Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pacific Rim using a cargo ship as a baseball bat is cooler than a Hulk SMASH on Loki and yelling PUNY GOD!!

Disclaimer: This post is not about a dreary all inclusive chick flick dripping with feelings. Rather, it is aimed more at an all male circle jerk fantasy of robots versus monsters. If you wish to expand your horizons, proceed with caution. :)
These are the sexy Jaeger suits that the pilots wear. Of course the pilots
are young and incredibly good-looking. I love how they're basically molded
to the skin and highlight the muscles. Just looks awesome. Click to Embiggen.
The latest trailer for Pacific Rim slammed into the internet on April 30th, and it's taken me about a day to think about what I saw. That, and I'm like "ZOMGAH trailer for Pacific Rim is so frickin' cool!" to everyone in my office. Only everyone in my office is like..."Uh what's that?" To be fair there are 2 people that work in my entire building that actually knew what this movie was. The rest just pretty much did what they usually do: stare awkwardly projecting thoughts like "why do you get excited about movies because that's so weird?" I imagine they'd share my enthusiasm if I asked them if they'd taken their kids to see the Lego animals at the local zoo or if Music and the Spoken Word had a nice episode this weekend. The last movie that the three guys who are my age in my office paid for was Les Mis back in December because they're cheap their wives wanted to see it.
I like this banner. Click to EMBIGGEN.
Anyway, for those of you who don't know, Pacific Rim is a kaiju (the word kaiju means "strange beast" in Japanese) movie that I'M "FAP FAP FAP" EXCITED TO SEE (ahem) I will most likely see in the theater. I've blogged about it HERE and HERE. It's also CRUSHING THE BOX OFFICE being released the weekend after Independence Day (the Independence Day movie unfortunately is The Lone Ranger--a $150 million dollar western "paranormal" by Disney because the Legend of the Lone Ranger was OH SO PARANORMAL!). I'm sorry if my sarcasm over the Lone Ranger is palpable, but the Lone Ranger had silver bullets because silver was expensive, and it was a reminder that each bullet he fired had a "cost" to it. So it's best not to get me started on how I think Disney is screwing up the Lone Ranger. Yeah, we're not going there today.
Concept art that gives you the sheer scale of the robots in Pacific Rim.
That Jaeger in the background is frickin' HUGE. Click to Embiggen.
Anyway, in the newest Pacific Rim trailer there is a gargantuan robot (aka Jaeger) that uses a cargo ship like a baseball bat to bash in a kaiju's head! That should make anyone want to press "PLAY" like RIGHT NOW. But in case you can somehow wait, the many thoughts going through my head are: 1) I can't wait to see this show. 2) That looks more awesome than Hulk grabbing Loki and smashing him into the concrete while saying "PUNY GOD!" and 3) Is this a nod from Guillermo del Toro on just how much ass America kicks at just about everything? Let's face it, baseball games are as American as apple pie my friends and the movie comes out the week after Independence Day! Coincidence? I think not, and that's the story I'm stickin' too.

Oh Guillermo...I see whut u did thar...
This is a screenshot of a huge pile of Kaiju poop. Nice eh? Click to Embiggen.
Okay, but there are seriously other things about this movie that I picked up from this trailer that transcend the pure "monster versus robot" basic plotline. First, previous clips touted the invasion of the alien kaiju from another realm, but these clips never gave me the impression that the kaiju were intelligent. Pacific Rim is NOT a story about huge mindless pests invading our home on a grand scale. It's the story of a war. A frickin' war between two worlds. My evidence:
This is actor Charlie Day in the role of Dr. Newton. Click to Embiggen.
Charlie Day's Dr. Newton Geiszler (the presumed smart guy who "gets" the kaiju in the trailer) says, "Their sole purpose was to aim for the populated areas and take out the vermin--us." And consequently, Dr. Newton calls the Jaegers "2,500 tons of awesome," which goes right up there with the line: "Old and the new hotness"<== one of my favorite lines in film. You get serious nerd cred if you know what film that line appears in. So yes, the kaiju are smart, and they're an invasion force, meticulously plotting out a strategy to wage war on Earthlings. I'm sure Guillermo del Toro borrowed a page from Cthulhu here (after all he was going to make an H.P. Lovecraft film called The Mountains of Madness).
Strange goo in the helmet. It's anyone's guess what this stuff is, but I think
it helps the pilots mind-meld. It's an "educated guess." Do you agree with me?
And consequently, I also like how the Jaegers are piloted by two people who mind-meld with each other apparently through some kind of strange goo that's put into their helmets. I think that'd freak me out and make the whole "drowning" impulse really strong. You know how people say science fiction can sometimes be ahead of actual science? Maybe in a few years there'll be this goo that really does allow people to mind-meld. Wouldn't that be awesome? Think of all the crimes we could solve by just going inside a criminal's head and examining their thoughts. There'd be no more need for "enhanced interrogation."
I can't tell what role Ron Perlman is set to play in the brief flash he gets in the newest trailer for Pacific Rim. I doubt he's playing a grunt of any kind which is pretty much his modus operandi in other films. I've really gotten to be a fan of Ron though, and I'm happy to see he's basically the guy that's in ALL of Guillermo del Toro's films (Hellboy anyone?). The dark glasses make me think he'll have some kind of insight that will be crucial to the storyline. *Does a happy dance. Go BIG or GO EXTINCT!


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  1. PACIFIC RIM might be a huge hit around the world. I generally don't like robot films, but the visuals and the sound and the scale of everything in the film are very intriguing.

  2. Thanks for the plug! I'm always wary of new movies but I agree that Lone Ranger movie looks like shit. And Johnny Depp as Tonto is just racist.

  3. I've been excited over this movie ever since I saw the first trailer.

  4. I'm not excited about Pacific Rim but I am excited for Into Darkness, Thor, Iron Man, and a bunch of other cool movies that are coming out this summer. And you must work with a bunch of dullards if they don't get excited by movies - except for the touchy feely ones. Those are (mostly) BORING!

  5. I remember seeing the trailers

  6. It also has GlaDoS. I probably won't be able to catch it in theaters, but I really want to.

  7. Love huge monsters, and Ron Perlman!

    Thanks for the review, I'll be checking it out.

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  9. I'm looking forward to Pacific Rim. You really sell things with your enthusiasm.

  10. I've never been a fan of mecha anime which the Japanese love so much. It's all a bit faceless. Glad Ron's in it though, and Stringer Bell.


  11. I liked the sound of P.T.'s book so I just now bought it. Thanks for the heads-up on this fun novel.

  12. I only know about Pacific Rim from following your blog. Tweeted for PT. I'd buy to support if Amazon didn't add 2.00 to every darn book I buy. That's one disadvantage of living in the boondocks.

  13. Your excitement is coming straight through your post. Now I'm looking forward to it!

  14. how can people think getting excited at a movie is weird?

  15. So that's why they keep making those movies. For you. Enjoy.

  16. I haven't made up my mind about whether or not I want to see Pacific Rim. I'll probably wait until it comes out on video.

  17. Ooh! This does look cool. Sorry for not commenting on today's post. Spoilers give me the heevie jeevies. :-)

  18. Yup. I'll be watching that one as soon as its out. One of the highlights of the summer I'm sure.

  19. I so want to see this movie!!!!
    Will tweet for P.T. :)