep. These things have their own kind of infamy for sure.

    @Alex: But don't hurl because you might turn someone on with that, Alex.

    @Ellie: Thank you.

    @Cindy: I think the point is not to be able to understand, Cindy.

    @Susan: LOL I only have two more days of these things. I've saved the worst for last.

    @P.T.: I think they are pushing KDP these days and could care less about this kind of price match to zero. Ah well. It probably doesn't matter anyway.

    @Moody: That's fine. Thanks dude.

    @Sarah: My sentiments exactly! Thanks for the help.

    @Candilynn: That's the point. Thanks for your help.

    @Andrew: There's only two more days of these fetish things. Thanks for the well wishes! But as we discussed via email, I think Amazon is on the KDP wagon now. If you aren't KDP, they don't care.

    @Matt: Thanks sir.

    @Emily: I've saved the best for last.

    @nutschell: The point is to be scary and disturbing.

    @L.G.: LOL at your pun. Don't throw up L.G. You may turn someone on.

    @Morgan: I would be surprised if you did get it.

    @Von: Thank you sir for the download. Honestly though the short story is targeted more for people who are actually out looking for a sci-fi short story than those who know me and just want to be supportive by doing a free download. But I appreciate it anyway.

  17. Wow you really found some weird fetishes. :-)

    Will try to get Amazon to zero-price your short story.

  18. When it comes to sex I've always maintained that whatever floats your boat is fine provided both parties are willing, but some of these things are just weird. I wonder if there are people who get off watching boats float.

  19. Wow, this is quite the education.

    Went to amazon and clicked found a lower price. Hit like and your tags while I was there.

    I have you on my Nook, both stories. Started Slipstream. Awesome.

  20. I'm sure your story is worth more than 99 cents, and I'll be reading it this weekend and nudging Amazon.

  21. I walked with a cane for 2 years. I am absolutely certain no one thought it was sexy.

    As for the vomiting - that's just wrong.

    I noticed your header changed. The backward print on the right side had me staring at it for five minutes. Now I have the image imprinted on my brain - brilliant marketing. :)

  22. Um, ew on the first two things and DONE on the last. Gonna check out your story now! :)

  23. Oh, blech. That first one is, well, nauseating.

  24. Ew. And Ew. If these are going to get worse, maybe I'm glad my laptop is going into the shop. I did the Amazon thing, no sweat.

  25. Holy Crap. There is some sick stuff in the world. The vomiting one is just awful!


  26. not my cuppa, mike...

    your hero:

  27. These fetishes are sick. Literally.

    I visited Amazon and put in 3 (or 4) separate links. I hope it helps Mike.


  28. The vomit fetish reminded me of a trailer I heard about a while back, 2 girls 1 cup. You may have already heard about, I myself have never actually seen it, (and never want to) but from what I've heard it's pretty discusting/disturbing to say the least. It has some vomit and poop fetish in it. It's just nasty.

    Will get to your amazon request tonight.

  29. Hi, Mike,

    I did the Amazon price match thing. Wishing you luck with getting that changed.

    That vomit thing is all kinds of sick. Who can stand the smell of food/stomach acid? The thought of it is enough to make me hurl.

    As to the other fetish, well, as you know, it takes all types.

  30. Pretty sickening, but interesting fetishes. Pity the college freshman whose new roommate has emetophilia. Julie

  31. Sexual arousal through vomiting. Well. Hmmm... I got nothing.

  32. I'm so glad you aren't including photos/videos with this series. I'll try and get your price dropped next time I'm on my computer and not my phone. Good luck getting there!

  33. The first one make me sick to my stomach; the second one makes me ill on other levels, especially since I have a disabled son. I had no idea these things existed in the world. I kinda like being naive and sheltered.

  34. Did the Amazon price match thing. Sorry I'm behind!

    Regarding the fetish topic..ICK!