Thursday, February 10, 2011

Font Fail

As a writer, I pose the question:  Does it really matter what font is used on your manuscript?

Answer:  Yes, it most certainly does!

O.o (If you're having trouble seeing what I'm talking about, the "F" and the "I" kinda blend together in the word "Final".

Oh my... I'm glad this wasn't sponsored by a church.

Happy Thursday!


  1. LOL, I can't believe nobody noticed that before it got printed up!

  2. All right, I'll follow the blog... but I'm not gonna play softball this year.

  3. Awesome! "Hello, I'm here to register my anus!"

  4. When I was googling images for today's post, I came across one that was really bad. It was a video store called "MegaFlicks" only the "i" and the "l" were so close together font-wise that they appeared as a "u". /facepalm

  5. Okay, read through your blog and couldn't resist commenting on this one... :P Where?? oh Where do you get these from? these are as good(or bad) as Eric's daily joke updates!
    Frosty (just so u know who I am. :P)

  6. This is so funny.

    This is not the only reason you need to be careful with fonts though. There are tons of people out there who have MAJOR dislikes for certain fonts. You would hate to have one of them turn down your manuscript before they even finished reading the title.