Monday, May 23, 2011

Supernatural And A Blog Award Or Two

The season six finale of Supernatural aired this Friday and it had a cliffhanger (sort of) by making Castiel proclaim himself as a new God.  You see, in the show's universe Castiel has been fighting this war in heaven against the angel Raphael (who he just exploded with a single gesture in Friday's episode). Castiel got so pumped up on "juice" from souls that he stole from Purgatory that he's like a walking nuclear bomb (their words). Essentially, as long as he can hold himself together, he's got so much power that angel swords can't even kill him anymore.

If you follow the show Supernatural, I've a question for you... is this really a cliffhanger? Because personally, Castiel has been overall, fairly decent and a huge ally of Sam and Dean through several seasons. He's not the conniving douchebag that Crowley is (the present King of Hell since Lucifer and Michael the archangel are trapped in some place referred to as "the cage").  In other words, I kind of think that Cas as the new "god" is an improvement over the show's old version of "god" which essentially never did anything...ever.


Brooke R. Busse over at her blog Paper Mountain awarded me with the "I'm on Fire Award". Thank you so much Brooke. I'm passing this award onto Rogue Mutt and to Rachael Harrie over at Rach Writes...
Munir at the absolutely wonderful blog called Focus gave me the Straight From the Heart Blogger Award. Thank you so much Munir. I'm passing this award onto Misha at My First Book to Lucinda Bilya at Missing Link In Writing. Lucinda writes some of the most poignant and professional comments I've ever had the pleasure to read and is a consummate professional in all that she does.


  1. Hey, did you see that Amazon has Lady Gaga's new album for only 99 cents today? Course you probably already bought it at 12:01 or something, right?

  2. @Rogue - I'd like to get it, how do I find that special?

  3. It's in the MP3 Downloads store or click on the Gold Box at the top of the page and there's a link there too.

  4. Thanks Michael for the thoughtful award. How do I attach it to my you have something without hearts. I am a little prejudiced against hearts since the third grade. LOL. When I get my Runaway book published, you will understand.

    Thanks again for the compliment, too. Made me blush a little.

  5. I actually haven't bought it yet as I've been busy today but was going to. Thanks for the heads up. I shall download it right after I get off work.

  6. But of course you deserve it, Michael. Your sarcastic tone always makes me laugh but gives me an insight into your opinions as well.

  7. You are welcome. Thanks for accepting the award.
    I have to read both the blogs you mentioned.
    My husband is also a little squirmish about the heart part like Lucinda seems to be.
    I am not worried about the world coming to an end. Also I do agree with you (sadly) that religion could be a cause for ruining the beauty of this earth.

  8. No, Castiel, no!

    Although you're right, Michael. I can't see Cas going all evil. Not for any length of time, anyway. And I'd certainly fall down onto my knees and worship him...oh wait, my mind just took me to the wrong place there...Anyway, looking forward to next season!

    And, just quietly, I love Crowley and am so pleased he wasn't exploded.

  9. Thanks so much for the award! Sorry that I didn't claim it sooner. Blogger locked me out of my profile yesterday. Such a pain. >_<

  10. Hey Michael, thanks so much for my award, and congrats on receiving them! :)