Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Heroes Part 1-Celebrating America's Greatness

My friends, I've a confession to make.

I have real-life heroes and I'm going to introduce you to one of them. 

She has a book deal...which is more than I've accomplished. And I've read the Agent blogs and stuff online.  I know that to get a book deal, you need to write a million words just to get the garbage out of the way.  You must write every day. You must hone your craft. You must sacrifice and edit, edit, edit. Because when your query goes across an Agent's desk, you get one chance.  That's it... one chance at brilliance. Some people make it...some people don't.  We should celebrate those that do.  So I'm celebrating one here.

She is my first hero.

She goes by B(ee) Palin--so cool, yo!

She made over $345,000 from being on "Dancing With The Stars".

If you're thinking of booking her to speak at your school or engagement, this is how it might go as she rubs elbows with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from "The Jersey Shore" another person that's worked really really hard to be where he is. I'm pretty sure...he could get a book deal $$$$ too.

This goes to show you that maybe... just maybe... if you haven't been published yet, you've been going about it all wrong.  I mean...there's no way that an agent or a publishing house would have accepted bad writing from her, right?  No way at all. So yeah...get to work!

I hope to show you more of my heroes in the future :) Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oye vey, why do people actually pay these kinds of outrageous fees?! Motivational speakers don't really work on kids in school anyway.

  2. Love it. I was afraid you were going to go the mushy "Bart's People" route here and then was pleasantly surprised.

    You're right that the best way in these days to get a book deal is to be a reality "star" or have an infamous tryst with a celebrity.

  3. I couldn't make it through the entire video before my brain started dribbling out my left ear...

  4. Ugh! Isn't it aggravating? I find it more annoying that people will actually BUY it. They wouldn't publish unless they could make money (snookie-really?).

  5. As my parents always said "Life isn't fair, so get over it". My thinking is, if it comes too easy, you can loose it too fast. I don't think we'll be seeing these kids or their money around years from now. Good post today!

  6. This is actually an affirmation that the free market system is alive and well and living in America. She's offering a service, and people are willing to pay her for it. Inherent value is not required in this equation - merely what the market will bear.

  7. Well and also that there really is a double standard. I'm not complaining about it at all...just poking fun at it really. As writers, we have to have a very thick skin because we get criticized the heck out of which can have a lasting impact on our self-esteem. Mostly the goal of my post is to have everyone step back and realize that if there were three books that were going to be published this year by publisher A...slots one and two would get filled by famous people without even checking to see if they can spell their name, and the last slot would be filled by someone from a huge pool that worked super hard and may have been told "you suck" repeatedly...only in different words.

  8. I totally agree with Julia. Hope I make it to last slot this year :)

    New follower...


  9. HA! Thought you were being serious to honor a true writer. Then I got to the word "Palin".

    You read a similar post of mine. When did we start doing this whole thing backwards? Famous first - then write (or ghostwrite).

    Can't wait for Part II.

  10. I was a big fan of B. Palin on Dancing with the Stars. She's likable. I hope some day to get published and make lots of money, too. Until then, yes sir, I will write.

  11. I'm not entirely sure if you're being sarcastic or not. XD

  12. The last time I was at the bookstore I noticed that half the books on the new release section were written by famous (or semi-famous) people. I kept thinking 'is this what the book industry has become?' Of course it's all about making money in the end and famous people sell so I really don't blame them.