Friday, August 28, 2020

Here are three Mondo posters that I like.

 Every once in a while, I head over to Mondoshop and look at their new posters they have for sale. One of these days, when I come into monies, I'm going to buy a bunch of these and have them framed. But in lieu of that day, here are a bunch that I do like. Hey...I can always comfort myself knowing that while I struggle with money, at least the sleezebag Jerry Falwell gets a $10 million dollar payday for being actually fired from Liberty University. If I got fired from a place, I'd just get my last paycheck is all. Somedays, life just doesn't seem fair...or all the days really. Anyway...favorite posters.

I love the color in this shot for some reason. It's very eye catching.
This looks like a comic book, which is why I love it.

I've never actually watched, "A Quiet Place," because it's not my kind of movie.
However, I am familiar with the plot and I love how graphs of sound are used
to great effect as a topographical landscape the characters must navigate.


  1. You've never seen A Quiet Place? But you've seen Aliens? You really should watch it some time.

  2. Those are OK. I wish I had a golden parachute like that disgrace or all those failed CEOs.

  3. Those are great posters.

    Do you ever get the feeling we're ready for another French Revolution, only here?