Wednesday, May 22, 2019

This wallpaper I have for my computer shows a world completely at home with giant sharks and other monsters from the deep.

I'm not exactly sure who drew this wallpaper. I found it in a reddit subgroup for three screen wallpapers, and it's utterly fascinating. You really should click to embiggen the picture, because it's got a ton of details that set my mind to wondering what the heck is going on with all of these images.

The ship on the right panel looks like it has the enormous jaws of some megalodon mounted on its prow through which a canon is posited for use in naval combat. Just below that is some guy in a rowboat that is right next to a dorsal fin of a shark that (from scale) looks to be about a twenty-foot great white. The bay is also literally teaming with dorsal fins of other gigantic sharks (think anywhere from 16 to 20 feet). The mountains rising from the bay that are in the background sport these colossal steel barracuda heads, and there are numerous cranes on piers overlooking the shipyard, one of which is holding a fish that is probably the size of a blue whale. There is also another kind of dead gargantuan fish near the middle of the picture with its teeth pointed upward (maybe its on its back), and half its body is on a ramp and its middle looks to be tied to one of those cranes I mentioned earlier.

In the forefront of the picture there is what looks to be a pair of rats, only they have shark tails and heads. And all of the tie-off pilings are covered in sinister-looking steel fish decorations with wide open grinning mouths and teeth.

On the left side of the picture is what looks like some kind of bay-side workshop with a portcullis that can be raised or lowered to allow small boats to enter into a kind of sluice. In this workshop are all kinds of things, but what catches my eye is a skeleton of a huge fish near the ceiling and the most gigantic fishhook I've ever seen. And there's the hints here and there of old caribbean-style piracy, with gold doubloons, scimitars, and crates. The details in this painting are quite astounding, and as I stare at it, there are so many stories that seem to pop into my mind.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you, seeing as there's no more Game of Thrones for me to really rant about (I will probably talk about the disappointing series finale on Friday).


  1. That is an amazing piece of artwork.

  2. awesome. So many details. I wouldn't have picked up on these had you not mentioned them. Great find.