Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tomorrow Is The 2-Hour Camelot Premiere

I'm a huge fan of King Arthur stuff. So I guess my blog today is a reminder to everyone that shares my enthusiasm that Camelot by Starz is going to air tomorrow with a two-hour premier. I'm already set to record it just in case something comes up (like surprise parents rolling into town) etc., that may seek to pry me away from being planted in front of the television.

I've become a real couch potato. It's wierd...I never thought I'd be THIS into television. But in my defense, I think that television these days has a ton to offer. I think I prefer television over movies unless its the summer season and all the huge hits are coming out...then yeah...I like movies better.  There's just no competing with 3D and DBOX (I may blog about DBOX later in case you have no idea what that is).

Above is the second trailer to the very "adult" version of this tale. I want to say, "Finally! A proper R-rated show here." I mean, hats off and all that to all the clean singing cartoon versions of this story but I think I'm ripe for a little skin and some nice adult situations. So yeah, if you're gonna watch it...I think the kids should be in bed.

At left is Arthur and the actress that plays Morgana. I'm pretty sure we can expect Morgana to have some nude scenes and probably Arthur will be showing some skin too (programs usually are conservative on the guys).  However, the show's producers are the same that brought us Spartacus: Blood and Sand so most likely, nudity will be splashed on the screen as much as it is in that show.

Next up is Joseph Fiennes who's taking the role of Merlin. You may know his last name from another Fiennes who plays Voldemort in the Harry Potter films (although he looks like a dude with no nose in those films I guess cause it makes him serpent-like or something akin to that). Interesting that two Fiennes are carrying such powerful wizards to the silver screen.

I kind of wonder why they chose to make him bald. Maybe in this particular rendition of the tale using and channeling all that magic causes you to lose your hair.

Anyway, I hope someone out there will watch this so that you can be my Camelot gossip buddy (Gazes at S.M. Schmidt to pressure her into watching the show). Seriously ladies, if you don't mind a little adult content the manuscript can wait a night.  Put it off to the side...yes that's it...put the keyboard away Misha and come sit on the couch with the popcorn and enjoy yourself.  Sara, your next chapter of "Social Skills" can wait and so can all your friends on G.A.

I'M A LOVELY BLOGGER AGAIN (You should be jealous):

Ciara over at her blog recently gave me the One Lovely Blog Award again.  I already have a copy of it in my Awards section but I'm honored to receive it again :))) If you haven't stopped by Ciara's to say hi be sure to do so because she is amazing and her blog is indeed lovely. 

I bequeath the Award to T.D. McFrost and to Munir at her blog entitled Focus :) because these two are both overachievers and you really should check their blogs out. 


  1. I refuse to get cable/satellite/etc. because I would be stuck to the TV. I love to watch the HG channel when I visit my parents. The BBC has great programs...Sherlock Holmes, MI5, etc...I like that kind of thing and also AMERICAN IDOL.

  2. Why would you be stuck to the television? Just TiVO everything so you can watch the shows you want to watch when you want to watch them. Plus with the TiVO you can advance through the commercials :)

  3. Your nerd level just went down two notches, Joseph Fiennes is not Ralph Fiennes (who actually plays Voldermort in HP). Joseph Fiennes is the guy who played Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love. Also Joeseph is really hot bald but I think it's more to separate him from his previous costume drama roles.

    I would be all hands down for this show cause the trailer IS AWESOME...but the dorms do not get Starz. This is not the first time I've be left depressed under the crushing disappointment of not having a channel (NO BBC!)

  4. I can't remember to watch most things on TV and I don't feel like spending the money on TiVO. Mostly if I watch shows it's on DVD later or maybe if a network is rerunning them and I don't have anything to do. Or sometimes I use the On Demand on my cable.

    Mostly though I just don't have time or brain space to follow these epic story line shows. It's much easier to follow a 2-hour movie or a stand-alone show like "The Simpsons."

  5. I think television has become the new medium to providing intellectually engaging entertainment. When I want my television screen to explode in pretty colors or if I want to stare at pretty people with vacant expressions, I watch a movie. If I want snappy dialog, plot twists, and intrigue, then I watch a TV show. Hmm. Maybe I can stream the premiere from Taiwan.

  6. Steph, I know that. But they are brothers according to the article I read. I guess my writing wasn't very clear but I was talking about them being brothers and both playing famous wizards.

  7. I'll have to check out King Arthur - of course the airings ren't the same this side of the Atlantic, but I've heard it's good.

  8. I have no idea what Dbox is. Maybe you can enlighten me with a blog post? I'm actually a little tired of the the Camelot thing.I love the story but it's just been done so many times. I haven't seen a good creative spin on it in awhile.

  9. Ahem... I believe that Merlin and Voldemort are related. (Brothers, actually.) Well, the actors are, in any case.

    And the actress who plays Morgan is Eva Green. You know, Bond Girl?

    By the way... I LOOOOOOVE stories about King Arthur, but I'm in South Africa, so I'll probably have to wait about a year... :-(

    Unless someone can give me a way to get my grubby hands on it...

  10. I just found out that even though Netflix has a streaming contract with them, Starz has decided to institute a 90 day delay on Camelot. Netflix was a great way for me to see Sparticus and Pillars of the Earth but this change makes sense. Why get Starz if you can just buy the $8 streaming service from Netflix instead?

    You should do a spoiler free review next week so I can determine if I should wait the 90 days or figure out a way to get this.

  11. This series looks so good but I don't have this channel! Drat. Will have to wait till it's out on DVD. Enjoy!

  12. We have Stars (Dish gave it to us free for a year) but I don't believe my mother would let me watch this...

  13. Spiders TOTALLY creep me out so I'm commenting on this post instead (though that tapestry WAs beautiful). I am a big Arthur fan too, so thanks for the heads up on this! Fiennes should make a magnificent Merlin. What did you think of the old '80 arthurian tale, Excalibur? that's been a long time fav.