Friday, May 15, 2015

The season finale of Arrow left me with a lot of questions but I am excited for the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff

In the season finale of Arrow, the Flash saves everyone. As he should.
The season finale of Arrow this week was action packed, and I've been digging through the events that transpired for clues as to what may happen in The Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. First we have Brandon Routh's character, Ray Palmer, getting into an accident with miniaturization at the end. This (obviously) explains how he becomes "The Atom" and can transform into a super miniaturized version of himself. It's the same kind of treatment that Barry got in a two-part introduction on the Arrow that occurred last season. Good thing Ray transferred all ownership of the company to Felicity, and good thing that the Atom and Felicity broke off their romance so that the Atom could head to his own show in its own time slot. Does anyone else notice that most superheroes seem to be getting their powers through explosions?

Next, Malcolm Merlyn is now the new Ra's al Ghul or "demon's head" in Nanda Parbat. This means that it's going to be through him how Sara gets resurrected in the life-giving waters of the Lazarus Pits. Everyone blames Malcolm Merlyn for Sara's death, and as world's greatest assassin, naturally he's going to make moves that will improve his relationship with his daughter (as he basically had Thea kill Sara in the season opener). I'd heard they'd cast the actress who played Sara as "The Black Canary" in The Legends of Tomorrow spinoff and wondered how she was going to come back. But what's going to happen with Laurel Lance's identity once Sara makes returns from the dead? Hmm. I have too many questions.

And now onto the big question: is Oliver really going to retire and live happily ever after with Felicity? This came out of nowhere, and I'm not really sure it works. I'd love to see Felicity and Oliver in a great relationship, but what about the main star of the show? Is Diggle going to be the new Arrow? I'm kind of thinking on the lines of what Patrick Dilloway said to me months ago: Barry needs to go back in time and change the past so that this whole mess of a season can be redone. Honestly, I kind of suspect that something like this may just happen because the Arrow season finale and the Flash season finale are one week apart. Why not have them take place in the same week? Well if Barry goes back in time to save his mom, everything has a potential to change in this joined universe, which may be a reason as to why the CW is keeping the finale's off kilter to each other.

I love the Flash and Grant Gustin who plays Barry, but have I ever mentioned how broken his powers are? When I was watching the season finale of Arrow, I wondered how Felicity and crew were going to break out of the dungeon of Nanda Parbat when suddenly the Flash showed up. Of course. The Flash single-handedly tied everyone alive up in the citadel and then just used his vibration powers to destroy the dungeon. At any one time, he could have grabbed Ra's al Ghul and just put him in the prison on Lian Yu or in a deep dark hole somewhere and then just ran out before Ra's could even blink.

The Flash's powers don't seem that "broken" in his own show but once he starts hanging with Oliver and company, you can just see that none of those other people are even on the same level as Barry despite the fact the writers like to close the distance between the "power gap" with creative toys like nanites that take away speedster powers.

Anyway, I'm glad that the Ra's al Ghul storyline is over. It was starting to drag on and on and on. I'm excited for the Arrow's return next season and hope that we get a new story arc with some villains that perhaps have some super powers. That'd be fun.


  1. I was writing a post last night about how annoying it can be when superheroes cross over to each other's shows. Barry was basically the human deus ex machina and then has to make some flimsy excuse as to why he can't just go finish Ra's for them. The same way I'm not sure how Oliver showed up on the Flash with all the Ra's stuff going on. Maybe part of it is the shows didn't finish at the same time.

    Anyway, I expected Felicity to get machine gunned at the end like "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" where Bond seemed to be going off Happily Ever After and then his new wife was gunned down (which is actually from the first Bond novel Casino Royale). I suppose that could happen at the start of next season and maybe then Oliver could get his company back.

  2. It seems to me that I'm the only one without super powers.

  3. Stephen: I don't have them either, lol. Legends looks like it might be interesting though.

  4. I read somewhere that the heroes on Arrow don't have powers while the heroes (and villains) on The Flash do. And yet they cross over.

    Anyway, I had no idea there was a spin-off coming. But that makes sense. I guess they do the explosion for superpowers as it's a pretty simple and explainable way to make them happen.

  5. Totally agree. Barry was pretty much the Deus ex Machina in that episode, but it's always fun to have them crossover.

    Sara is supposed to be the White Canary, and I've heard rumors that Diggle might become the Green Lantern, which would be cool.

    I think Legends of Tomorrow is going to be a blast!