Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When you know your friends are lying to you.
When you see the person you love/like with a person other than you.
When someone says, "I just want to be friends."
Or when you just feel like you're not good enough.

My Message To You:
You are more beautiful, smart, and wonderful than
you can possibly imagine. <3

Happy Wednesday


  1. Pikachu! I miss him! ^_^

    Your aphorism is absolutely right!

    Well done Michael!

  2. I'd back the third of your choices every time... but it's not always that easy. If only it was.

  3. This is great. Life isn't about what happens. It's about what you do about it.

  4. Good thoughts. I find that ordeals of any kind do strengthen me, but I don't always realize it until sometimes much later.

  5. That's very inspiring! Happy Weds to you too!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you're feeling strengthened.

  7. So the answer isn't to get petty, mean and vengeful?


    Thank you for that! It's so true. Thought it might also be true that I've sometimes said "I'll show those bastards" *shifty*

  8. @T.D.: I love Pikachu!

    @Rosalind: That's the way I feel as well :)

    @Matt: So true. I hope your vacation was awesomesauce.

    @Cindy: Me too

    @Mutt: You're welcome :)

    @D.U.: :) I wanted to pass on good vibes because life is hard. Choosing to live your life well is even harder.

    @Theresa: I do. I hope everyone else does too.

    @Hart: Maybe. But I left that alternative answer off the quiz.

  9. Wow, seriously inspirational! I know it's super cliche, but I made the decision last year to be a more positive person, and good things started happening. It's all about how you let things affect you. I know I sound like Pollyanna, but great post!

  10. Hey there! I found your blog through a friend's, and when I saw your avatar I had to stop by. I am unashamed to admit that I love Pokemon. <3 Great to meet you!

  11. <3 Exactly. This is a well timed post for me.

  12. So ... I shouldn't passive-aggressively post my feelings on Facebook? Ha ha ! I would never do that! :-)

    Thanks for the cheer-up. I think you're right -- as hard as the world can be, we are our own worst enemies at times.

  13. wooow. beautiful :) thanks for sharing

  14. Thanks, Michael. Your kind words felt like a much needed shoulder massage. Today I feel confused and not sure which way to go next with my MS.
    So--I'm not going to do anything. I'm going to revel in the fact that I'm beautiful, smart and wonderful and worry about it tomorrow.
    Happy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday etc.
    Best wishes

  15. Bravo, sir. You couldn't have put it more eloquently.

  16. So true! Thanks for sharing. Your collage of pictures made me teary.