Friday, May 29, 2015

Seeing non-human cartoon characters depicted as human is an interesting social experiment with regard to race and culture

Over on a website called Dorkly, there's a series of pictures done by an artist who draws with a very "anime"-esque style of popular "non-human" cartoon characters depicted as humans. Other than the fact that this was very effective "click bait" as I started scrolling through them, I realized that not only were these not matching up with what I would envision these characters to look like but how many of them were caucasian/white (when I thought they might be otherwise). You can go and inspect the full slide show yourself by following this link. Some are drawn by the same artist and you can get the artist name from the website in a link under the picture to find out more about them.
This is artist Chacckco's vision of Lightning McQueen from "Cars"

Here's Wall-E and Eve from Pixar's "Wall-E"
A very "Christian Grey" Bugs Bunny. So weird.
Anyway, I'd be interested to see what you think. If you have the time, go check out the link and tell me if the characters depicted match up with what you envision these characters to look like in your head. If anything, it's an interesting social experiment with regards to race and culture.


  1. Those just look odd... Yes, Bugs is disturbing.

  2. I think he should make them in the Sims.

  3. A lot of those cartoons I'm unfamiliar with. Although I love that they did Animaniacs. And Darkwing Duck. I never gave much thought to humanizing them, so the drawings were more of a curiosity.

  4. Lola bunny looks like herself. Lightening McQueen and Bugs? Not at all. I haven't seen many of the others, guess I just never thought about it cuz I'm not much into cartoons, or comics. I'm posting this from my phone, and my cat keeps bumping his head against against my hand and clawing at the phone. He's black mostly, with lots of brown, red, and gray. Wonder if someone would portray him as sexy and white. With a mommy fetish. Norman Bates perhaps? I suppose we envision our characters as our own race unless told otherwise.
    Hey, the cake, or potato salad, is worth the trip to CA to visit me. I make a pretty hood daiquiri too.

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  7. My best ones to me are the Muppets and Huey Dewey and Louie. The seem to best capture the soul of the characters. It probably isn't a coincidence they were some of my favorites as a kid.

    Bugs Bunny is certainly tough to capture in human form. How do you portray a wise cracking Brooklynite with a flair for crossdressing? It looks like the artist did a pretty good job to me. I love the mix of the formal three-piece suit, tight pants, ever-present gloves and devilish smile. You could easily add a blonde wig and some lipstick to him for when Bugs went en femme.

    Thanks for the link. It was a interesting read..

  8. Umm...Bugs Bunny is creepy to me. This concept of humanizing cartoons is very odd.