Friday, July 26, 2013

Michael di Gesu and Siv Ottem have some big news

Drum roll begins today and the Big Cover Reveal (or BCR for short) happens on Monday!

I'm still technically on blogger break, so I've disabled comments on this post. However, I was asked by Michael di Gesu if I could give a shout out for his blog post this Monday. And of course I'm incredibly honored to do so! In fact, seeing as Monday is a whole three days away...I'm kind of feeling like this (especially given the nature of this spectacular news)...
But the best things come to those who wait. Le sigh.

Michael, as it turns out, has many talents and one of them is art. So, it should be no surprise that he has done a fabulous job illustrating Siv Ottem's new book. If you want to see the artwork, it will be shown at the beginning of next week. I can hardly wait!

So, on Monday please go and visit In Time...located HERE
And stop by Siv Ottem's blog, Been There Done That, located HERE.

Have fun this weekend. As for me, I'm visiting mom and dad before the big move that takes place in August, so I've little time to do anything other than post this news. But I shall be visiting and reading your blogs soon.