Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Cover Art For Your Ebook May Feature Erectile Dysfunction

So you finally made it.  You are now a published author.  You pop out your handy Kindle, Nook, or iPad and show your friends/family the labor of your one+ years of work and are greeted with an advertisement with the whistling guy promoting "Extenz" or the latest/greatest advertisement for E.D.

"Your ebook will begin in 30 seconds following this advertisement"

Yup. advertising is coming to the ebook.  Read about it here.

I'm hoping for feminine hygiene products myself.  As a man, that would at least show that the people behind the ebooks are doing their demographic research. O.o /sarcasm


  1. More reason to stick with the old fashioned way of reading. I can only imagine the horror of an add getting stuck and playing over and over like that horrible wailing pig from the Geico commercial.

  2. Oh my. Any of the Geico commercials for that matter.

  3. Eeeek, that's depressing. As long as it's just at the beginning and I don't have to stop every couple of pages to watch a commercial!

  4. That's just terrible. I'm glad I haven't succumbed to the e-book revolution.

  5. I think it is depressing. I like our country but sometimes I really hate capitalism. Why does everything have to be around money? It almost seems like you can't have any art anymore without advertising.