Friday, March 4, 2011

Real Hogwarts, Tire Serial Killers, Captain America's Red Skull, & Dr. Seuss

Because I like to write and read sci-fi, speculative fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy, dark fantasy...(holy crap, how many times can publishers repackage the same thing and call it something different?) I thought I'd make today's post about what's going on in the sci-fi universe (please...please...hold the applause.  There's no need to thank me).

Without further adieu, a real-world wizarding school wants to make you the next Harry Potter (minus the scar and a wizard that wants to kill you). The Grey School of Wizardry is accepting students that are 12 years old and above.

Now, they're not even trying to remotely disguise the influence J.K. Rowling had (or the fact that she's one of the richest people in the world--never forget that greed is the biggest motivator!) on them. Students will be separated into virtual "houses" based upon the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire and the classes are inexpensive (which is good because this whole thing is basically a con). Students 18 years and older pay $60 plus a level-up fee for each level of accomplishment (since it's online I wonder if there's a 'ding' sound that's made when you level up).

It's not entirely based on J.K. Rowling though. Rather, its roots are focused on many of the traditions of Wicca.  They claim to be a secular institution of learning, not a religious one. There's some talk on non-scientifically-proven methods of study such as learning about herbs, psychic stuff, chakra, auric, chromatotherapy, pranic, distance, gemstone, and herbal healing modalities. 

The bonus you may ask? Well if you believe in Santa Clause, leprechauns, unicorns, goblins, wear magnets for health, and think vampires are real then you will connect with others that genuinely share that interest and develop a kind of mutual aid society (while a third party empties your wallet). However, you never know. Someday a diploma from this place might be considered a mighty education in America (from where things seem to be headed)--but I digress...

Oh how a Redneck caption would so work
right now. "Baby, you look finer than a
new set of snow tires!"
A trailer for a bizarre horror pic named Rubber is making the rounds through the internet. My friend William first alerted me to it but I was left speechless at how or why this thing was even being made. But I guess it may just become a full blown motion picture (or that's the rumor).

Essentially, think of a tire as a serial killer and you've got the picture of what's going on here.  Terrifying? Creepy? or just stupid? It has to be better than the movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid starring former teen pop princesses Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (oh how the mighty career has tanked). Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber would do well to learn to put away the monies now and just say 'no' when the SyFy channel comes a knockin' in ten years.

The black really brings out Hugo's eyes don't you

Hugo Weaving ala the Matrix saying the infamous line "Mr. Anderson" is now going to be the Red Skull for the upcoming Captain America movie.  For those of you that never saw the Matrix (most women I'd imagine) then he would be Arwen's dad Elrond Lord of Rivendell (no one could avoid the Precioussss) in the Lord of the Rings movie blockbuster by skinny Peter Jackson. Here's the first look of Hugo in full costume...I think he looks awesome myself. I'm not showing Cap cause he's buff and beautiful and some bodybuilder that will get swooned over I'm sure.

The Sci-Fi Influence of Dr. Seuss:
I only wish I found something this cool in the basement.
This week marked the 107th birthday of Dr. Seuss!  Here's Clark from One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish.  All that is known about him is that some little kids found him in the dark and he will grow and grow. That...and he's a smiling walrus which is all kinds of scifantastcutonderful<== I made this word up...Yes, I'm that smart. I can create words.

Also, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were proof that Dr. Seuss (like Jules Verne) could see the future of America (and the crystal meth drug epidemic) through his "sci-fi"-ish "Cat in the Hat".  I can hear his words, "These are your kids on meth...any questions?"

I think I saw a pair of these in my city, knocking on doors.
Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Somehow I think that tire movie will wind up being like "Snakes on a Plane" where everyone thought it was funny on YouTube, but no one really wanted to watch the actual movie.

  2. Tons of chicks saw the Matrix...even if their boyfriends did drag them along :) Weaving looks awesome...who is playing Captain America?

  3. Rebecca, my daughter, dressed us as Thing 2 for World Book Day. Yikes.

  4. That Rubber movie looks completely absurd, but a small part of does want to see it.

  5. Demitria, Chris Evans is playing him. He was the Human Torch in the awful Fantastic Four franchise.

  6. Well I've seen all three Matrix movies... but Elrond IS a more familiar way to call to mind who that actor is, because I remember the matrix movies more at a concept level than in detail. I actually stopped in as I saw at BB&B that you are from Idaho Falls initially. I grew up in Moscow... there aren't many of us Idahoans around so I thought I'd say hi on that level.

  7. I went to school in Moscow! Oh my...we shall have to chat. I'm gonna add you to the blogs that I closely watch sidebar thingy :)) Thanks for coming by Hart.

  8. I'm more of a thing one and thing two kinda person. I am confused if you are from Idaho how could you grow up in Moscow???? Is it a science fiction/fantasy otherworldly thing? Never mind, all this thinking is a too taxing for my brain at this time of the day. Thank you for popping in on my blog. It is very nice to meet you....fellow Crusader.

  9. I'm a huge Weaving fan! His voice is perfect for these masked roles. (Like V for Vendetta!)) Couldn't be more excited to see Cap this summer!

    Fellow Crusader,


  10. Lots of fun stuff here--thanks for putting it all in one place!

  11. Seriously? A tire serial killer? Is this a modern day Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

    I remember when we first saw the preview for The Postman, starring Kevin Costner. My friend and I were SURE it must be a joke. It wasn't!

  12. Yeah, the critiques were perhaps a wee bit harsh, but not as harsh as other critiques I've got in the past, so I was pretty okay with them :D I just find it a bit annoying that my character, who's had that name for 10+ years, is now competing with an anime/manga character :P oh well.

  13. I loved Hugo in both movies. His characters were so different. His red skull is awesome here.

    Thing one and thing two live in my house . .

    I guess Rubber could be a spoof off Stephen King's Trucks, or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I guess I'll pass on that one.

    Wizarding school sounds cool. What will they think up next.


  14. Wait that's a movie that ISN'T staying on the SyFy channel? Sadly, ever since the name change their stuff has gone downhill. Not hat it was on much of a hill to begin with. Oh Dune, how you mislead me to place trust in a deceptive network.

  15. Shmidt, I really loved the SyFy's production of Children of Dune. The SyFy channel still has two shows that I watch. The first is Merlin and the second is the American adaptation of Being Human. Merlin airs on Friday while Being Human debuts on Monday after a rundown of the previous week's episode. I TiVo Merlin while watching Supernatural. As a side note, Children of Dune was the first time I'd seen James McAvoy who has since become a pretty big star in America. He was in Wanted with Angelina Jolie and is starring in the prequel X-Men movie slated this summer as an extremely young Charles Xavier. Also, from my understanding of reading the spoilers for the movie, it is strongly hinted that the characters of Xavier (Professor X) and Lensher (Magneto) are in a homosexual relationship. I find this groundbreaking in so many ways as far as Hollywood's acceptance and treatment of gay characters who are now finally being represented as positive role models in the embodiment of superheroes.

  16. Hi Michael

    Very entertaining post :)

    Where did you find these little wonders!

    Now then, you are invited to a "dinner party" for Crusader Group 14 over at my blog.

    Writes of Passage

    Come and join in!


  17. Had to share the bit about Miley and Justin with my wife and brother. Gold. I'm still chuckling.

  18. Okay, that Grey School of Wizardry sounds kinda odd...

    Anyhoo, I ♥ Dr Seuss!

    PS. I would like to point out that I am a woman and I thought The Matrix was a brilliant movie!

  19. My first manuscript was HP influenced. It had a wizarding school with four houses based on earth, air, fire, and water. I can't believe that school stole my idea I stole from J.K. Rowling!

  20. I have twins that we call Thing 1 and Thing 2 and yes it does seem like they are on meth sometimes! I loved this unusual news article on SF!

  21. Woo hoo Rachel...I loved the Matrix too. /high five.

    Theresa: I'm in shock as well. :P

    Margo: That's funny you call your kids "Thing 1" and "Thing 2". I'll try to write one article a week that has sci-fi news.

    Oh and for those of you that cannot wait for "Rubber" to hit theaters, I noticed it's "On Demand" right now and you can watch it. 80 minutes long so a short viewing.

  22. Interesting stuff...I may have to look into the real life Hogwart's, lol!

  23. You've just won an award! Stop by my blog to see it :)

  24. Was crying toward the end of the trailer. Seriously. End of hope for man-kind. ;-)

    As for Hugo Weaving, he was V in V for Vendetta too. Not that that would help people to recognise him. Love his voice, though.

    And yes, as you see, I have finally found your blog. ;-P

  25. OMG, that Wizarding School is crazy! Total cash grab, but the idea is much older than Rowling. I'm sure that most Wiccans would be sickened to be associated with such an obvious Ponzy Scheme!