Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest by Alex J. Cavanaugh

Today, I am participating in Alex J. Cavanaugh's Genre Favorites Blogfest. I would have forgotten about this one, but Alex reminded me to do it on Friday. I try to be organized, but I am nowhere near as organized as Alex is. He's definitely someone I look up to in our community.

This festival is pretty easy. You list three of your favorite genres and then a guilty pleasure from one of the three categories.

In books, I like Speculative Fiction.

In movies, I like Speculative Fiction.
Why do I like speculative fiction? Because it allows me to see things
like this dragon. This is my original artwork done with acrylic paint on
illustration board. Copyright Michael Offutt (but if you like it, go ahead
and use it). I don't care. :) Click to embiggen. And yes, I still think I suck
at art, but I keep trying just like with my writing. I call this painting
"Wings by Night" as if that weren't obvious.
Music, however, is a little harder to define. I like jazz (especially live), classical, songs used in musicals (which tend to be all over the place), rock, techno, soul, R&B, and pop. The only music that I can't get into is any rap that is not done by Eminem and then everything in the Country genre. I don't know why Eminem resonates with me. He just does, and I own all his albums.

My guilty pleasure is pop music because I know it's looked down upon by adults. But when I'm in the car by myself, I totally can rock out to Lady Gaga and Katie Perry. But as I have gotten older, I listen to more jazz than anything. I can't stand radio with all it's commercials, and more often than not, my radio is tuned to NPR. The only music I can write to is classical. All others are too obtrusive.

If you haven't heard of Alex, please go by his blog located HERE. He's a great guy to get to know. And despite having almost 2000 followers, the dude gets around. I have no idea how he does it.


  1. You are such a good artist! Seriously, Michael, I am so impressed with the level of art you can create, and not just because I myself barely evolved beyond drawing stick figures. I'd love to see more of your paintings and drawings.

    As for genres -- I'm pretty much all over the place in my tastes. I love R&B, classical, some pop, some old-fashioned rock, and soul. But not rap, and as for jazz I mostly just like the big band 1940's stuff. I've even developed a serious liking for Sinatra and Tony Bennett type songs. And Ella Fitzgerald.

    As for fiction: I'm now reading science fiction thanks to you and Alex. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars and love the movies, but somehow I never read scifi books until now. Then there's historical fiction, thrillers, Shakespeare, stuff by the likes of Dickens and Twain, and now I'm liking paranormal stuff too, such as Ciara Knight's works (of course) and Charlaine Harris.

    So yeah, I'm all over the place when it comes to genres.

  2. Nothing wrong with pop music! I love me a bit of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry!

  3. Seriously <3 your artwork.

    Have you seen mine lately?
    o_O <==sample

    And I'm trying to picture you belting out Katy Perry. Awesome.

  4. I love your artwork too! And many of your favorite stuff echo my own. I guess great minds think alike? Heh.

  5. I really love that picture! You definitely do NOT suck at art. I'm about to write my post for this blogfest too, but it's made me realise I don't really have genre favourites!

  6. Great dragon! Like you whn it comes to music I enjoy most everything except country western and rap. Not much of a fan for Rav music either :) Great thing that Alex remined us about this blogfest. I almost forgot as well.

    Siv Maria's blog, Been there, done that...

  7. Well, somehow Pop music is a shock to me; but classical isn't. And you already know I think your artwork is awesome.


    Oh; and the Shannara TV series hopefully won't disappoint me like Sword of Truth did. Knowing the way movies producers work; it'll probably be more geared towards the Knight of the Word series (which later ties in) than the Ohmsfords lineage.


  8. I think you're a fine artist!
    Can't handle country music? Good for you. I can't either.
    Second person to name pop music this morning. (Although Jamie said specifically 80's pop.)
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  9. I love your picture. You seriously don't suck.

  10. That picture is amazing. I admit though I did have to look up speculative fiction!

  11. I've also grown to love pop music. LOVE IT. Used to think it was garbage, now I blast it in the car.

  12. I'm having fun reading these posts. I love your painting. I second that comment about not knowing how Alex gets around like he does.

  13. Hey,

    Dude. That painting rocks the bloody house.

    Seriously!!! I can't even do stick stars or columns, let alone a dragon and a hot princess-type peep :)

    PS... Next time in the car, try "beautiful people" by Benny Benassi... it's up there with Katy's "Firework." :)

  14. a lot of things are looked down on by "adults!"
    i dont want to grow up that way! rock on!

  15. Your artwork blows me away. Pop music? I love it! And I LOve me some Pit Bull. Dale! (let's go in Spanish and what he says in every song)

  16. Your art work is fantastic! So much muscle definition! You should be proud!

  17. Really, another stupid blogfest? Argh.

  18. guilty pleasure... my head held low... cool stuff, great stuff up until lady what, katie who? ashamed... i say good day!

    no good day!

    kidding i think...

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  19. I have Lady Gaga on my iPod and I'm (mostly) not ashamed to admit it.

    And I don't know how Alex does it either. But it is impressive.

  20. I didn't know you were an artist, too (well, a writing artist, yes, but not an acrylic one). Awesome picks, sir. :)

  21. Congratulations on Slipstream! Stunning art work.

  22. My wife buys and listens to a lot of pop music. Since the songs are already on my computer, I don't have to feel so guilty. Haha. Fun choices!

  23. Your artwork is easily of a professional standard. I'd put it on the cover of my book.

    Moody Writing

  24. YOU ARE INSANE... YES, YOU!!!!!!

    Your art is AMAZING. Take it from a fellow artist.

    Nothing wrong with a little cranked up POP in the car!

    Jazz is so cool to put you in another world. I haven't listened to it in ions... Time to jazz out..

  25. Speculative fiction? You don't say!

    I did not know about this blogfest, although I probably wouldn't have done it anyway. *Hasn't paid attention to music since 1994, so has no idea what genre she would put.*

  26. Artwork = Awesome

    Pop Music - OK, but I some have some on the playlist too.

    Not much for the radio or the TV either.

  27. Dunno why you think your art sucks, but from the POV of the uneducated, you stuff is awesome. I didn't have to embiggen (Had to find a way to use that word!) I could see it just fine.

    Ya know, I have no idea what Lady Gags say in any of the music she makes. Lazy of me, I know. But them you know I'm a dinosaur.

  28. Holy Cats! Another superhuman talent?!

    FanFreakinTastic artwork, Michael. Yowza.

    I can relate on the Lady Gaga thing. But I feel like I need to apologize when I tell people I listen to her.

  29. Wish I'd signed up for this blogfest-it seems fun. But I'l chime in anyway. Yes, there's nothing more entertaining than speculating about the future. And the reason why I like Eminem's music is that the lyrics are clever and deep (well, most of them). Nine Mile was awesome. I'll probably take some heat for this, but what the hoo.

  30. I love jazz too, when the mood strikes.

    I was sick most of the weekend, so I was in bed reading SLIPSTREAM. You are a f___ing genius.

    Seriously. One of the best books I've read all year. Normally, I like my speculative fiction to be pure escapism. And to some degree, Slipstream satisfies that.

    But you force me to really get cerebral. I'm pretty sure I only caught maybe 50% of the literary and mythological allusions - but WOW. You've written a very robust book. Just incredible

    And heck, that's only after reading Part I.

  31. Wow your art is really amazing! You should post more of the stuff. And Alex is pretty cool.

  32. LOVE the dragon. Almost a Larry Elmore quality to it.

    Great list!

    Tim Brannan

  33. I have no idea how he does it either. I'm with you on boycotting radio - I prefer my "mix" CDs.

  34. Wow. You are an amazing artist. I have no artistic talent at all, so I'm highly impressed by people who can draw/paint. Great dragon pic!

    And I generally hate rap but I LOVE Eminem. I too own everything he's ever made. He's so insanely talented. I am following your blog just because you love him. haha

    And spec fiction rocks!

  35. A little bit of soft jazz is a great sound for the evening :) Excellent piece of art too, good skills Michael :)

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  36. I like seeing your art work. Makes me wish you would've shared it sooner.

  37. Hehe, for music I thought you were going to put speculative too. Although I'm not sure what speculative music would be.

    And I want that painting. You did a completely awesome job with it. It's amazing!

  38. I like me some Katy Perry, too! Such a creative person!! :)

  39. How can you think you suck at art? how does Alex get around to so many blogs/

  40. I like different kinds of music, but not techno. It makes me feel like I'm going to have a seizure. It's my kryptonite.

  41. I have no idea how you do it. You're all over the place when I go to visit the blogs I like.

    I would have thought you would have said sci-fi (or is it more hip to say syfy?). Cheers!

  42. I'm off to viit this guy. You're the second blog I read who mentions him.

  43. O_O Someone didn't go to Alex's blog? How?

    *shakes head to clear the flabberghastedness* I like your painting. :-)

    I must say jazz is the one music genre I never really got into, although I like the rat-pack's music.

  44. I have no idea why you think you're a poor artist. Of they small trickle of things I've seen you put up, they've all been wonderful. Of course, thinking you suck at something probably means that you try harder at it. So that might be why you are so good. Because you think you're bad.

  45. You are an amazing artist. You are so multi talented. You have quite a gift.

  46. Hello, Michael. It's been a while. How are you doing, Sir? Thanks for joining the blogfest.


  47. My first time here. *waving hello*
    You are an amazing artist!
    It's great to connect with another jazz lover!!

  48. Dude, "Wings by Night" is amazing. I'm especially enjoying the work you did to show the reflection on the floor...that strikes me as stunning attention to detail I can only envy.
    Some Dark Romantic

  49. I think your artwork is fantastic!

    We agree on music. All the way, it seems. I have Eminem's albums, as well. Though I did like "classic" rap before it became gangsta' rap.

    My Genre Favorites & Guilty Pleasures