Friday, May 10, 2019

Disney should redo the Battle of the Heroes in A New Hope by hiring ILM to follow FXitinPost's video as a guideline.

So, I've never been a real fan of George Lucas messing around with the original trilogy of 1) A New Hope, 2) The Empire Strikes Back, and 3) The Return of the Jedi. But after seeing this "battle of the heroes" redone online by a huge fan of the series who goes by the name FXitinPost, I now wish that Lucas had done this (or that Disney does this) to make it mesh better with the way Obi-Wan and Vader (and everyone else) fights in the prequels and sequels. The way Obi-Wan and Vader move in the original battle filmed in the seventies makes me think that they are both dealing with an enlarged prostate, which is just not how I see either of them. Please take the time to play the embedded video and let me know if you are as impressed as I was. Keep in mind that this is just some fan playing around. It'd be so much better if Industrial Light and Magic did it, using this guy's video as a starter. The whole thing is about six minutes long.


  1. Well Alec Guinness was pretty old by then so he wouldn't be doing flips and somersaults.

  2. The technology is so different now. Amazing what they can do.

  3. Definitely a better fight scene. Now Obi can fight as well as Yoda. Someone should hire this guy.