Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eleven science-fiction men troubled by their throne and one queen who needs saving

Elric of Menibone by Michael Moorcock sitting on the ruby throne. The albino emperor loses
everything to the dastardly demon sword Stormbringer. In the end, it even destroys the world.
Batman is one troubled dude. I think it's the chair that did it to him. Art by
LoHanNinja. Visit her at DeviantArt
If you don't know who this is, you should slap yourself.
King Conan. This is the only time we'll ever see "Ahnold" as King. It lasts
for about 10 seconds so don't blink or you'll miss it.
Odin in the movie Thor. Aside from the chair being way overdone, those
ravens are well-behaved. I'd a thought they'd shit all over it.
Again, if you don't know where this scene comes from, you should just
hand over your nerd card right now.
The Captain's Chair People! It's the throne of the Enterprise! Are you
seeing Star Trek tonight? *NODS HEAD. OMIGAWDICANTWAIT
*Passes out <<Thud>>
Robb Stark on the Iron Throne. Yeah he's a troubled troubled man.
Harry Seldon saw the future and it wasn't pretty for the Empire. Nope.
Cover Art for "Foundation" by Isaac Asimov done by Michael Whelan.
Thanos. If he isn't trouble, I don't know what is.
Here's the only woman I could find on a throne in science-fiction/fantasy. But
don't worry. I read this book and she has to be rescued by a man. And while
she's on the throne, all she does is sleep anyway. Lazy wimmenz.
Cover art by Keith Parkinson.
Riddick is back. I'm glad they didn't cast "The Rock" in this one.
Dwayne Johnson makes Vin look small. LOL.


  1. Whoa; talk about freaky. I clicked on the Defiance link. These are some awesome thrones Mike. I'm happy to report I'm acquainted with most of them :)


  2. Let's hope the third Riddick movie is better than the second. After Pitch Black, it was such a letdown.

  3. Vin sure has that voice and the Matrix moves. I like him. ;D

  4. Some of these images would make great tattoos

  5. So thrones are bad? The world really didn't need another Riddick movie, except maybe the people behind the Golden Raspberries.

  6. Some very AWESOME Thrones... And the movies that featured them.

    Another Riddick? The first was awesome. The second.. I mirror Alex's comment. But Vin is an excellent action actor, so hopefully he'll pull it off! This time...

  7. Great selections! BTW - I've nominated you for an award:

  8. It's too bad the Elenium was so unnecessary.

  9. I never gave the chairs that much thought, but you're right! They're pretty key.

  10. Isaac Asimov had a meeting with his editor to discuss his next book but he had no idea for the subject. He thought about a book he'd recently read and decided to use it in a desperate attempt at a story. The book he read was Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" and the result of his meeting was the Foundation series.

    Reading can make your career.

  11. Vinzie looks swell on that throne! And so does my dear Robb Stark. My fave is when Cate Blanchett sits on the throne in ELIZABETH GOLDEN AGE in that violet dress of hers.

  12. I find it interesting that in an age where thrones are becoming extremely rare as monarchies pass into oblivion, Sci-Fi plots are consumed by the notion of kings and queens. I guess these are the modern fairy tales.

  13. I want a throne!!! And I did like some of Charlize Therone's costumes and thrones in Snow White. She had awesome finger armor. :)

  14. Nice selection of thrones. Got to give it to Elric though.


  15. Uh-oh. I knew all of them except Robb Stark, Thanos and the Queen. Do I still get to keep my nerd card?
    There's a new Riddick movie?! Yippie! I love that guy. <3
    Have an awesome time at the Star Trek debut. I'm sure it'll come to Egypt in a year or two...

  16. Odin's throne with the carrion eating crows--that is awesome and disturbing.

  17. Bat man definitely looks like he's having an off day.

  18. A couple times I've seen huge old chairs in antique shops that could almost be thrones, complete with carved lion heads. I made a point of sitting in them (they were way to expensive to buy) because they looked like thrones, and there really is something cool about a throne.

  19. I get to keep my nerd card! lol That made me laugh. Maybe my house needs a throne.

  20. I pass. When do I get my nerd card?

  21. "If you don't know who this is, you should slap yourself." LOL.
    Now I want a throne. (:
    Riddick trailer looks awesome.

  22. LOL! Your last comment about Riddick and the Rock cracks me up. Dwayne Johnson makes EVERYONE look small! I love Vin though. He's awesome. Looking forward to this!

  23. And you should totally come to Storymakers one year Michael! We'd have so much fun! We need more guys to hang with!

  24. #3: My high school algebra teacher! (Yes, I called him the Evil Emperor, although not to his face. He looked so much like him...)

    And I guess I must relinquish my nerd card. I have no idea what #6 is. Sigh.

  25. All I can think about right now is the people who might be slapping themselves at not recognizing certain characters [giggle]

  26. Oh man, don't remind me about Robb Stark. I'm dreading tonight's episode!