Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Godzilla isn't fat. He's curvy.

Seriously, I don't know why Japanese fans have been so vocal about this, but apparently Godzilla is too fat. I guess it's a moot point to say that no one can escape fat-shaming. Jennifer Lawrence recently got called a "fat actress." Chris Christie sees no end to fat jokes. The Time cover of him featured his profile and read "The Elephant in the Room."
So why should Godzilla be any different? One Japanese fan said, "When I finally saw Godzilla, I was a bit taken aback." Other fans called him a "Godzilla deluxe" or that (because it's an American reboot) that he'd visited the "super size me" portions made famous in America cuisine.

I know this sounds funny that I'd be using Godzilla to explain my point of view on this topic, but the thing is, I hate fat shaming. I've been a target of it all my life, and I think overweight people are discriminated against constantly.

It's really easy to blame fat people for their own lack of control. But a lot of us have other health issues going on e.g. metabolism or insulin production. I also think there's a lack of fat characters as heroes in fictional stories. Author Pat Dilloway has a fat girl in one of his books that I've read, but she isn't exactly a hero. It makes me ask, "Why couldn't she be a hero?"

Godzilla may be fat, but he's a hero. I think there's plenty to be proud of in seeing a fat Godzilla.


  1. LOL. Love the cartoon. Didn't realize people were giving Godzilla a hard time over his size. And I agree we are obsessed with body size. It's such a playground bully mentality.

  2. In the 4th book Becky switches bodies with Emma and gets to be the hero, but I suppose that's not quite the same thing.

    I really don't like "big is beautiful" PC campaigns. As you and I both know, being fat is unhealthy and leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. There was a HuffPo article about that recently and I said what I just said and someone was like, "Yeah well people can get those things other ways too." SMH.

    I don't think it's like being gay or being black or something like that where you have no control of it. You choose what you put into your body. It's like alcoholics or drug addicts; most likely no one jammed the Big Mac in your mouth and told you to eat it.

    Anyway, I could go on--and maybe at some point I will--but even as a fat person I don't want fat people role models; it's not something to be proud of.

    Before the next movie Godzilla might want to lay off the fat humans he's been ingesting. But he doesn't look as fat as Affleck in that new Batsuit.

  3. Coincidentally, I ran across this related article this morning. Worth a read.

  4. who was even paying attention to that kind of crap? Why weren't they just watching how badass he was when he was fighting?

  5. I don't like fat shaming either- hate it actually. And I abhor that thin people can be nasty but fat people have to be nice or they'll never get anywhere in this culture and don't even get me started on the beauty culture in general- But poor Godzilla he didn't even eat and he's fat.

  6. Since there's like only one Godzilla, what exactly are we comparing him to?

    People are so ridiculous.

  7. Thanks for the laugh early in my morning. In fact, I laughed several times (Godzilla the finger, and that he's 'curvy'.)

    People will mock skinny people as well, even though that is what some women think is the ideal. My daughter has had to endure that, as she has a chronic illness. People just think she's trying to be thin. She can't keep weight on very easily.

    You gave this a great spin, Michael.

  8. I didn't know Godzilla was being critiqued this way. I'm so sick of the super skinny model being held up as attractive. Healthy covers many different body types.

  9. Godzilla fat?!! If a monster is taking on two monsters, he'd better be big. Who came up with the idea that Godzilla is fat?

  10. @Pat: Let's poke holes in the idea of "choice." With income inequality, more and more of America finds itself in a "class" of society to which they are born. Someone that is in the lower/poverty class rarely rises out of that class. Access to healthy food, education about nutrition, and ability to afford proper meals can result in high body mass percentages. I think reducing the argument to "a fat person just stuffs cinnabons one after another into their mouths" is kind of short-sighted.

  11. I guess I never thought a monster could be considered 'overweight'. He's a monster. And pretty cool.

    I think people are way to judgy about things that don't matter. Judging on appearance is so snap and shortsighted. I don't get why we always have to find things to say that belittle people. It's too easy.

    Zilla should be judged on badassedness [yes that's a word], an actor on acting, Christie on governing. And people's idea of 'fat' is really off.

  12. Godzilla just looks ill-defined in the trailers I've seen. I liked the look of the creature more in the last film. But I still intend to give this movie a chance.

  13. Godzilla looks huge and terrifying and brilliant! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I quite literally pause whatever I'm doing when a trailer comes on the TV just so I can watch and get excited=)

    Also, there is a book that has a "fat" hero... Rae Carson's Girl of Fire and Thorns series features a girl who is quite overweight. She does lose some of it due to circumstances, but she never makes it to "thin." It's a great series and one I'd highly recommend.

    @Pat- I hate to tell you this, but fat people (as you call yourself) can fat shame people too. Sometimes there is no choice. Even living an active lifestyle, there are people who are incapable of losing weight due to health issues. No matter how much I exercise and how little I eat, I cannot lose weight. Just because others can, doesn't mean everyone can. Do some research and you'll see.

  14. On a related note, it's the big food companies that have the public right where they want them. Using money to "convince" government to help them sell their crap is the worrying part.

    We recently banned fast food adverts during kids' shows over here. The outcry! Freedom of choice, nanny state, Big Brother.

    They'd kill us in our sleep if they thought it's make them a profit.


  15. I actually have a lot to say on this topic. Fat does not equal unhealthy. There are unhealthy thin people and healthy overweight people.

    It's another case of "walk a mile in my shoes". And I'm not making any coherent sense, so I'll end this here.

  16. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can't comment on his weight. Guess he might need to go on a diet.

  17. When I saw the trailer all I thought was how Godzilla was SO BIG, as in monster big. I didn't think fat.

    People who think all chunky folks are out of shape or unhealthy should check out my fencing club. They'll see all body types in there (except for super skinny), and the deadliest fencers can be shaped any which way.

    And Mike, my dear -- I know you read the New York Times, so you likely saw that article "Always Hungry? Here's Why." It pointed out how there's an absolute link between excessive weight gain in this country and too many refined carbohydrates, which are everywhere, and how the "experts" have been wrong for decades: it's not about calorie counting or calorie restriction, but what KIND of foods we've been eating. It also doesn't help that crap like corn syrup is in almost everything and that much of our food is processed.

    As for portly literary heroes: The only one I can think of is Hercule Poirot. Maybe Maigret?

  18. I always thought Godzzie was a lady who protects her eggs and babies .... I'm also shocked she didn't visit us over here... we have so much radiation from US bombs and uranium from their missiles... she would've loved it here...