Monday, December 4, 2017

All the Star Wars stories can trace a thread back to the Skywalkers in one way or another.

I don't know why people don't understand that Star Wars is all about the Skywalkers. So if you are reading this post and thinking...wait a minute...there are other stories there. What about Rogue One? True, you can have an infinite amount of plots in this universe that George Lucas created. However, it's like that silly game "seven degrees of Kevin Bacon" that you may (or may not) have heard of. Everything can be traced back to the Skywalkers in some way. That's just the way it is. The latest outrage online is that Poe Dameron couldn't just be a kick ass pilot for the resistance.

I didn't know this of course until I started mining message boards for the upcoming Star Wars movie. But it makes sense to me that this is a thing: that Poe is connected to Luke thru his mother, who went adventuring with Luke to find a tree. So yeah, Poe Dameron's mom knows Luke Skywalker and spent considerable time around him.

So I guess I'm here to say that people who bitch about Star Wars being too much about the Skywalkers are whining in the same way as someone saying, "Why are all these Avenger movies only about the Avengers?" I haven't seen the upcoming film yet (of course) but I can make some guesses:

1) Rey's heritage will somehow intertwine with the Skywalkers.
2) Snoke will somehow be tied into the Skywalkers in some weird way.

Repeat after me: Out of all these worlds and all these billions of people, the only people who actually matter (and who actually create major change) come from the Skywalker family for whatever reason. If this upsets you, then may I suggest the Orville? It has nothing to do with the Skywalker family and takes place in space.

This public service message has been brought to you by the Force, which (I hope) is with you...always.


  1. I've watched a couple episodes of The Orville. Pass.
    Pretty good guess that Rey is Luke's daughter.

  2. Theoretically, the reason that Disney is doing the Star Wars Story movies is so that they can do some stories that aren't specifically along the Skywalker line. That's what the trilogies will be for.

    Already have my tickets for the new one.

  3. I thought that Star Wars being about the Skywalkers was pretty well known. Silly me.

    My father is convinced that Rey is Luke's daughter. I think the relationship is more tenuous than that. I could, however, be wrong (and frequently am).

  4. Star Wars the first trilogy was Luke's Hero's Journey. The prequel was Anakin's fall from grace. But not every character needs a personal connection to Luke. He was legendary enough that Poe would know who he is.

  5. I think Rey being Luke's child is a little too obvious. "Rey... I am your father!" I have a feeling they are setting us up to reveal her as the child of someone like Palpatine. It turns the whole series on its head with a Skywalker child as evil trying to tempt the child of a Sith to the dark side. It reinforces that good and evil is inside all of us and it is our decisions that create our fate.

    Then again, Star Wars has never been too big on subtlety.

  6. I'll stick with The Orville, for the time being.

  7. Maybe in the upcoming flick the revelation about Rey will be revealed -- I hope so, at least. I've never considered the Skywalker emphasis, but in a way it makes sense. Anyway, in any epic tale (of the novel/book type, at least), the family tree is central to all the action.