Monday, May 13, 2019

If I had known Game of Thrones was going to finish with such a depressing ending I wouldn't have watched the series.

Spoiler Alert and rant warning....

All my predictions have run out, and many of them proved to be not true. To say I'm disappointed in Game of Thrones's last season is an understatement. I feel like I don't even know these characters, that they have turned one-hundred eighty degrees from how I knew them to be for seven and a half seasons. I guess Daenerys is the only one strong enough to take the throne, and she is proving to be undeserving of that honor. Jon Snow is worthy of the throne, but he's not strong enough to take it, and he's completely uninterested in it. The Starks just want to be left alone. The North wants to be left alone. This whole thing just feels like a colossal waste of time.

I'm disappointed in all of the character arcs and the various plot armors that found their way onto certain characters just so that we could have ridiculous showdowns like "The Clegane Bowl."

Brienne deserved better. Jaime Lannister really went back to Cersei after all that? Blah.

George R.R. Martin spun some very interesting characters out of the ether. But if his one lesson told through the lens of a fantasy world is to say that it takes tyrants to unite kingdoms and that there are no happy endings and no true heroes, I guess I'm wondering what the point of it all is? Isn't fantasy a place where you are supposed to indulge things that don't exist in the real world? Since when did fantasy become a place to tell (and air) such depressing stories.

Ugh. The Iron Throne indeed.


  1. I feel the same way.
    We're predicting Arya kills Daenerys now.

  2. My final theory is Dany threatens Sansa and Jon finally decides to take the throne to protect his family. Tyrion will probably meet the same fate as the eunuch guy for freeing Jaime unless someone intervenes for him. It is a downer but I guess we should have expected it.

    1. Oh well...

      So, one week a relatively small flotilla with scorpions took one dragon down, put the other on the run, and trounced the opponent's armada... got it.

      And then this week, pretty much the same flotilla, plus a shit ton of other scorpions around the town, couldn't take down the dragon who escaped last week, despite said dragon running straight into them.

      Got it...I guess. So was this all just so we'd spend a week questioning whether Dany actually had the force to take King's Landing?

      I'm upset. The writers are so desperate to make Jon legitimate by shit-writing Daenerys that she, for no damn reason at all, decided to, despite having a clean straight line to Cersei through a surrendered city, just to fuck around burning things and people.

      Everything has gone to shit in this show.

      And it really really bugs me.

      Perhaps the thing that angers me the most about what the writers did with Daenerys is turning her into a mad queen just seems so misogynistic. And not a lot of people are drawing a connection to this as I've seen posts from weirdos I associate with on Facebook who loved seeing the city burn and thought it was so "realistic."

      This is all about female hysteria, bitches be crazy, women are so emotional, there is no wrath like that from a woman's scorn, and on and on and on ad nauseum.

      It bugs me that the one must suited to rule is a white man.

      The White Walkers should have just showed up and ate everyone and be done with this series.

    2. As far as the scorpions go last week they ambushed the dragons. This week Dany came in out of the clouds really fast and kept low, which is actually good air combat strategy.

      The heel turn--like when a pro wrestler turns from hero to villain--didn't make a lot of sense. The Lannister army was surrendering so it made no sense to start destroying the whole city. I suppose Dany isn't planning to rule from King's Landing.

      Of course if a Targarian can instantly go mad and Jon is half Targarian, who's to say he won't go mad too? And if he does there's no Jaime Lannister to kill him now.

  3. It's Martin. Everyone was always going to die.

    But I hate when plots are propelled by stupidity.

  4. I'm almost caught up, but already I'm worried about the ultimate outcome. Is it too much to ask for a small glimmer of peace and happiness and not just apocalyptic destruction?

    I mean, if GOT is based in part on the War of the Roses, then hell, even that eventually turned out with the rise of the Tudors and then Stuarts and general peace for England. Since when has real history been more comforting than a fantasy series?