Monday, August 24, 2020

Based off the first trailer for the Batman I'm thinking Pattinson might actually be able to pull this off.

The trailer for The Batman dropped this weekend. I am more excited than I thought I was going to be. Dare I say that Pattinson might actually be able to pull this off? What do you guys think? I'm linking it below.


  1. Watched it yesterday. I was impressed. And glad they are sticking with the dark tone of the comics.

  2. I'm not sure how well it'll play with the "superhero movies should be fun" crowd. Also not sure why DC is doing this and then releasing a movie called "The Flash" with Affleck and Keaton playing Batman. Seems like it's undercutting the significance of Battinson already.

  3. I have faith in Pattinson, although the director has a lot to do with things, too. I won't be watching, though. I'm done with Batman.