Monday, January 25, 2021

Godzilla versus King Kong is the kind of hot garbage I'm really looking forward to seeing multiple times.

With the emergence of the Godzilla vs King Kong trailer from Legendary pictures this weekend (it will be released on streaming and in theaters at the same time on March 26 on HBO Max), I'm reminding myself why I love these stupid movies.

1) Modern military aircraft have weapons that destroy their targets at a range of miles and fly faster than the speed of sound. However, if the fighter planes do not get within grappling range of the kaiju it is just not as fun. I love awesome scenes of giant monsters smashing the jets as they fly by, and the pilots ejecting out seconds before. So please continue to serve up my movie crack cocaine.

2) Despite giant monsters punching each other, it's important that we have human characters to relate to so that we have a plot. I crave narration, perspective, and I like to feel the fear and awe of human characters desperately trying to frame the events of "WTF-ness" that kaiju inspire.

3) Aren't King Kong and Godzilla both kinda heroes in the perspective movies?'s hoping that there is a third kaiju like MechaGhidorah that appears that allows both of them to set aside their differences respectfully (think Batman vs. Superman) and team up to beat on a third kaiju and maybe destroy a big city in the process. I love my destruction porn.

4) What is that thing flying above Kong's shoulder in the trailer? Is that a flying saucer?

5) I think Kong made an axe using one of Godzilla's dorsal fins. That's how he's able to redirect the energy of Godzilla's own fusion blast. Do you guys see that in the trailer? Does it look like that to you?

All in all, this movie looks like hot garbage. Which means I'm going to watch it immediately upon release and probably see it multiple times.


  1. That was my wife's first comment after seeing the trailer - didn't Godzilla save them in the last two movies? Why is he the bad guy now? (Followed by - Where are all the other monsters that were in the last movie?)
    At least the trailer makes it plausible that Kong might hold his own against Godzilla. In the old one, he should've lost quickly - ape flambe.

  2. Kong is the older character and American not Japanese in origin so he would be the hero. Since I have HBO Max right now I'd probably watch it.

  3. I still haven't been able to make time to watch the last godzilla movie.