Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Know Your Subject Thoroughly Before You Write About It :)

It seems like this would be common sense, but...

One might ask...really?  /facepalm

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. I love, love, love the hamster pic. Just had to tell you that.

    Lynnette Labelle

  2. OOOOOOHMG! Really? is this real? no way... *giggles herself into a coma*


  3. More like head desk. Poor silly naive mom.

  4. There was a movie, the title escapes me, that had an old lady wearing thunder beads as a necklace. Hilarious! Might I add, my mind has been in the gutter lately. The title of your post today reminded me of yesterday's post. I proceeded to scold myself for such lewd thoughts until I read and realized I wasn't that far off.

    I really hope this was a joke. Thanks!

  5. Laura,

    That was the Patrick Dempsey film Made of Honor.... The brides grandmother thought it was a cool necklace.


    This post is hysterical... how could mom NOT raise an eyebrow....

    Well, Michael I just followed....

    I don't know if you're aware, but the cute little character in my comments, which I am always happy to see, is missing from my followers. I would LOVE to see him there.



  6. The actual post on Craig's List was real as far as I know. But I thought it was a funny way to illustrate one of my pet peeves...and that is a writer writing about stuff they don't know about. Example: Writer A says "My main character is a hockey player". Okay...that's fine...do you know about hockey? Do you know what a slapshot is? Do you know what a power play is? Do you know how it's scored, how many periods there are, etc. If the answer is no to this stuff then DON'T MAKE YOUR PRIMARY CHARACTER a hockey player until you understand what it is you're writing about.

  7. That is way too funny! You're right though, a little research never hurt anyone and will save a lot more pain later on.

  8. Oh no! I hope I'm never that clueless. At least in public.

  9. I admit I stared at the picture for several seconds, going "What? I don't get it...Oh! My! Crap! Really!"

    Moms should know when their child is really embarrassed about something, they should be super suspicious.

    It is always a good idea to (spend hours on the internet reading about everything and anything from wormholes and quantum mechanics to interior design and painting) do research.

  10. This is why I went w/ an extreme write-what-you-know approach for my first novel attempt. I live in fear of making an error as atrocious as this one.
    Although I think this is fake :P