Friday, June 18, 2021

Titans season 3 is coming and it will probably leave me disappointed yet again.

season 3 is coming. I've watched the other seasons of Titans, first on DC Universe and later on HBO Max (DC Universe didn't last very long). That being said, I'm always disappointed. I was pissed last season when they killed off Wonder Girl. The actress's name is in the credits for filming season 3, so I think that we'll see her come back. However, this show consistently bites off more than it can chew.

In my opinion, there are too many characters and too many storylines to juggle in the ten episode season. They like to throw a lot of Batman stories into the mix, and (don't get me wrong) I do like the Batman. However, this isn't his show even if Dick Grayson is the star. Now we've got Jason Todd being cast as the Red Hood, and the trailer for season 3 seems to hint strongly at the Death in the Family storyline, wherein the Joker killed Jason Todd and essentially created "the Dark Knight," which was his decades long brooding phase where Batman was grim dark and the storylines were brutally violent and dripping with evil. The Death in the Family storyline was also very bonkers as Joker became a representative for Iran and received diplomatic immunity for killing Jason Todd. Then he used that status to try and gas the UN. Oh and Superman stopped Batman from going to kill Joker because Supes may not like diplomatic immunity, but he honors it. I'm like...what?

I guess we are also getting Barbara Gordon who I guess will be crippled ala the Joker so that she's Oracle (which goes along with the comic books) but it is also a dark storyline. And then there's Tim Drake (the third Robin), Blackfire, Superboy, and Krypto the dog. And that's not mentioning the Titans that we've already seen. Nobody gets any time and the ending of the season is always a low-budget mess.

Anyway, that's my rant. Below is the trailer for season 3 of Titans. I'm gonna watch it. I just wanted to bitch at something on a Friday.


  1. I pretty much hated the first two seasons and really have no interest in season 3. Like you said there are too many characters and a lot of them do nothing. I mean in two seasons all Hawk & Dove did was the latter got Wonder Girl killed in an incredibly stupid way.

    But now Aaaaaaactually, The Dark Knight Returns came out a few years before A Death in the Family. Though I think the comics after Death in the Family probably did go a little darker as Batman was grieving and then about 4 years later they started the Knightfall-Knightsquest-Knightsend saga, which is really my favorite Batman story ever. It would have been great for the Knightsend thing if like Death in the Family people could have got to vote on whether Bruce or Jean-Paul Valley should be Batman, though Bruce probably still would have won because he had more name recognition.

    Anyway, maybe they should just split the show into two shows and do one Batman show and one (Not) Teen Titans show. Maybe that's what they're hoping for with all the Batman stuff.

    1. Checking Google, The Dark Knight Returns came out in 1986 while A Death in the Family came out in 1988. 1988 was a busy year as Year One and The Killing Joke also came out that year. So you had at least 3 iconic stories in that year. Then the next year was of course the Michael Keaton movie.

  2. I'd say don't watch, but sometime you just kind of have to. Hoping it'll get better. I know I've stuck with some shows when I should just give them up. There's one I started on Netflix that I keep going back to but I just shouldn't. Ah well, hopefully you'll find something you enjoy this weekend.