Monday, June 13, 2011

Skyrim From E3

I watched a little of E3 on G4 this weekend and there's some exciting stuff coming out. However, nothing looks as good as the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which is set to come out just before Christmas this year. The graphics in this game are seriously jaw-dropping. You can walk everywhere in the world that they've created and there's so much detail that the world looks real. I mean, you can examine individual plants if you want to. Additionally, dragons can swoop down on you at random (they are each programmed with their own types of behavior so you never know what they are going to do) and you can choose what weapons go in each hand (and gain more powerful spells if you use both hands to cast the same one). Plus there's over a hundred individually hand-crafted dungeons and dragon words that you can use once you've killed a dragon (and thus unlocked them).

The preview for this game is truly jaw-dropping. If you like games and you like fantasy, I totally think you should watch this whole thing through (Yes I know it's 14 minutes long but if you like games you should have no problem with sitting and watching 14 minutes of the most mind-blowing fantasy game walk through you've ever seen) and be excited for it as I am. My XBox 360 is going to get a workout come fall and what an exciting one it will be. I agree with the announcer at the end of the video that it may just be game of the year.

Also for those of you waiting for a breath of Diablo III...I guess Blizzard was completely silent on this project at E3.


  1. I agree, that game looks AMAZING. I really enjoyed Oblivion, and this looks better in every way. I'm also really excited for Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, Batman AC, and Twisted Metal.

    So many great games coming out this year!

  2. My thought on all of these things is "wake me when it comes out." I especially hate car shows with all these "cars of the future" that you never see again except maybe in a museum. Stop raising my hopes already!

    Of course I don't have an XBox 360 or PS3 anyway.

  3. You know I'm feeling a good game. And excellent graphics? Yeah I'm there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds interesting. For some reason I could never get into Oblivion which is surprising because that's my favorite type of game. It could be because I got it on the Xbox and just didn't like using a gamepad vs a mouse and keyboard on the PC.

    I'm sure Blizzard is pushing hard to get Diablo out this year. Last year they had both Starcraft/WoW:Cataclysm launch and Diablo is their only shot at a game this year. You know Activision is pushing Blizzard for a Diablo release in '11 because the rest of the company will struggle to make up that income without it. No CEO likes to tell his investors they are going to have lower profits. I hope Blizzard sticks to their mantra of only releasing the game when it is done. This game will be a good barometer of how much influence Activision has over the creative team at Blizzard.

  5. Bless whoever was on the team behind Assassin's Creed that said "Let's allow the user to go ANYWHERE on the map." No invisible walls. No nothing. You want to go inside this guys house? You can go in. I want to hug this person whenever this EXACT SAME CONCEPT concept pops up in other games.

    ...and second what Kevin said about Diablo III. Come on they had teaser footage LAST YEAR! What are they waiting on?!

  6. Mike, I am definitely looking forward to Skyrim; and expect to thoroughly enjoy it. I'm in the same boat with Rogue. No teasing... just deliver already!

    Hello Kevin. May I please join you in your alternate, Utopian reality where Blizzard only releases games when they are done?

    Steph, a fully interactive environment? Assasin's Creed? I'd never get through the story. Would probably spend all my time in "that guys" house. I still try and enter every building in GTA IV, only to be met with the disappointment of running into a painted wall.

  7. This game looks pretty cool. My cable server stopped airing G4 though and that makes me sad. :(

  8. Dude; you just made my Christmas list complete. I have one who plays on PC and the other on X-box, and they're both vowing to remind me of the release.



  9. E.J.: 2011 is a good year for games.

    Mutt: I own an Xbox and a Wii although I don't do the things with my Wii that you do with yours...

    D.U.: Games are the graphical equivalent of a novel in my opinion.

    Kevin: I think the reason you didn't get into Oblivion was because you were raiding hardcore with Requiem at the time and working 40-hours a week...just sayin...

    Steph: Blizzard has so much power and arrogance that they seem to be able to release games whenever they want without any kind of backlash from fans. It's kind of a strange phenomenon...

    Tomeka: We shall be playing Skyrim the day it comes out :)

    Alyson: Sorry to hear that about your cable server. That's a definite frowny face.

    Donna: hehe glad to be of help.

    Thank you for stopping by :))))

  10. @Tomeka - You should join me in Kev-World where everything is sunshine and happiness! I think all that time with Mod and Brut rubbed off you you :P

    No doubt Blizz has slipped a bit in recent years. Starcraft2 was released without many of the features in Starcaft(where's my chat?) but the single player game was still solid. Cataclysm was a far bigger project than anticipated and at some point they realized to do it right would have taken another year so they launched it as is. Both games were still 90% complete on the content people cared about when shipped. Before those games Blizzard had a pretty good track record and for me the quality of D3 will prove if Blizz is the same company that cancelled a nearly completed game because it wasn't up to their standards.

  11. The preview that Tomeka and I had of D3 at Blizzcon in 2009 was really fun. I just have no idea what is taking them so long and hope that you are right, Kev, about them putting it out later this year.

  12. This looks so fucking awesome. I literally spent like a whole year playing Oblivion, so I'm salivating for this one.