Friday, May 20, 2022

Let's talk about two Marvel shows hitting Disney plus that got my head buzzing this week.

Let's talk Marvel for our Friday roundup this week. First up are developments with Daredevil. Then I want to talk a wee bit about She-Hulk. 


News broke yesterday that Matt Corman and Chris Ord are producing another Daredevil series for Disney+. This got me excited, because I liked the Netflix series, and Kevin Feige has said that Charlie Cox will reprise the role of Daredevil (which I thought he did very well). Additionally, I kinda wanted more stories with this character, especially after the incredible third season (if you haven't watched it, you should). I don't really want to see a return of the Kingpin, but it feels inevitable. We've had two seasons now where he was front and center. I'd hope they find another bad guy to do, or maybe hire Tom Holland to reprise his role as Spiderman and suit up for some team-up action. And before you say "Tom Holland is too big to do tv," he absolutely is not. He loves television and wants on Euphoria with Zendaya, and he's been in a Netflix show and an Apple TV show plus some BBC series. So he's totally down for television.


Folks, we got a She-Hulk trailer earlier this week. I didn't think I'd be as excited as I was to see it, and the first look we got had some pretty rough CGI, which I hope gets cleaned up before we watch the show in August. However, it could be that Avatar sequels from real life juggernaut James Cameron is sucking up all the VFX talent right now, and so studios are having to go with people who don't have as much skill. I think effects work is like a force multiplier, i.e., they can take something strong and make it much, much better, or it can sap the strength of something important by introducing uncanny valley (and other things like that). Anyway, I loved seeing Mark Ruffalo, and it's fun to see "the hulks" smash things, so I think this is going to be a fun series with lots of super strength antics, even if the effects end up standing exactly as they are in the trailer. I suppose (in the end) I'm not the most discerning viewer out there. I just want things to be fun, hence my love for the now canceled Legends of Tomorrow.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to talk to you about. I'm taking a break from blogging next week and I won't post on Monday, because that's Memorial day. However, I'll be back for the IWSG on Wednesday, June 1st. Between then and now, I plan to binge watch Moon Knight, which I haven't gotten around to watching yet. I hear it's pretty good. I have no doubt that if it is, you'll hear about it on this blog. 


  1. I hadn't watched the third season of Daredevil but now that it's on Disney+ I probably should do it.

    I really did not like Moon Knight as much as I should have. Since watching Ex-Machina in 2015 I've been a huge Oscar Isaac fan so him in a Marvel show should have been right up my alley...but it just never really worked for me.

    The first episode largely taking place in a museum with a lot of Egyptian stuff on display made me yearn for a Scarlet Knight TV show, which probably would have been a lot better.

  2. Good reasons to subscribe to Disney plus.