Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Flash and Nightwing are both coming to Arrow and that makes me excited

I am super excited that actor Grant Gustin is playing The Flash on this season's
Arrow. However, even more exciting is the fact that he's getting his own series.
The Flash totally deserves a series to make up for that awful one about twenty
years ago (yes it still haunts my dreams). Oh and he's Barry Allen. I like Barry
so that's a great choice. Wally West was always a little "meh" to me.
Marvel may be the undisputed ruler of the silver screen, but DC is really making a strong showing on the CW, and I've gotta say it's pretty cool. Sure, one could argue that DC's properties "The Dark Knight" and "Superman" are always money makers. But outside of those properties, I really can't think of any that are a success. In comparison, Marvel has Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, the Avengers, and will probably add Dr. Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy to that very soon. What does DC have? Ben Affleck playing yet another version of Batman only this time he gets to beat up on Superman. I'll go and see it, but I don't expect it to be spectacular in the same way that last year's The Avengers managed to be.

In contrast, however, Marvel has no showing on mainstream television that really grabs my attention. I've been watching Agents of Shield dutifully on Tuesday, but to be honest, I've almost fallen asleep twice during that show. I think I expected it to be more exciting, and it just has failed to live up to my perhaps "unrealistic expectations."

I suppose that the biggest surprise of all has been how much I love Arrow. I mean...I REALLY LOVE ARROW. I look forward to it every Wednesday, because the first season just blew me away. I never thought Oliver Queen could be so interesting. In Smallville he was some decent eye-candy and kind of/sort of was made interesting because of his association with random guests that showed up that happened to have a tie to the Justice League.

Since that time, the CW has reinvented Arrow as more than just a Batman clone. For one, he doesn't have nearly the extent of emotional baggage that Batman has. Ollie doesn't brood. He's a man of action and I love the flashbacks to his time on the island that became the crucible where all of his combat and survival skills were forged. Plus as Sarah Falen pointed out in a private conversation with me, it's cool when the hero gets beat up and Ollie gets smacked around a lot.
Nightwing is Robin all grown up. 
To add to this mix is a fully dynamic world that isn't afraid to introduce any and all elements of the DC Comics universe that make it super awesome. We've got the Birds of Prey in the form of Huntress and Black Canary! We have Raas al Ghul, perhaps Batman's most dangerous villain. If that isn't enough, the League of Shadows is everywhere and does that mean Bane is right around the corner? We've also got Flash being introduced in just a couple of episodes (and he's getting his own series soon thereafter) and I learned just last night that Nightwing is on his way into Arrow!
Actor Steven McQueen getting ready for his role as Nightwing on Arrow. I think
it's awesome that we live in a day and age where guys can actually have the bodies
of the superheroes that they play. I imagine it's pretty hard getting these roles. And
for those of you that don't know, this Steven McQueen is classic Steve McQueen's
grandson so good looks run in the family.
How awesome is that?!

For those of you who are at a complete loss as to who Nightwing is, he's Dick Grayson a.k.a. the first Robin who studied under Batman. He joined the New Titans where he fell in love with an outerspace princess by the name of Koriander (Starfire) and took the name Nightwing.

ZOMGAH! Seriously...this is so frickin' awesome. If they bring in Nightwing, they'll probably introduce Starfire at some point and then maybe we'll get Raven and some of the other New Titans. We could even be looking at a scenario where Batman shows up and that would be

I think that the CW is my favorite network. They've done such a great job with DC that I absolutely can't wait for the series "Amazon" slated for 2014. And no, this isn't about the bookseller. It's about Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman, and I won't be surprised to see them introduce the title character in an episode of Arrow in 2014.


  1. *Tiny Voice* Wonder Woman? *Screams head off* Oh my God Arrow is beyond awesome! I'm beyond excited too and yes I'm glad Oliver gets his ass kicked and live for the snap shots of him on the island. Canary's secret identity and back story blew my mind. If Starfire shows up that's cool but if RAVEN comes. I'm going nuts out my mind. Please bring Raven, pretty please. Maybe even Terra? Hell if this show decides to run for ten years maybe even Slade. And yes DC is ruling CW.

    Also I'm getting tired of Vampire Diaries doppelganger madness. There's like three or four Elana clones now? I mean seriously people? Anyway I'm also excited about Nikita coming for it's final season. NBC is my #1 for TV series but CW is catching up. Flash deserves more props and hey long as Marvel doesn't mess up their movies I'm OK with where they're at. Thanks for all the Arrow news Mike. I'm going to faint from excitement exhaustion now.

  2. Great wrap of Arrow, Michael. You know, I'm disappointed in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., too. It bites. I forget it's even on anymore.

    I never got into Arrow, which is a surprise, because I loved Smallville. Just something about it didn't take with me.

    Good to see you again.
    M.L. Swift, Writer

  3. DC really needs to try a real wonder woman film.

  4. You think their success at incorporating these things into TV shows would help them make better films, but apparently not.

    I'm getting bored with Agents of SHIELD too. Maybe next week's Thor-based episode will help kick it up a notch.

  5. I have yet to watch Agents of Shield but I hear it's not doing well in the ratings. I hate watching a season of something and then it gets pulled. Then they leave a dog like Revolution to go on and on boring us to death.

    Arrow has been my guilty pleasure for a while and the show just keeps getting better. Plus, I get a kick out of seeing Stephen Amell's updates on his fb page. I'm not one to follow celebrities, but Stephen has such a great personality and is really good to his fans that I've made one exception.

    I can't wait to see how they incorporate The Flash and Nightwing. The kids and I are big fans of Flash and I hope they stay true to his fun personality.

  7. Wahoo! That's so awesome. I CAN'T WAIT. Arrow is my hubby's favorite TV show this season (next to The Walking Dead), and it's quickly hitting the top of my list. The Flash has always been a fav.

  8. I liked the old Flash series. We own it. That was Barry Allen. And Mark Hamill's role as the Trickster was awesome.

    I suppose I need to finish up Smallville at some point. I stalled out around season 7.

  9. They've kept the show devoid of all superpowers so far, will be interesting to see how they work Flash in.

  10. I didn't like Arrow last year and stopped watching. But then I watched it on Netflix and realized I really did like it.
    I'm looking forward to Flash also.

  11. I've never really been a huge DC guy, and CW is a channel that just isn't on my radar. But I did watch the first 4 eps or so of Arrow, they had glimmers of awesome and a bit of cheese. But I'll probably watch it in a big chunk soon, it's the way I prefer to watch TV anyway, it's more like reading a novel that way, not drug out over the better part of a year which means I forget things from early in the season if it gets referenced later.

    And yes, Agents of Shield is only barely watchable, if it wasn't a Marvel property I would have stopped watching after ep #2. I'm watching ONLY because I believe it will become good at some point, it is very lame now. I won't keep this up forever though, it needs to turn the corner soon.

  12. I don't know who any of those characters are, but I do enjoy Arrow. So, I'll get to meet them and have no idea who they are when they get introduced. I'm okay with this.

    And isn't that Steve McQueen also on Vampire Diaries? Or am I mixing up actors? Again.