Monday, September 12, 2016

Here are ten solid reasons why Game of Thrones keeps garnering new viewers and is the fantasy phenomenon of our age.

Game of Thrones has won a lot of Emmy's. In fact, it's won so many that it's the most awarded drama in history. Cue Walter White's dissappointment. You may already be aware of this fact. You all know that I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, and in the lingo of the Californian millennial I declare, "It's super cool." However, I also want to answer the question (for those who have yet to take "the plunge" into this series) of "Why should I watch it?" There are (in fact) ten solid reasons that don't have anything to do with Emmys (who cares about awards, amirite?).

1) You need to fill the void the Hobbit movies left in your soul. This was a huge "Battle of the Five Armies" void. No amount of Legolas spins and flips felt like a bandage to this particular horror. And let's face it, the Shannara Chronicles falls waaayyyy short.
2) Glance at it for the renaissance fair costumes. Cersei was rockin' an impressive dress in the finale episode "The Winds of Winter."
3) Stay for the guilty pleasure of all the boobies.
4) Feel terrible seeing what the creators are doing to all of the boobies.
5) The Red Wedding.
6) WTF just happened?
7) Accept that everything you love is going to die horribly in this show, and then realize that this is actually pretty close to how it is in real life. Nihilism memes I luv u. :)
8) Watch a few more episodes out of self-hatred.
9) At some point (if you have a brain) you'll realize that this is a masterpiece of a series...well acted...and an impressive show.
10) You become a dedicated fan and infect others with your enthusiasm. You invest in Game of Thrones merchandise that may (or may not) include a dragon egg that you proudly display in your house.


  1. Blood, boobs, and carnage!
    Now I did like the last Hobbit film, but Shannara bombed. Too much teen angst and way, way off script.
    Proud to say we own no paraphernalia though. Not even the books themselves.

  2. It's a winning combination of violence and sex.

  3. As you know, I have a dragon egg I proudly display in my home. We just finished re-watching all six seasons and it was so much better the second time around where I could concentrate on details I missed the first time.

  4. It was a bit too much for me. I tried to watch it. Really, I did. But it just wasn't my thing. (Which is ridiculous when I think about it, because it should be my thing. But I couldn't stick with it.)

  5. I watched a few episodes but I have other shows to catch up on. So some point in the future. It's a well done show though.

  6. It helps embodies the rather long period we've been in liking antiheroes (starting with HBO's own Sopranos), which personally I find culturally disturbing, something we've still yet to analyze.

  7. I am FINALLY catching up on Game of Thrones, but I'm only halfway through the third season. I'm very impressed with the complexity of the plots, character development, production value, and so on. But I keep my remote handy so that I can fast-forward through some of the violence.

    What has really struck me is that GRR Martin obviously knows real history. This is definitely not just another fantasy series--too much human history informs the story line along with the complexity of many characters.

  8. I haven't gotten into it yet! But I hear everybody saying great things about, so I'll get there sometime! Great post! :)

  9. Lol, that pretty much sums it up for me. I do love this program. I've only made it to book three, but am feeling no rush to finish the books. Its still good reading, just time consuming. And the series is very well done.