Friday, February 18, 2011

What Wonder Woman Can Teach Us About Writing

This post is totally relevant to writing. I promise. It's not just about boys that may have grown up watching Wonder Woman, owning an Easy-Bake oven, or playing with a Barbie Dreamboat.

It has nothing to do with that at all.

Forget the news on Bahrain, forget the news about the economy, or the global food shortage, mass fish deaths, or even...God forbid...Borders declaring bankruptcy.  Yes, my colleagues...there is something more important. A new Wonder Woman series is about to be launched and for the first-time in 30-years, we have someone attempting to fill Lynda Carter's shoes!  All I know about this "someone" is that she's on a show called Friday Night Lights.  Is it any good?  Sadly, I've no idea.

My big question is...can she do it? In order to be objective about this, I'm going to look at what Wonder Woman has given to us writers and leave it up to you.

What she gave us:
1) She taught writers that magic powers were really awesome. She also showed that if we could somehow link magical items to mythology that this was even cooler.  If you ever use magic items in your should totally link them to a mythology. Doing so only adds to your street cred because there is totally someone out there that will think it's real. Of course, they may also think that leprechauns, the devil, and unicorns are real too.
2) She showed us that if your novel is bloated with words, all you got to do is strip away some fluff and BAM! Inside is waiting this voluptious manuscript just waiting to explode.  And think of all the trees you'll save! Honestly, if some of the people I rub elbows with in the online fiction community were to print out their books, entire forests would die. :( <== sadface
3) She taught us that once you have an idea, you should run with it.  She also showed the world that a hero could completely be taken seriously by Americans as long as they wore red, white, and blue underwear. She also showed young famous people that you could sprint and not flop out. In Wonder Woman's world, there is no excuse for a wardrobe malfunction.

4) She showed us to deflect the negative comments of naysayers and people who think we suck. Or to persevere in the hail of bullets peppering us from a lack of any kind of validation from friends or family.

5) She taught us to shoot for the stars.  If we missed, then at least we could put stars on our underpants.  Then if anything, we'd still be popular with the gays and shoe-tapping Republicans in airport restrooms.

6) She showed us that our drab manuscript in the hands of a skilled editor and a little spin is a HOUSE ON FIRE BABY! Or maybe a ball of fire...or a ball of light.  It woulda been cool if that thing would have made scorch marks. Basically though, transformation from drab to kapow is inside all of us.

7) She showed us that the best marketing wasn't really Twitter, blogging, or Facebook.  It was just being so damn cool that they put your face on a frickin' lunchbox. Once you appear on a've made it. This kind of fame totally validates you to join the ranks of "arrogant" author who condescends on others and seeks praise for their genius.

So do you think the new girl can fill Lynda Carter's shoes?

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and reserve judgement until the end of the first season. 

Have a great President's Day weekend.  I'll be back on Monday with more posts.


  1. I only have seen Adrianne Palicki in the television show "Friday Night Lights". You said you've never seen the show. Do yourself a favor and watch it as I think it was one of the best TV shows of the past decade (Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix).

    I must admit that my first reaction when I heard the news Adrianne got the job was "Tyra from FNLs? Really?". After thinking about it a bit I realized my first reaction was because that her look on the show ( wasn't anywhere close to my idealized version of Wonder Woman. I mean Wonder Woman is a brunette not a blonde! From what I've seen, nerds all over the internets had a similar reaction about the choice as I think many were hoping for a Megan Fox clone.

    The thing they forget is the original television show of Wonder Woman was always more about empowerment than about sexuality. The ability to act is the key and anyone that watched Adrianne's Tyra character over the 5 year FNL run certainly can attest to that. The clincher for me was realizing that she's no longer portraying an 18 year old girl but the 27 year old woman she is in real life. Then I saw some recent pictures like this one ( and this one ( Anyone that feels she isn't "hot" enough for the role definitely has unrealistic expectations of beauty and I will be rooting for her success.

  2. Great post. I really enjoyed this. I knew Wonder Woman kicked ass!

  3. I loved Wonder Woman. She was my idol growing up. Seriously, the invisible jet was parked in my backyard. I will have to watch to judge.
    Liked this post.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Kev: Thanks for the great response. I texted you but I know you're probably playing WoW on one of your eighteen toons. I'll try and log on tonight and squeeze you for more information on Friday Night Lights...never watched it. If you say it's interesting though, I'll take a look. I know you and I both agreed on Battlestar Galactica...although you loved Caprica and I hated it and am not sorry at all that it got canceled.

    Laura: "~All the world is waiting for you...and the magic that you do..." Okay that was nerdy...really nerdy.

    Christine: Invisible jet was completely fantabulous.

  5. Heya!

    I'm a fellow crusader stopping by to say hi and to follow you :-)

    xx Rachel

  6. Love Wonder Woman. I am crossing my fingers that she does a good job.

    I also love Battlestar and could not get into Caprica at all. So boring!

    I wear a leather cuff with a rectangular stainless steel thing on my left wrist because I like the balance and symetry with my right watchband. Everyone calls them wonderwoman bracelets. Someday I will stop a bullet and no one will laugh anymore.

    When I first got kinect for xbox, I punched a light out, Wonder Woman style, in my ceiling fan. A loud POP as glass shards rained down on me. I'm sure it looked awesome!...and I'm sure it all applies to writing too.

  7. Haha, that's awesome! Wonder Woman could've taught me a lot... If only I'd been alive when the first series was out.

  8. ROFL I love this post, too funny. Wonder Woman was so awesome. And yes, clearly getting your face on the side of a lunchbox means you've made it: that is now my new goal :)

  9. Hilarious! Have a great weekend!

  10. I seriously don't see Palicki as Wonder Woman and am wondering why Linda Carter doesn't have any of age daughters to fill the role.

  11. post, (although I found it difficult to read, what with Megan Fox continuously ripping her shirt off:)

    "Friday Night Lights" is one of the better dramas currently on the small screen, yet replacing Linda Carter will be a challenge. Regardless of how tiny Adrianne's superhero outfit may be, hugging every curve like a second skin, some things can never be replaced...Linda Carter may be one of them.

    Great post, I'm a fan:)


  12. This post made me smile because I grew up watching Wonder Woman. You also made some really good points about writing in there. I don't know anything about the new girl but I'll probably watch an episode or two of the new show to see how it goes.

  13. What's weird is that Wonder Woman was created by a male psychologist who sort of had a "Big Love" thing going on with his wife and mistress. Very creepy.

  14. I read this out loud to my husband, and we laughed. A lot.

  15. so (and this is the only Wonder Woman factoid I know) when Jodi Picoult wrote the script for the most recent wonder woman graphic novel(s), she requested that they make one small change to the costume: give the bustier straps -- the comic gods that be said no. Just a little support would be nice, make all that running around hurt a lot less.

  16. Mike, I swear you come up with the most unique posts. Thanks for that. I can count on getting a good laugh when I come here (the good kind!!).

    Rane xo

  17. I loved Wonder Woman as a kid. She was of the few female heroes - and a brunette.

    Meghan Fox looks pretty good too.

  18. Hi Fellow Crusader. Loved your take on Wonder Woman and the awesome graphics and action footage. Very cool. I look forward to more. I was not a Wonder Woman fan, just never watched her, but I fancy myself as a Wonder Woman at times. Just need some star underpants. Oh, and a tiara. Oh and I need to look younger and like I am busting out of my costume.
    Forget it, I'm just a baby boomer.

  19. That was a really cute and humorous post. I liked that! By the way, just dropping by to introduce myself as a fellow crusader and new follower. I'm off to tackle challenge #1 now. =)

  20. They both look good. Yanno? *turns unflattering shade of green* :)

  21. Rachel, D.U., Julia: Thanks for stopping by :0.

    Charlie: I’m glad you didn’t get hurt taking out your ceiling fan.

    Devin: That’s what reruns are for :P

    Girl Friday: Woo Hoo…thanks for the compliment.

    Gen Revelation: She did “tweet” “Congrats Adrianne” when she won the role. However, it wasn’t hotly contested…they only had one actress try out for it.

    Elliot: I think you are totally correct.

    Alyson: I read more on the show and apparently, Wonder Woman is going to be a billionaire. It’s going to be interesting indeed.

    Rogue: Doesn’t surprise me…no female would create a character that ran around strapless like that. It’s a male wet dream and to be honest…comic books are dominated by teenage boys so really, you sell to your market, right?

    Rane: Thank you for the compliment :)

    Theresa: Me too.

    Jeanne: I love the lasso that makes you tell the truth. If I only had one of those.

    Raquel: Good luck with challenge #1

    Robyn: Yeah, looking good is the point of actresses I think.

  22. Another thing Wonder Woman taught us about writing we know but sometimes forget- show don't tell. It's all about action, action, and more action.

    Love your blog! Thanks so much for following mine:

    I'm following you too.

  23. Love your blogs!

    Super powers and gorgeous people never go out of style - combined with mythology, they inspire great daydreams.

    Hey, Charlie...I read your response - the part about the Xbox/kinect - and about fell off my chair LOL.

    Wonder Woman caused me more trouble when I was young...I daydreamed when I should have been listening in class.

    tnx 4 a great blog

    word ver: bobwippi (I kid u not)

  24. Thanks Lucinda. Maybe I will have to draw a picture of my wonder woman xbox performance and have Michael add it to his beautiful graphics.

  25. Loved the post (even if you included Megan Fox as WW)! Have you read any of the comic relaunch? They've *gasp* changed the costume! It's still a bit wobbly, but I think it's getting off its feet.

    Love all the gifs and pics, and the way you managed to make it about writing. :)