Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The second half of season five on the Walking Dead may hold clues to the zombie spinoff planned for the fall

"The Walking Dead" by Ron Kurniawan, originally published in the December 23, 2013
issue of The New Yorker. You can read "Utter Rot" HERE.
It's that time of year again. No, I'm not talking about Valentine's Day, but about the spring sweeps that the Nielsen's perform to try and gauge what people are watching. I got my phone call yesterday, and I'm doing another Nielsen's diary. Yes, this technically does make me a professional couch potato, and I wear that badge with honor!

Honestly, they couldn't send it to a better household. I'm looking forward to making my choices known on all things nerdy and geeky. Like, for example, The Walking Dead. The penultimate zombie drama returns with its mid-season premiere this Sunday. Actually, it's a double header because AMC is also giving us Better Call Saul and from what I've read about it from those who've seen it, the spinoff to Breaking Bad is just as good. Let's hope I'm not disappointed. However, I gotta say that the hype on this thing is pretty high, and my friend Patrick warns that things rarely (if ever) live up to their hype.

The two minute opening scene for this week's Walking Dead premiere is online now. I watched it twice yesterday, and it picks up pretty much where I thought it would. In other words (spoiler alert) they are taking care of Beth's body and everyone is pretty much asking where they're gonna go from here. From the trailer, I think they'll go south and then meet a community that's been able to thrive in the apocalypse before the next major story arc starts up that leads to all out war with the leader of a huge gang of thugs (named Negan). I'm really excited for this story arc because we get to meet some awesome characters: Ezekiel who is ruler over a place called "The Kingdom" and who has a huge tiger as a pet, Jesus who is a charismatic and athletically gifted warrior from a friendly town of 200, and Aaron (the first really openly gay character who's also smart and not a psychopath). But before you get excited too, realize that the series is basically hovering around issue 67 and we don't get to Negan until about issue 100, so it could be as much as a year away before we meet the next big bad who's so awful, he makes the Governor look like a boy scout.

The second half of season five on The Walking Dead may also hold clues to the zombie spinoff planned for the fall.

So hear me out. One of the rumors I heard on this as yet unnamed show (The Rising Dead sounds nice!) was that there might be one or two characters that move between the original series to this new one. So what two characters do we know that are already in the cast who have no reason to really stick with the group? Duh...Daryl and Carol. Both basically got nothin' holding them emotionally to the others. Everyone they loved is now dead and both are looking for some way to start over fresh and with a clean slate.

I think that this might be an opportunity for Daryl and Carol to go off and join one of the three communities that we are about to get introduced to. You see, in the comics there are towns that are about a day's journey apart from each other by car. Without a car, they're about a week apart. The comics always stay with Rick's group, but this doesn't mean that they couldn't jump to another group of survivors and tell the story from one of these other towns. That'd be perfect for the show because it would allow them to expand the story and spinoff characters that viewers love to "head" another community. Honestly, it seems like an easily mined pit of gold for AMC, and if I were an executive calling the shots, I'd greenlight this idea tomorrow.

Anyway, if you're a fan and haven't seen the trailer for the first two minutes of the mid-season premiere, then you should click play. It sucks you in the same way that Attack on Titan sucks you in. And you know another great thing about the return of The Walking Dead? When it ends, Game of Thrones starts up. Ah spring, how I love thee.


  1. That trailer has been everywhere, putting fans into a frenzy.
    No IWSG post?

    1. I forgot that was today. I'll put one up Friday. Sorry.

  2. I absolutely can not wait for TWD to be back. And I'm excited for the spin-off too. And you're right, with GoT on the horizon this is definitely the best time of the year for tv.

  3. How fun. You can call yourself an official couch potato with a purpose!

  4. This was the first time I've seen the trailer. I do plan on watching TWD but I don't think I'd be getting into the spin-off. Of course my wife might have a say in this since she has a thing for Daryl and he might make the move. Anyone know where I can get a cross-bow?

  5. You should be dancing around singing It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

  6. No longer watching, too many nightmares, but it's a true success for sure. Have fun making those TV choices!

  7. The first half of TWD season five was so good, I hope they don't lose too much momentum in the second half. I'm recording Better Call Saul, but I'm skeptical of this one. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised. I can't wait for just feels too far away (but I do need to read A Dance with Dragons before the season starts, which will take me a while).

  8. Nah, Daryl and Carol are too protective of the group to leave it. I really hope they become a couple though. I think Maggie and Glen are the ones leaving. They have been wanting to go settle somewhere and start a family since before the virus nearly killed Glenn.

    I am also looking forward to watching Soul. I have been bored since TWD took its break. So mean to leave Beth's death hanging for us to have to relive.

  9. Why is it I feel like I already watch too much TV, but I haven't watched these shows? One of these days I'll catch up on some series.

  10. I admit having to skim this one. Haven't seen season 5 yet, expect for the first episode. That was an amazing episode! :)

  11. Nielsen diary? Do us geeks proud!

  12. Working title for the new show was COBALT, which sounds nice. I'm not sure the spinoff will be different enough from the original show. I wanted it to be exciting, but judging from the characters it could be boring...
    The fifth season of TWD has been horrible so far... they betrayed everything the show stood for before