Monday, March 5, 2018

I wanted Shape of Water to win Best Picture and it did. I'm super happy now.

Last night, I (like a lot of people) watched the Oscars on ABC. I had my favorites even though I was unable to see all of the Best Picture nominations in a category that was overflowing with deserving films. But I think the one I was behind the most as the night wore on was Guillermo del Toro's Shape of Water. But, I knew that it "could never win," because it was too weird. It was too "out there," and it resonated with me so strongly that nothing I ever loved that was this weird and alien and different could ever be Best Picture material, right? Boy was I wrong. This year the academy embraced the weird. There simply is nothing out there in movies like Shape of Water, and I'm so happy it beat out and won Guillermo del Toro not only a Best Picture Oscar, but an Academy Award for Best Director, something he's been deserving for many years now.

Each of the three characters in Shape of Water really resonated with me. One was a gay man, rejected and shunned by essentially everyone (believe me I know how that feels here in good ole Utah). One was a woman isolated and alone because of her disability, quirkiness, and probably because she didn't feel attractive or ever considered herself to be attractive. I also know what that feels like. And then there was the fish guy who was alone in the world with no family to talk to or anyone else that was like him. Ayep, I know what that feels like as well. I remember when my friend Jake went to see it with his family (hearing me rave about it), and he told me that they were so offended by all the sex that they walked out. I responded (rather snarkily), "It's good that you have that choice because if I could, I'd probably walk out on my life too and pay to see something else." I remember that comment took him aback and we stopped discussing the film together because he could see that I'd tied a lot of my identity to this strange and weird film from Guillermo del Toro, and that I was experiencing things with its story that he was not equipped to ever understand. It was an "agree to disagree" moment. I have these moments often with the Mormon that is Jake.

I couldn't have been happier with the Academy Award for Best Picture this year. For the other categories? I suppose that Gary Oldman was deserving of one given the little bits that I have seen of his Churchill impersonation. It's about time, right? But I also kinda wanted Timothee Chalamet to get an Oscar for Call Me By Your Name. However, (and if I'm being completely honest) I think that in the end, Oldman getting the Oscar was the better choice. Timothee is so young...he needs to do more to earn such a prestigious award. And my feelings toward his Oscar snub may be tied up with the fact that I'm a biased person that was obviously taken with him and his movie. At least I can admit my biases. It's probably a good thing that I don't vote for Oscar-nominated films.

Oh and can I say that Gal Gadot and Tom Holland were the best dressed man and woman at the Academy Awards? I'll include pics of both of them below so you can see (in case you missed the Academy Awards). Spiderman knows how to rock a tuxedo. #justsayin


  1. I didn't stay up for it, but good to hear del Toro got several awards.
    Gal Gadot is just stunning anyway. And here she almost gave up acting.

  2. I said the same thing when I saw Tom Holland last night. :)

    I haven't seen the Shape of Water (or any of the nominees other than Dunkirk) yet, but a friend of mine said that it was just a really beautiful love story. I'm looking forward to experiencing it some day.

  3. I thought Shape of Water was a fine movie, but I also think it's too predictable to deserve Best Picture. Not that I thought any of the other options were better choices. Except Get Out. I think Get Out deserved the win but was too "in your face" for people to vote for it. Water was the safer way to go without being "too white."

  4. Other than Get Out I hadn't seen any of the nominees so I can't really say what "deserved" to win or not. I didn't watch the broadcast either. I was happy Sam Rockwell won. I hadn't seen the movie but he's done lots of good work, so it's nice he got recognized finally.

  5. i09 was crowing about a fantasy picture winning best picture. Thrilling. (Although, Twitter was all angry that Get Out didn't win, but it wasn't going to, so...)

    I haven't seen this yet. I'm sure I will eventually. Glad you found a movie you connected to.

  6. I haven't seen Shape of Water yet but really want to, and now when I do I'll think of you and how it resonates with you, Mike my dear.

    I did see several other flicks, and was glad that Dunkirk picked up several Oscars and that Gary Oldman won because he really was phenomenal in Darkest Hour. And Get Out winning best original screenplay was a deserved honor for Jordan Peele.

    And maybe in my next life I'll look like Gal Gadot. I wish.