Friday, October 14, 2016

The final trailer for Rogue One has sent chills down my spine and December 16th can't get here soon enough.

The final trailer for Rogue One recently hit the interwebs, and it gives me chills I tell ya. I think my favorite scene is this one, where Vader is totally marching (with menace) towards the dude in the white cloak. It gives me shivers, and it reminds me a lot of why Vader is so legitimately terrifying.
Still, the dialogue for this scene could very well go like this (putting on screen writer cap):

Vader: "I understand that you just had lunch...a BLT with that correct?

Poor Bastard: "Y-Yes L-Lord V-V-ader."

Vader: "I see. Now when you picked up this BLT with mayo...did you perchance bother to check for a name, written in large black letters on the bag?"

Poor Bastard: "L-Let me explain! It was a miss.... Gah!" (Vader raises his hand and points. Poor Bastard starts choking to death).

Vader: "This is a yes or no question...."

Hmm. So many feels about this trailer. How to sum them all up.

First: it looks and feels like Star Wars and yet also looks and feels like no Star Wars that's ever been. Anyone else getting that vibe?

Second: Is it just me, or is the most beautiful looking Star Wars movie yet? Maybe I just like all the summertime jungle shots or the Star Destroyers hovering against the sky or the Death Star coming up on the horizon of a planet looking like an awfully strange moon. It just tweaks all of my science fiction coolness buttons.

Third: The rock statue that looks like a fallen jedi reminds me of the ancient rock statues we saw all over the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I remember Peter Jackson saying, "We wanted the viewer to get a sense that there was this ancient civilization by showcasing its remains." It kinda has that "feel" to it, and I likes it...a lot.

Fourth: Does the trailer seem kind of dark to you? I could feel the oppression in the movie, and it may be a divisive film to Star Wars fans. I love darkness in films, so I think I'll be in the camp of those who feel it's just right. 

Five: It's possible that this film is more about the creator/engineer of the Death Star's super laser than of the vessel itself. That being said, I hope we get to see a rear view of the Death Star. I've long suspected that there are huge engines back there allowing it to go into hyperspace.


  1. I still don't care that much about it. I'll probably see it but it's not a priority.

  2. I love the dark grittiness as well Mike. Very interested in seeing this one. Forest Whitaker's quote towards the end got me as well. The visuals were really good here and I like the jungle too. Online some people complained about palm trees being in the Star Wars universe. Really guys?

  3. I'm looking forward to it and really hope they use the opportunity to get inventive. My fear is they are going to play it safe like they did with The Force Awakens. Some of the rewrite rumors give the vibe that they didn't like the directors initial vision and they are going to 'Marvelize' it. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing but I'd prefer to see more of the 'Han shoots first' universe. I'm excited to see it either way.

  4. I can't spend much brain power on trailers. When I do that, I get obsessed. And since we have a bit of time before this comes out, I don't need to obsess. I've got too many other things... Well, not really, but when I obsess, it's not good. So, I've been working on letting things go until I can actually do something about them (or actually see the movie), and that means not gorging on trailers.