Friday, August 12, 2011

A Story of Best Friends...

Greet you like...
Wave to you across the room like...
Do "creeper" things with you like...
Dance with you like...
Chill out with you like...
Eat with you like...
Sing with you like...
Be emotional with you like...
And be somewhat loving like...

Random Friday squee: I totally got tweeted by Neil Gaiman on Thursday. I was kinda in shock about it and had this surreal moment where I was Frodo Baggins who attracted the Eye of Sauron for just an instance...only this was a good thing.  I could see Mr. Gaiman doing whatever it is that he does, selecting to mention @MichaelOffutt back and then respond to me asking whether or not him following 666 followers was coincidental or intentional. 1.9 million followers and I was the voice he heard. /takes a bow.

More Random Friday squee...the blond boy in this picture is TOTALLY my protagonist in my sci-fi book.  He's cute, don't you think?  He's not really of course...but I live in a warped sense of reality where I make shit up all the time.  How about I say...I'd like him to be...yeah...that would do :)

More More Random Friday birthday is tomorrow. I'm so excited. And tonight I get to go to Cafe Madrid with my brother...mmm yumm. 


  1. Watch out for that Gaiman. First he tweets you, then he invites himself round for dinner, before you know it he's borrowing money...


  2. Wow awesome. Neil Gaiman tweet. Wonderful!

    Love the Joey, Chandler hug best :O)

  3. I witnessed the Gaiman thing as it happened and was like, did I just see what I think I just saw? Way to go. Good question too.

  4. Hope you have a great birthday!

    The Gaiman tweet is very cool. I've gotten a few responses from authors on Twitter too. After I finished reading Half a Life, I tweeted how much I liked the book, and later that day the author tweeted a thank you. That kind of interaction makes Twitter a lot fun.

  5. Wow. Gaiman is the man, so that's very cool. Happy Birthday, Mike! Enjoy.

  6. Gah! Gaiman! That's almost as good as Lucas!
    I feel green coming on...

    And happy birthday, too!

  7. I am even more jealous of you now than I was when you got a book deal. If Neil Gaiman tried to run me down with his car, I'd let him and then brag about it later on.

  8. Could everyone start hurrahing on the blogosphere from here out? All of this squeeing is hurting my ears.
    Congrats on the Gaiman birthday thing.

  9. amazing! OMG how did you find all these photos??

    Happy birthday! wish you all the best :)

  10. Well, I finally have motivation to join Twitter. Thanks for forcing my hand. ;) Looking forward to your birthday fun. :D

  11. Best birthday gift ever?

    Happy birthday. And I guess Twitter can be used for good.

  12. Ooo! A tweet from Neil. Fab. Boy George has RT'd me 2x and is currently only of my only celeb followers. I do have a couple of better known writers, too. But it's exciting when you realize they're reading your tweets.

    Very cute boy.

  13. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday dear Michael
    Happy Birthday to You!!

    Hope you have a great day!

  14. Squee on the Gaiman! And Happy Birthday!
    And how does one put these .gif stories together? I love reading other people's but haven't figured out how to do it myself on tumblr yet...

  15. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes everyone! :)))

    Have a great weekend. I know I am.

  16. Happy birthday Michael. And congrats on all the squee moments; they come at a great time :)


  17. If you live in Mountain or Pacific time, it's still your birthday!

    I think I would just about fall out of my chair if a well known author contacted me. And then, of course, Lizzie would stare at me funny then laugh.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! My entire family is born on the 13th, isn't it fabulous. One day, we will take over the world...

    I think that guy is cute... in your kind of world where Neil Gaiman talks to you and you create a masterpiece post about friendship like that. Kudos for including the Easy A shot.

    Always a pleasure!

  19. Ha! Awesome! LOVE Mr. Bean.

    Happy Birthday!!! :D

  20. Holy freak, Michael! Tweeted by NG? Can you bronze a computer screen? I would totally try. Sounds dorky, but I think it's such a cool thing to know that people that popular actually read their Twitter feeds.


  21. This is just the right post to come to via Rosalind Adam's Liebster (friend) award! Happy birthday!

  22. Neil Gaiman tweeted you. I'm in awe. Awe.

    A few times, a well-known author has commented on my Facebook posts. I do little happy dances. If this author knew how excited I got s/he would stop commenting and maybe even unfriend me.

  23. That totally rocks that Neil Gaiman picked you!!! Excellent! And I adore your protag... His mouth is particularly noticeable because his teeth aren't crooked, but a little unusual and it is exactly the mouth of one of my college crushes, who at the time reminded me a little of David Bowie through the mouth and eyes... he was the best kisser ever, by the way. Sappy Cancers are way into kissing... so you can work with that, courtesy of me...

  24. Happy Birthday Michael. May all your dreams come true, may you have good health and happiness throughout your life Ameen. An other blogger friend (Hope) had her birthday on the nineth, which is also my husband's birthday. Then Tuesday is my sister's and Friday is my brother in law's. I hope that I am not forgetting any body's.
    This is a funny blog. Ricky Schroder turned out to be a fine young man. I do not remember that clip though, probably from Silver spoon. Joey has always been a good friend. I mean he gave up meat for an entire trimester so Phoebe can eat:)

  25. Wow congrats on being tweeted by Gaiman, he is my idol! That was an awesome birthday gift :)

    Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving so many comments.

    I'm answering them now...thanks for the tip on book is not out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble yet, will claim it on Goodreads as soon as it does :)

  26. Hope you had a great birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great photos! Julie

  27. Wellll...was there significance to the number for Mr. Gaiman?

    That boy IS cute! And I enjoyed your tribute to BFFs. :)

  28. I hope you had a great birthday!! :)

  29. blond is def. hot! :D

    I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!