Wednesday, November 4, 2015

If you're feeling insecure today I think it's time to let John Steinbeck show you what worked for him because maybe it'll work for you too.

If you're feeling insecure about your writing, let John show you what worked for him.
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  1. I'm reading a book right now that has very stilted dialogue...and I don't like it. Dialogue is one of my favourite things to write.

  2. One single reader. I can focus on that.
    Forget about finishing though? I'd never start if I didn't plan on finishing.

  3. I really like #2 because I'm always tempted to go back and edit. Must finish first!

  4. I'm working hard to embrace the advice of #2. I can get stuck in an endless loop of revision otherwise.

  5. Lots of great suggestions here.
    #1 - Grife, I'd be embarrassed to tell you how often I have tried to rewrite something just to get it perfect. Even when something is done I still think I need to work on it.
    #4 - I guess it's kind of like having to kill your darling.
    #6 - I do this all the time. So odd how when we write dialogue that seems right, if we say it out loud it sounds horrendous.

  6. Great tips! #2 is what I really want to focus on for my next get those first drafts completed as quickly as possible (to really separate writing from editing).

  7. Good advice. I have what Stephen King calls an "ideal reader" and that's the person I write for. I won't reveal the identity of the person because then they might demand money.

  8. #4. Yes. True. (Maybe that's why chapter 16 is giving me fits...)

  9. Good tips. I especially like #1 and #3.

  10. I really like these tips. The only thing where I'm different from Steinbeck (besides his having genius and talent and me not so much) is that I rewrite as I go because I write one day... then the next day read what I wrote, polishing it as I go, and continue from there. Then the next day same thing. It's kind of a two steps forward after one step back approach day after day, but seems to work for me.

  11. I look at it like a car going up a steep ice covered road, if your not moving forward your sliding backward. Until your at the top don't stop.


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