Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Walking Dead WEBISODES 1-6 Right Here, Right Now

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead like I am, you will want to watch all six of these short WEBISODES that I have conveniently put on my blog for you (and in order) so that you can plant your butt in your chair, grab some popcorn, and scream "ZOMBIES!!!"

And for those of you who are NOT into zombies...there is much eating and gnawing of flesh. So this may not be your thing. You have been warned.

Here's a little background:

In The Walking Dead's Season 1 episode "Days Gone Bye," sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes encounters a badly decayed female walker lying beside a bicycle in a park. Later, he returns to mercifully shoot the walker in the head. Who was this woman? How did she become a walker? AMCtv.com presents The Walking Dead: Torn Apart, a six-episode web series that explores the back story of Hannah, better known as "Bicycle Girl." Watch all six episodes now, and learn about Hannah's life before the apocalypse, her struggle to survive and protect her family and her ultimate demise into zombie-hood.
Webisode 1 -- "A New Day"
Webisode 2 -- "Family Matters"
Webisode 3 -- "Domestic Violence"
Webisode 4 -- "Neighborly Advice"
Webisode 5 -- "Step Mother"
Webisode 6 -- "Everything Dies"

And here is a plug for fellow blogger, Charles M. Pulsipher's novel "Zombies At The Door".

You should buy it now on the kindle for .99 cents or wherever books are sold! Otherwise you may not survive THE WALKING DEAD.  Click Here to go to Charles' Amazon page.


  1. lol is it legal??? Hmmm, actually I don't care because I watch The Vampire Diaries on some illegal websites :D

  2. Good timing. My cable system is streaming the entire first season for free and I just finished rewatching it last night. One thing I realized is the show isn't nearly as good when you know exactly what is going to happen. The tension during a first viewing is amazing and that makes the show.

  3. In a zombie apocalypse, my plan is to be one of the first eaten.

  4. Hell yes. Thanks, Mike. I love The Walking Dead, and without you, I would have forgotten about this.

    No time to watch here from work, but I'll definitely be coming back from home.

  5. Ahh, who doesn't love zombies?

    Hey, I have zombies outside my window right now. Seriously. They're on my neighbors lawn.

    I'm with Rogue Dog on this one--be eaten. I'm not very good with stressful situations and I tend to make dumb mistakes like opening the door and whatnot, so for the safety of others around me, it's best I just get the biting part over and done with. I mean, I don't even own a gun or anything and I swing a bat like a girl. So what are my chances anyway?

    I think I'd make a pretty awesome zombie myself.

  6. I love how they still fight over parenting despite the zombie attacks. LOL. These are great. Thanks for sharing, Michael. Also, thank you so much for your kind words and opinion of my debut novella. It meant a lot to me.

  7. I love this show for the tension and because I get to shout at the tv, arguing with the characters when they make dumb mistakes...like camping in a canvas tent on a hill without any defenses.

    Thank you for the link to my book to. It makes me happy to even be on the same page as The Walking Dead.

  8. Bah, I can't watch them in my country. I'm off to explore the web - thanks for the reminder :-)

  9. That's so kind of you to put them all in one convenient place like that! Thanks for having our backs. :)

  10. I watched the first season in a glorious marathon. I'm not generally that into any horror shown on screen, because I think so much of the scares come from loud noises and little else. But I loved the series. Thanks for the webisodes.

  11. On October 16th you can join the Night of the Running Dead 5K race in Salt Lake City. http://undeadrace.com/2010-race

    I wonder if it specifies somewhere in the rules that you must drag one foot behind you.

  12. I am still trying to decide what to do about my cable for the The Walking Dead. On one hand I hate to miss it... on the other, they release the DVDs pretty damn quick. So maybe I'll wait. On another Zombie note: I just watched Shaun of the Dead for the first time the other day-- hilarious! Can't believe I missed it all these years.

  13. Finally got around to watching these. Thanks, Mike.