Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I really want to talk about all things comic book today

Well sort of? Yesterday was huge for comic book announcements. You all may have already heard that Sony and Disney kinda/sorta got together and hashed out a deal where Spider-Man is now going to be in Captain America: Civil War. But if you haven't heard it, well you can't say that anymore. So what is Civil War?

It ran in 2006-2007, was a Marvel seven-issue crossover, and takes place around the framework of the U.S. government passing the Superhero Registration Act. Cap is opposed to the registration and Iron Man is the figurehead for "pro-registration." Spider-Man is basically caught between both sides. Spider-Man reveals his identity to the world (spurred on by Iron Man) but later comes to regret it. The conflict between sides continues to escalate until Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic (from the Fantastic Four) build a prison in the negative zone to contain the super people unwilling to register. This news makes me wonder if Marvel is actually going to approach Fox for the rights to the Fantastic Four.

Okay so onto who I want cast as Spidey (since Andrew Garfield is out and I gotta say...I never liked him): I want actor Reeve Carney. I've blogged about him before so I'll let you guys google him to see what he looks like.
Next on my docket is talking about Beth on The Walking Dead, or more appropriately where the actress who played Beth is gonna land next. Guys, Emily Kinney is coming to The Flash! She's playing Brie Larvan who's also known as the Bug-Eyed Bandit. Now the Bug-Eyed Bandit is a known enemy of the Atom. This means that Ray Palmer is going to crossover from Arrow to the Flash in the same episode that's gonna have Kinney in it. Frickin Awesome or what? Oh and check out the Atom suit above because it's awesome!
And finally, I want to say that comic books are expensive. I know because I have five huge boxes of them (the big white long ones that cover the length of a table) and they are in mylar baggies to keep them happy in storage. But I don't buy many comics anymore because...well...the price. However I've learned that there's a new digital service coming from Scribd that will offer over 10,000 comics and graphic novels from Marvel, Arcana, Archie, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, IDW/Top Shelf, Kingstone, Space Goat, Top Cow, Valiant, and more. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed DC isn't mentioned but ah well. Anyway, the service costs a measly $9 a month. Who knows? Maybe if this service gets popular enough, then DC will hop on board.

So yeah, all of this got announced on the same day. I knew Tuesdays were good for something.


  1. Finally Spider-Man can be an Avenger!
    I have a couple apps for comic books, but I don't purchase many. Mostly the bundle packs.

  2. It's been a long time since I bought a comic book. Say, what's the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel? You might write a blog clarifying this for those of us not in the know.

    1. No blog post really necessary. It's all about length and completion. Graphic novels encapsulate an entire story from beginning to end. Comic books are episodic. You usually have to wait until next month to get more of a story, or buy a different comic book for a crossover effect. For me, I like graphic novels better because it's easier to just get satisfied on a story. Also graphic novels tend to carry more adult content, but it isn't necessary.

  3. I'm not sure how much of that Civil War plot they can really incorporate into a movie but it is good Marvel is calling the shots with Spider-Man instead of Sony's half-assed attempts. It's funny that my sister sent me a trial membership to Scribd not long ago and I bailed when I saw they didn't really have any comics. Now of course they add some.

  4. I know people who write/illustrate comics/graphic novels. I admire what they do. I hope Spider man isn't so wimpy. I didn't watch the last one because I didn't like the casting.

  5. Spider-man would be awesome to see in civil war.

  6. Five boxes? That's all? When we moved many years ago, I sold something like 35 long boxes of comics because of space issues. That was about 1/4 of the comics I own. Of course, I did run various comic businesses all through my 20s, and excess comics build up when you're doing that.
    Want to buy some comics?

  7. I hadn't heard this news so thanks for the heads up. It's about time Spiderman got to play with the other heroes I just hope they make him a little less emo and a bit more like the wisecracking teen he was in the comics.

  8. Well, of course Tuesdays are good for something. It's the day new music, DVDs, and video games are released.

  9. I would love to see Marvel take back Spidey. My favorite portrayal (besides the books) was that Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, which got canceled way too soon. Gwen's character was perfect, for me at least.

    Comic book movies are dominating the world! :)

  10. I'm glad to hear Beth has a new gig.

  11. Ironically, today I just bought my first comic book since college, and I did it 'cause I was at a bookstore and the cover of a Cat Woman comic caught my eye. Dang, they've changed so much since I was young! Very impressive art work. But at $4.00 I can't imagine owning boxes of these things. Sounds like you've made a serious investment and maybe your collection is worth something.