Friday, April 22, 2016

On Agents of Shield Hive is Legion for he is many.

I have to admit, I didn't think that Grant Ward was gonna pay off like he did for Agents of Shield. The twist in having him become a traitor and join Hydra was really interesting. I think it's about that time that I felt the show really took off. But I knew eventually that even Grant Ward with his almost superhuman ability to land kicks, jabs, and punches would get his comeuppance. I also knew that when that happened, they'd have to search for another villain. What I didn't expect was for the show to go back to Ward and have him return as a zombie alien squid-faced thing. And then for him to do even more creepy stuff, like invade Daisy's mind by being able to blow weird mind-controlling particles into her face (called Hive).

I suppose misdirection and suspicion are important quotas to maintain in a show that's about secret agents. And that ending of this week's episode called "The Team" was pretty gut-wrenching. And let's talk about Hive for a moment. The sand blast doesn't directly control the target. Instead it makes them look at Grant Ward (Hive) as their true savior. This is kind of an interesting take on fanaticism. And it certainly makes Hive the most dangerous inhuman because he happens to be every inhuman. "I am legion for we are many" sound familiar? Religion, even in a fictional show like Agents of Shield, continues to fascinate me. 


  1. I lost interest in that show a long time ago.

  2. Agents of Shield hasn't been great TV for much of its run but I have to give them credit for the way they treated Grant Ward. Most shows in the genre would have rehabilitated him a couple of shows after he turned bad. Instead they've done a nice job of humanizing a villain. Now that he's Hive it really changed the dynamic of the whole show.

    One thing that I really loved at the end of the last episode was when Daisy hugged Hive. Daisy's attraction to Grant was one of the big storylines in season 1 but circumstances always got in the way. In season 2 Grant had switched sides but now it was him chasing Daisy who made it clear she was sickened by his mere presence. Now they are together and somehow it feels right. While I'm sure at some point Daisy will rid herself of the mind control I'm almost hoping she stays with him. Marvel has been positioning Inhumans as the new X-Men since Fox owns the movie rights and I wonder if they might make Hive as a new Magneto. Inhumans are being rounded up by the government and someone needs to protect them. It makes sense that some Inhumans are going to want to be proactive in protecting themselves even without mind control.

    Either way they are really setting up a great backstory for the 'Inhumans' movie when it eventually comes out.

  3. It's interesting how so many of these fantasy stories involve religion.

  4. Damn, how did I let myself miss this post? Daisy and Ward are two of the best characters in this series and I just had to find out about everything that happened. Now the next season is upon us and I can't wait. Dazzle me Daisy, dazzle me everyone!