Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Last night's episode of the Flash was a whirlwind of Earth-2 awesome and doppelgangers and Easter eggs and all the comic book love.

WARNING: Spoilers are everywhere!

You know those weird episodes that inevitably occur in a science fiction series where "Kirk gets to meet 'opposite universe' Kirk" (for lack of a better example)? The Flash's insane dynamic allows that to happen all of the time if the writers want to, and it's absolutely brilliant.

Tuesday night's episode of The Flash was the funnest one yet because the whole Earth-2 thing allows the cast to step into roles that they normally would not be able to do. Caitlyn Snow, Cisco, and Firestorm were all evil. And Barry? He was a complete adorkable C.S.I. married to his true love Iris. But let me re-iterate that Cisco was evil! How cool is that?

I loved the doppelganger of Cisco (code-named "Reverb") because 1) he may have been a villain but he was a villain with a certain kind of geeky style, and 2) he was so much more powerful than his alter ego "Vibe." This is going to open up so much potential for the character as (for the first time) Cisco realizes he's got some awesome powers only hinted at in Reverb's monologue. I for one want to know more about how he could short out someone's nervous system and the whole telekinetic push thing he did to the Flash was pretty awesome too (so yeah, more on that please).

Oh and we saw Supergirl! I know the news broke that there was going to be a Flash/Supergirl crossover coming, but it made me squee to see Supergirl in the actual vortex/portal leading to Earth-2.
On Barry Allen's phone were labels that said, "Bruce, Hal, and Diana." If you don't know, those are the alter ego names of "Batman", "Green Lantern", and "Wonder Woman!!!" I just about had a nerdgasm.

And finally, Caitlyn Snow is one step closer to creating "Velocity 9." Now in the comics, Velocity 9 was created by the magic-using Vandal Savage (who is an awesome Legends of Tomorrow villain--that guy is bad ass). However, in the CW's version it could just about be anything that they want. It is interesting that they are going to introduce it though, and I'm excited about the results.

It truly is official: the CW is my FAVORITE channel.


  1. That's because the major networks can't put together a great show to save their life anymore.
    That episode was awesome. The brief glimpse of Supergirl - awesome! Another show I am enjoying. DC is finally getting their act together.

  2. I don't normally watch that show, but I flipped through and saw one of the scenes and stayed. it was good!


  3. I'm not sure why you would want a phone that can only call six people.

    1. Who else do you need to call aside from mom, dad, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern?

    2. Did you notice his full name is Bartholomew as in Bart Allen? Does that mean he'll get super speed too?

    3. Actually, I didn't notice that. Another Easter Egg!

  4. We're a week behind, but now I'm stoked to watch this episode. We love the CW too.

  5. Glad to hear you're enjoying this program as much as you are.

  6. CW is one of my favorites too. I love the 100. Flash is fun. And the Legends of Tomorrow is starting out all right too.

  7. I had to watch it online because in Jamaica channel TV J bought the exclusive viewing rights. Worse they're showing the first Season. I mean seriously and at 5:30 pm?

    Anyway I loved this episode so much! I really wished that Reverb was not killed. Killer Frost was amazing. Flash should have found a way to pull apart the tech so Stein would separate therefore ending Firestorm on Earth 2 but alas. Barry got a real head scratcher with police Iris, marriage and Joe hating him among other things. I love watching Emergency Awesome's channel on Youtube to get his thoughts on the episodes after I see this. You Mike are my fave blogger on the subject. :)

  8. Sorry but I don't watch this show--but maybe I'll check out this episode (I've got On Demand) to learn about the characters. Last night I pretty much just watched the returns on the New Hampshire caucus, which tells you how boring I am.

  9. Flash has been killing it lately. Reverb looked so cool I had to do a doubletake to make sure it was the same person. The contrast between the geeky Cisco vs the cool Reverb shows just how much different a makeup artist and a good hair stylist can do for a character. I wonder if Cisco is going to adopt that look for his 'alter ego'. It seems like the Cisco thing to do.

    I really liked Iris in the story too which shows the issues with her character are definitely how she is written and not the actor. I really hope they give her more to do in the future.

    My only disappointment was Killer Frost as she felt one dimensional but I expect she will be the key focus in the next few episodes. Anyone that knows the comics knows there are some consequences coming due to Zoom's actions last night.

    CW is definitely killing it. Do you watch iZombie? I love that show too (its essentially Veronica Mars with zombies).

  10. I had to skip this post earlier as I was behind on my TV viewing (had a bit of a migraine). I did enjoy the Cisco thing. Hoping he figures out his awesome powers sooner now rather than later.

    Loved having Joe as a singer. I bet he loved getting a chance to sing, too. Reminded me that he used to do Broadway. Totally reminds me of hearing someplace, back when he was on Law & Order, how he and Jerry Orbach (who also did musical theater) used to compare notes. I wonder if they sang together on breaks in filming.

    I got the feeling, though, that alterna-Barry was kind of a jerk. Selfish. And locked into his own sort of way of thinking. Should be interesting next week when we meet him. I don't think we're going to like him much.