Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fast Five Blew Me Away

I saw Fast Five this weekend in DBox and I absolutely loved it. Man...what a fantasy. Money, exotic locations, the most gorgeous men and women in the world, incredible cars, more money, super models, bad guys, more money...OMG! It had seriously THE MOST INCREDIBLE CAR CHASE EVER when they tow an entire bank vault behind the cars at 90 miles per hour through the streets of Rio De Janeiro on a cable and slinging it around like a frickin' wrecking ball.  Forget suspension of disbelief...this was simply so awesome that I don't care about the physics! Give me more! If that scene alone had been a query letter and I was some big-time agent...I would have requested the full manuscript bar none!

If you have the time, watch this music video. It has nearly 150 million hits on it and it's the song that plays when they open the vault at the end and 100 MILLION DOLLARS comes pouring out. I have to admit...despite the fact it's ill-gotten gains, I want this fantasy.  When I saw the tsunami (p.c.?)of money pouring onto the floor at the climax of the film, I could actually feel my spirit soar (along with all the characters on screen) and how happy this kind of money would make me.
So yeah...I bought the fantasy. Hearing this song makes me want to see the movie over and over again.

This is my Fast Five wish list:

1) I want muscles like the Rock or Vin Diesel...

2) I want the $500,000 cars...

3) I want the excitement...

4) Super models at your beck and call would be nice...

O.o deep sigh

Is it wrong to want these things?

Is it wrong to think...damn...that is the COOLEST THING EVER! Is it wrong to glorify crime so?

There are people in this world a plenty that have money like that. Like the top 1% of America, right?

Why do some people get it so good?

Oh well...back to my day job...and dreaming about the world of Fast Five.


  1. Well now you ruined the whole movie for me! (But I wasn't going to watch it anyway.)

    For some reason people have always been drawn to outlaws, from Jesus to Robin Hood to Batman. It's weird.

  2. LOL - Nah I don't think it's wrong to want those things. These guys have to be doing something right to make it to movie number five!

  3. and all I dream about is a fairy cooking supper for me tonight. I need to aim higher, lol!

    Good for you, dream away! :)

  4. Well, I went to see Dylan Dog instead. It was like a 'very special episode' of Buffy. Except the fx weren't as good, nor the acting, or the writing. But it did have... um, well, I'm not sure what it had.