Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dead Freight was truly horrific

NO NO NO...arrrggghhh. This is the adorable little kid that was murdered
by Walt and his gang in Sunday night's episode called "Dead Freight. I
hate shows that feature murdered kids. And the cuter they are, the more
traumatic it is for me. Why did this child have to die? So angry.
Since this is the final season of "Breaking Bad", I can't help myself but to speculate over every episode. Forgive me if you are not into this show like I am, but this Sunday's episode sunk to new lows. I don't mean it's terrible...but just when I thought it could get no worse...it got worse.

I've seen bodies dissolved in acid. I've seen Jesse having sex with a strung out hooker on meth. I've seen a girl asphyxiate on her own vomit form a heroin shot and die while Walt watches and does nothing. I've seen half a man's face blown off with the eyeball exposed. There have been throats cut, people burned alive, and a decapitated head attached to the back of a tortoise shell.
This is the bastard that killed the kid. Todd. He's the new guy from
the "Vamonos Pest" employer which works with Walt and Jesse to
give them houses in which they can cook their meth. I so want Jesse
to kill this jerk. Out of Walt, Jesse, and Todd, Jesse is the only one who
knows that this is incredibly wrong. He's the only one that still has the
vestiges of a moral compass.

But last night, Todd (Walt's new "guy") shot and killed an innocent boy who had just waved to them. This boy was perfectly cast...skinny, on his dirt bike, and he'd just shown his compassion by handling a tarantula in his palm and putting it safely into a glass jar that he'd punched holes in so it could breathe.

And they blew him away, because he saw them rob a train.

I felt Jesse's pain as he screamed, "Noooooo!" and tried to stop Todd from killing the kid.

But yeah, I was stunned.

Walt is evil and needs to be put down fast. But how is that going to happen? It's clear he's becoming the new Kingpin, and the clues from next week's episode is that he's a self-proclaimed emperor of all things meth.

Will Skyler break and finally spill the beans, thus dooming herself and her children? With two parents in prison for hundreds of felonies (or possibly dead), what legacy do the children have except one of poverty and ridicule by others who blame their parents for the death of hundreds of people affected by their meth manufacturing?
Here's Jesse robbing the train of the precious methylamine.  This part of
the episode was fantastic. The timing, execution, and Hitchcock-like
troubles they overcame had me on the edge of my seat biting my
nails in nervousness. Especially when the big truck showed up and
Walt refused to stop filling the tank until he had it all. Jesse almost got
run over by the train and had to lie flat on the tracks.

Will Jesse survive? I have a feeling that Todd is being groomed by Walt at this point as a replacement. Todd follows orders and isn't as emotional as Jesse. He isn't a good person (which Jesse really is). Walt didn't even move a muscle as Todd shot and killed the boy on the bike. Heck, he almost smiled. Like he was indifferent that a child died.

If ever I had a doubt, Walt's complete transformation into a sociopath who cares nothing for human life is now complete. Though I feel for Skyler, she's just as culpable by allowing this evil bastard to continue without blowing the whistle.

I also want to know what's up with Lydia? That woman can talk herself out of anything. And I almost see her as a perfect match for Walt. Are these two going to hook up? It'd be like two snakes in a basket. I think they'd love each other.

Hank Schraeder, do the world good and put a bullet in your best friend Walter White. It needs to be done. The episode "Dead Freight" was truly horrific. Walt's product is killing people every day. But something about allowing a child to die and Walt being okay with it makes me hate you, Hank, for every day you allow it to continue.


  1. Just caught your post on my way to bed. This is probably why I don't watch this show. Season 1 was enough for me.

  2. Hey, that murderer dude is from Friday Night Lights, which I loved.

  3. I wouldn't like to watch scenes of the killing of a kid either. Would break my heart. Too disturbing.

    I understood it when Rick had to shoot the zombie child on Walking Dead, but it still chilled me to the bone. I was so shocked it made me sick. But it made sense at least.

    Not like this scene.


  4. That scene would certainly be disturbing to me.

  5. This is just a guess because I don't watch the show, but it sounds like this is going to be about Jesse getting away from Walt at some point breaking out of the life of crime and drugs..and it sounds exciting. I mean something has to be redeeming, right?

    It seems these days that certain shows use children for various disturbing reasons....and I wish they wouldn't.

  6. I suppose it's a good thing movies like "Scarface" are only 2-3 hours so we don't have to get into as many gritty details.

  7. I'm another one who's never heard of this series, and even though, like you said, I can handle seeing decapitation, people burning, yada yada, etc etc, but seeing children get hurt? No...

  8. I only watched season one too. It's well done and a great concept, but a little too realistic with the violence for me.

  9. I don't really follow the details here, as I don't watch the show, but your comment that someone is "just as" responsible for letting someone do all these crimes.

    I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, a rule that 'not stopping someone from doing a crime', or at least 'not reporting when you know someone did a crime' is tantamount to doing the crime yourself might be a handy tool for society -- and in Wisconsin, at least, "aiding and abetting" a crime, and "conspiring" to commit a crime, are in fact the same thing as "doing" the crime, but all require some sort of affirmative step, and while they legally are the same thing, culpability and hence sentencing are not equivalent: a court might give a lighter sentence to a person who simply drove a getaway car for a murderous bank robber, and a still lighter sentence to the conspirator who simply helped them map out a getaway route.

    I think in the end that saying she is "just as" guilty as he is has a way of diminishing the reprehensible quality of the murderer, and we should be careful about those generalizations.

    I know this is not my usual lighthearted comment, so allow me to close with a joke:

    Knock Knock!

    (Who's there?)


    (Owlsay Who?)

    Yes, that's right.

  10. Sometimes I'm glad I don't have a tv.

  11. Don't know if we get this here, but it doesn't sound like something I'd watch too much of.

  12. Curse you! Stop highlighting shows and making me interested in watching them. I don't have time to add another To Be Watched show in my life.

    I love your TV reviews. They intrigue me.

  13. Mrs. C. and I are looking for a new program to watch now that we've caught up on all of the Boardwalk Empire epidods. We've been thinking about Breaking Bad because of all the hype, but you've convinced me this isn't a program for us. Thanks.

  14. I stopped watching this show after a few episodes. I don't like shows where the bad guys seem to be winning even if it is realistic.

  15. I'm with Julie. Your TV and movie reviews keep making me think I need to start watching what you watch. I haven't watched Breaking Bad, but it sounds like it's full of fascinating transformations and giant moral dilemmas.

  16. Yoooowwwww! We have about four episodes of this TIVOed and waiting for us, but I think it might give me waking sweats....
    I just got into Falling Skies way after the fact, and I'm looking forward to new episodes of Boardwalk Empire. So much good TV< so little time :)
    Catherine Stine’s Idea City

  17. And we wonder why a guy enters a movie theater to murder people including kids.

  18. I can be just as crazy parsing episodes of my favorite TV shows. But paragraph 2 highlights why I don't watch this show. Too much for me.

  19. I really could not have watched that scene with the little boy. I'm about to go to bed, but if I don't forget the details of what I've just read, I won't be able to sleep.

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  21. I'm afraid I know little about this. Actually, I'd never heard of it until just now.

  22. The worst part of that scene for me wasn't the killing of the kid it's the actor who played the shooter was on Friday Night Lights and played the most straight laced nerd you've ever met. They foreshadowed that someone was going to die with the comment what the only way to keep a secret was to leave no witnesses so I figured he was a goner once the job was done.

    Once everything was finished I expected him to get hit and then that kid showed up. When he pulled out the gun and killed the kid my Friday Night Lights image of him shattered and he 'broke bad'. I know he's just an actor and this is just a show but it was totally unexpected. On the other hand it's a good way to keep from being typecast.

    I doubt I like this season as it is so dark. Jesse is the only person I still like on the show and I'm hoping that it ends with him and Hank working together to shut down the whole thing.

  23. One other comment. The show has been so dark I really want a light hearted episode and I was thinking that it would be great if the school begged him to substitute teach for a week. That would be gold mine to watch as smart mouthed kids talked back to the baddest drug lord in the Southwest.

    This would show how radical the transformation has been from season one and provide some levity that this show sorely needs.