Friday, November 3, 2017

Without any spoilers I can say that Thor Ragnarok was just as good as Spiderman Homecoming.

You probably already know this, but Thor: Ragnarok is a really good movie. I saw it last night with my buddy Brad, and it is helpful to know a few things before going to see it, so I'll tell you what those things are.

1) At the end of the last Thor movie, called Thor: Dark World, Loki was in charge of Asgard. The fact that the god of mischief is sitting on the throne of Odin leads to a lot of laughs. I think I'm going to miss Tom Hiddleston, who may never again reprise his role as the famous trickster. However, Disney does have the ability to back up a truck load of cash....

2) "Ragnarok" is a term that's used in the Marvel comics to signify a reset of Asgard. In the comic books, it's happened a few times already. Each time the Asgardians get reborn and everything goes back to normal. This movie is a bit different, because it mashes two storylines together: Planet Hulk and Ragnarok. It ends up being a fantastic mashup because it's fun seeing Hulk and Thor together. And let's face it...Hulk is only good when he has amazing things to tear into and smash. Him being in a solo movie by himself is kinda boring because he needs a villain powerful enough to stand up to his fists.

Okay, so here are my assorted musings (and I don't think any of these are spoilers):

1) Cate Blanchett as Hela, the goddess of death, is a huge win. I want more Hela.

2) Loki and Thor have incredible chemistry. You can tell their characters love each other, and when they fight together it's kinda magical. It's a shame that Loki's always going to stab Thor in the back when he least expects it.

3) The script writing is smart smart smart. Every moment is either a laugh out loud moment or just witty banter.

4) It sets up the Avengers: Infinity War really well. You should stay for both stingers. The last one with Jeff Goldblum is hilarious (much like the rest of the film).

Go see Thor: Ragnarok guys! Seriously.


  1. I'll get around to it at some point. I wasn't ecstatic about Spider-Man either.

  2. We plan on seeing this one over the weekend. Mrs. Chatterbox has a thing for Loki. She says it's the helmet.

  3. Sounds good! Hope to see it soon.

  4. I really enjoyed this movie. It was one of those movies where you have to go in knowing half of the story is Chris Hemsworth winking at the camera like in those old Bugs Bunny shows saying --- 'Aren't I a stinker?' The other half is Thor kicking butt to Led Zepplin. What's not to love?

    Spoilerish -- I think we are definitely going to see Loki again. Did you see the look he gave in the treasure room before the last act of the battle? I think it's very likely connected to the the first post-credit scene. Loki had every reason to be worried for failing in the 1st Avengers movie and the main item Thanos wanted from that movie is right there.