Monday, April 17, 2017

Star Wars Rebels is already over.

Well that's a disappointment. At Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Disney announced that the upcoming fourth season of Star Wars Rebels will be its last. I'm disappointed, only because I rather liked Star Wars Rebels. It had interesting connections with the universe at large, introduced us to the screen version of Grand Admiral Thrawn, drew connections to the movies, and allowed us to revisit beloved characters like Wedge Antilles (he's so goofy that it's pretty adorable).

The trailer (which I embedded below) for the upcoming fourth season is pretty heavy. But maybe Star Wars is at its best when the stakes are high and everything is falling apart. When Rebels first launched, I had my concerns that it would never live up to the growth I saw in Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Cartoon Network. But Rebels established itself pretty quickly as a show willing to commit to its premise and conflict especially in the back half of each season. Yeah, it was kind of goofy as a kid's show is aught to be, but it also got serious when it needed to (like in the showdown fight between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano--a character arc that was literally seven years in the making).

The most interesting character by far has been Kanan, mostly due to the fact that he's basically a fallen Jedi, and the Jedi are very interesting plot devices. However, Sabine has really grown on me, and her Mandalorian connections and the fact that she has the darksaber is quite cool. I also like the influences from Princess Mononoke that obviously made their way into this trailer for the fourth season.

I'm also still convinced that Ezra will end up being Snoke at some point. I guess we'll see.

Maybe by ending this series in season four, it means that the last season will be spectacular. Let's hope Disney gives it the sendoff that it deserves.


  1. Sorry it's ending after only four seasons. Hopefully that means it's going out on a high note.

  2. Don't know much about this. If you enjoyed it, I'm sorry it's concluding.

  3. Hopefully, it's just transitioning to a new series, as with Clone Wars to Rebels.

  4. Have they established any ties with Rogue One yet? That might be interesting. I don't have Disney XD so I haven't been able to watch much of it but maybe at some point it'll be streaming somewhere and I can binge it.

  5. I'm sorry you're losing this show. I don't watch it myself, but I enjoyed the last two majorly Star Wars flicks. I can see why they're addictive for fans.

  6. The ending point will be the beginning of Rogue One and because of that it wasn't long ago that many people were worried that season 3 might be the last. I've really liked where the show has gone this year but it is starting to feel a little hemmed in the closer we get to 'A New Hope'. Just like the Clone's/Anakin's betrayal underpinned everything in Clone Wars, the fact that Luke being the only living Jedi in Episode V is doing the same to Rebels (unless they retrofit 'there is a another to mean Ezra').

    From everything I've read, they are ending Rebels to move the story forward after Episode VI. Of course everything depends on ratings but I think a big market is out there for more of these. The great part is there are more questions than answers between VI and VII and that gives the showrunner creative freedom that neither Rebel's nor CloneWars ever enjoyed.