Thursday, August 23, 2012

Excited for Season 7 of Dr. Who. Are you?

They look remarkably calm given that they are surrounded by Daleks. Those guys are mean.
I've been watching Dr. Who for a little while now on Saturday nights on BBC America. For one, no commercials! Yay.  And for two, great production values and special effects. It's easily as good as any Star Trek I've seen and better written by far. I like how the show seems to be able to capture a very human element in nearly every episode even though it's open format basically allows for everything. Just to clarify, I might be using the wrong words in saying "open format" but because the doctor is a Time Lord, basically, any writer can write about anything and it will fit.  If you wanted to talk about blue mushroom people that only procreate when pigs eat and defecate the spores out, this could be an episode.
Rory Pond is my favorite of the companions. Who wears vests anymore? But Rory
totally makes this look work for him. I think it's the distressed jeans and the shirt
tails untucked, the gelled hairdo to look unkempt, and the intense stare that says, "I'm hot."
You know the one thought that goes through my mind when I think of Dr. Who? It's something that a physicist said on one of those science channel shows. He stated that if the universe truly is infinite, then anything that we can possibly imagine can happen. Even if it has a 1 in a gazillion chance--in the scope of infinity it becomes mathematically possible. I'm not a mathematician so I have no idea if this is correct or not.  But I have to think, somewhere out there is a flying Tardis. Weird, huh? My brain has no ability to grasp what infinity is anyway, so I'm content to just see what other people come up with.
The adorable Amy Pond. Yay, we get a peek into the Pond life.
I'm really excited for this upcoming season which starts on September 1st. For one, we are getting more of the weeping angels (which is probably the most terrified I've been from a science-fiction television show in some time). Those things were just plain scary, and I think everyone else in the world agrees because "They're back!" And yes, I had trouble sleeping the nights I watched those episodes.
These guys can only move and attack you
when you're not looking (so don't blink!).
Plus, I think Rory is handsome and have liked him ever since he's been on the show. I despaired when he got zapped out of existence in an underground episode and am happy that they brought him back, even if he was as a Roman centurion. Amy is beautiful and a wonderful companion for Rory and the fact that they love each other and travel around with the doctor is just really cool. I hope that the two of them survive the season unscathed (even though they are definitely gone after I think five episodes). Rumor is, someone is dying. I know that this will be the last season featuring these companions. *Sniff. I hope that the writers are not reading George R.R. Martin. If you read George, you know exactly what I'm talking about here.
I'm also kind of excited about the spinoff series that Amy and Rory are getting online. It sounds suitably quirky, and it's called Pond Life. The first episode premieres this Monday online. So just when Falling Skies and the Newsroom and my trash addiction of True Blood is ending, I get an infusion of Dr. Who love. :) It would be my dream to write just one episode of a show like this. In the least, they should take my suggestion and do a crossover with BBC's other hit show Merlin and feature Bradley James as King Arthur hanging out with the Ponds. That would be made of awesome.

Are you going to watch Pond Life on Monday?


  1. I've watched episodes of the different shows over the years but it just never clicked with me.
    Did finally watch the first two seasons of Alphas on NetFlix. (Yes, I really have reached the end of NetFlix.) Watching them all together, the show is actually really good. Gary is hilarious.

  2. Yet another show I haven't watched. I've decided that some pop culture website should snatch you up to do entertainment reviews. You are awesome at this.

  3. I love the Weeping Angels! Don't blink!

    Doctor Who has been a part of my life well, forever. I loved it when I was a kid, thought it was very uncool when I was a teen, and then it came back all shiny and new, and I'm addicted.

    I love this Doctor, and Amy and Rory. Like you, I'm holding out for a happy ending for Amy and Rory, even if they're not running around with the Doctor. Fingers crossed they both survive!

    And really. how smart were the original writers? A lead character that regenerates...this show could last forever in one form or another!

  4. I watched a Dr. Who marathon on BBC once and I though it was very unique, but definitely not serious science fiction. I liked it for being different and would watch it again. For some reason, I envision Johnny Depp in the role of Dr. Who some day.

  5. Blue mushrooms and pigs defecating. You're so funny. Haven't see this show, but now I'll see if it's available here in Mexico

  6. Man, I need more time for TV! I miss all the cool stuff. My friends love this show and I always feel left out when they talk about it :)

  7. *SQUEALS*
    I can't wait! Thanks for the update. I MUST watch this Pond Life thing. I love that Rory has taken on Amy's last name. Cracks me up. And September 1 is going to be a day to never forget. I've been waiting for so long. Yippee! I love the Doctor soooooo much.

  8. I don't get BBC America but I understand it has some fine programs.

  9. @Alex: You really couldn't get into it? Alex, I thought you'd be a fanatic! It's such excellent sci-fi.

    @Brinda: Thanks, Brinda. Your comment had me kind of thinking that I should have just started my blog as a pop culture one. I think I have a lot of interests. At first I was intimidated to start talking about them, but now it's kind of taken over my blog. I really like sharing my opinions with people on the shows/books/stuff I watch and do.

    @Jen: The Weeping Angels scared the crap out of me. Here in Utah, BBC America airs at 11:00 p.m. on Saturday night. So pretty much after it's finished, I go to bed. After those two episodes, I lay staring into the dark thinking about what I'd just seen for far too long.

    @Cindy: Interesting. Johnny Depp has done everything else. Why not the doctor?

    @P.T.: Sadface

    @Em-Musing: I try my best to amuse.

    @Jess: Yes. T.V. is as important as reading books. A well-written show is like art on the screen.

    @1000: Monkey! Thanks for stopping by. It's been a while since I seen you.

    @Julia: We shall have to compare notes on Pond Life.

  10. I like Rory and Amy but I'm also excited to see new companions as well!

  11. I've been watching Dr. Who since the Tom Baker episodes back when I was a kid. It's been a long time dream to own the entire show, except, well, that's not possible since the first few series don't exist in their entirety anymore.
    Tom Baker will always be my favorite Doctor, but Tennant comes in at a very close second and Matt Smith isn't far behind.

    >sigh< Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch the new season until DVD. :(

  12. I really want to watch this show, but we don't get BBCA. Oh well.

  13. I've never seen any of the old stuff, but I'm slowly making my way through this latest incarnation through Netflix. Up to halfway through the second season is pretty entertaining so I'm glad that they will continue to keep the series going.

  14. Haven't watched it since I was a kid. Wow, you really watch a lot of sci-fi television. :)

  15. Finally, a show I watch (and obsess about).

    BTW, many of the actors from Merlin have appeared on Doctor Who. I saw a reference to this on Pinterest which sadly I did not repin or like, and now I can't find it again (after better than a half hour of looking).

  16. Duuude... Rory definitely rocks the vest... totally hot! ;)

  17. I don't get BBC America. :( I think Dr. Who is on Netflix tho. I'll have to check.

  18. Gee, Michael

    With all the shows you watch, when do you find time to write and do other things? LOL

  19. Since you inspire me, I decided to tag you in a post today. Stop over to check it out!

    And Doctor Who rules!

  20. I've been watching Doctor Who long before all the cool special effects and the big production budgets. What's so cool is that it's a show me and my older kiddo can watch together.

    The angels freak me out. Don't look away!!!!!

    The BBC promotional poster for Doctor Who shows him carrying what looks to be a dead Amy Pond...ugh.

  21. I never got into Dr. Who, but my sister loves it so I'll let her know about Pond Life.

    Still, I gotta admire a show that's been on for so many years. I remember my very young nephew being hooked on it oho so long ago.

  22. Love your series posts Mikey. I haven't watched much of this, but it is always at the back of my mind to follow. I may have to cut my cable off soon - hate the way it increases about $25 ever three months and now it beyond my preferred pay limit. Just when Walking Dead is about to come on too.


  23. I've never watched Dr. Who. Actually, I think I tried one episode and it didn't click. I may have to go back and try again.
    Alex - Gary reminds me of one of my boys, so I totally love him.

  24. I am not lucky to get to watch any of this but Dr who has me curious for quite a while now.

  25. I just could not get into Dr. Who after the first season of the restart. I don't like that they bring him back as different actors and change their leads so often. I also don't like the main alien Dr. Who fights- or whatever they do.

    You should be happy- football season is beginning again and maybe you'll catch a game with Tebow. Is New York even going to let him play?