Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Here are five things I expect from Solo: A Star Wars story

With the announcement by Ron Howard that the Han Solo movie would simply be called "Solo," it got me to thinking about what I actually expect from a movie about the most famous space smuggler there is.

1) I think that we should see some kind of Heist. I mean...what kind of movie would it be if good ole Chewy and Han weren't making money pulling the wool over someone's eyes?

2) Han should be arrogant. He was pretty full of himself in the original Star Wars (as well as a womanizer) so we should see some of this on display.

3) Lando Calrissian. If we don't see a young Lando and Han playing a game of sabaac, I will be incredibly disappointed.

4) We need to see whatever the Kessel Run is, and it needs to be run in twelve parsecs. This needs to be clearly explained as "impossible" in the movie to do (as well).

5) We'll get a meeting between Han and young Jabba. We already caught a glimpse of him in the Star Wars prequels, but this will be better done because technology and C.G.I. has advanced so much since the early 2000's.

Anyone else caring to take a stab at what we'll see when it hits theaters in December of 2018?


  1. Clarissian needs to be in the story. Maybe it will be an early pairing of Solo and Chewbacca and we'll see how they became a great team.
    And while we're on the subject of great smugglers and rogues, I'd like to petition for a Reynolds movie. (Although Mal sounds better.)

  2. They should show Han rescuing Chewie and winning the Falcon from Lando. Bona Fett should get a cameo.

  3. I want to see a younger looking Chewy and maybe some backstory. Maybe not so far as to make it 'When Han met Chewy' but make Chewy more than the silent enigma he's been for most of the series. There also has to be a bar fight -- I'm thinking I want one of those out of control melees like Mal and Jayne seemed to get into over and over on Firefly. If that happens is it too much to have Han shooting first?

  4. Yeah, any throwaway line from Star Wars needs to show up. For sure.

  5. Yawn. I need to Sci-fi adventures, not rehashed old ones.

  6. Like Groot and Little Groot, it would be great to see Little Chewy.