Monday, June 28, 2021

James Gunn has actually got me a little excited to see the next installment of The Suicide Squad.

The new Suicide Squad trailer aired on F9 this weekend. It was my first trip back to theaters, and it was a small bit of normalcy despite extreme weather events being a constant reminder that our planet has been totally screwed over by selfish people. Despite the first outing of Suicide Squad being almost unwatchable (because it was so bad), I think that I'll be heading to theaters opening weekend for this one if for anything...just to get more of King Shark.

Ron Funches, who is the voice actor for King Shark on the animated show Harley Quinn, absolutely kills in the performances (pun intended). In the scene below, he greets everyone with a "Howdy!" and he seems to like shark jokes. If you don't know anything about Harley Quinn click on the embedded video below and watch the first time Harley meets Shark. It's rather fun. Also, I like Idris Elba way more than Will Smith, so I'm glad that Smith isn't in this one.

And here's the trailer for the new Suicide Squad movie from James Gunn. You probably have heard of Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy. I predict that the same magic may work for this group of misfits. Here's to hoping.


  1. I liked the first one and definitely seeing the second.
    Already seen the trailer but we didn't get it with our showing of F9. Figures.

  2. I don't really care about it. I didn't like the first one either.

  3. I haven't been back to the movie theater yet, and I honestly don't know when that might change. I guess when there's a must-see movie for me and no way to watch it at home on opening weekend...

    I can see James Gunn doing well with the Suicide Squad. I didn't see the first one, though.